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Back to work decisions, decisions

The scuttlebutt is that returning to the office is going to be starting this summer at companies across the country.

I look forward to going back in some respects. I’m a creature that does better when my daily routine can kill multiple activities all at once and it was severely interrupted when I had to work from home all the time. Yes, there was extra sleep time and less commuting. But oddly enough, that leads to a sort of entropy. You’d think you’d have a lot more time to do stuff at home. Instead, you find yourself surrounded by your projects. There’s no getting away from them. They become muddy and indistinct. Well, maybe this didn’t happen to everyone but for me, it’s not been as productive as I hoped.

And the weight gain has been annoying. There’s a research paper in here somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I was more than grateful to be able to work from home in the last year. But I can’t wait to get back on the bus a few days a week coming up.

The problem is: unvaccinated coworkers. They’re out there. And they have the potential of getting and spreading dangerous variants.

I’m not interested in their excuses and reasons and political views and fear of needles or cowardice about side effects or the nature of the itty bitty pieces parts of genetic material they are being asked to put into their bodies that haven’t been shown to be perfectly harmless and as inert as water (that ain’t never going to happen).

What I am interested in is their lack of sense of connectedness with other human beings.

I’m vaccinated. But when I go back to work, I will wear a mask all day long on the bus and at my desk. I’m ok with this. I protect you from me. Can I trust that someone who is refusing to get vaccinated will also be as conscientious?

These people are not children and yet we expect children to passively submit to vaccination in return for a free public education. We expect adults to carry car insurance and wear their seatbelts as much to make them aware of road safety as to reduce the cost of driving for the rest of us. Patrons can’t go into a convenience store without shoes or shirts.

But they can go to work carrying a potentially lethal variant of a virus and in a room with recycled air potentially take off their masks?

My best guess is that the unvaccinated will not return to the office until it is mandatory. But once it is, why can’t the rest of us have peace of mind that they have done everything they can to protect the rest of their work community from harm?

It wonders me.



It looks like Pelosi is facing the same problem.

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  1. Off-topic, but it is political-ish: 😈

  2. Slightly OT, but re India. I keep coming back to the fact that India is allowing the Kumbh Mela festival to be held this year. It’s the biggest festival in the world and has been so for centuries if not millennia. Can anyone conceive of a deadlier super spreading event??!

    At K.M., MILLIONS of people gather, once every four years, at one city or another (there is a rotating roster of four years) to: bathe together at the Ganges, stay in organized camps, and obtain audiences with holy men/ women, and do communal religious practice. Then after some weeks or months the devotees trek back to their homes (all over India) on foot (more massive super spreading after the fact.)

    Modi is using the fervor of Hindu devotees against his own people.. I have no words for this evil. It’s beyond insane.

    • I meant that it is held every four years at one of four cities which take turns hosting KM. that are set at, yes, the confluence of one river or another with the Ganges.

  3. The brazen reluctance of so many people to take the vaccine is a very depressing manifestation of the decline of society. i got the polio vaccine as a boy. People were thrilled that almost miraculously, there was a way to prevent this devastating virus. My parents never let me swim in any public pool, because of its danger. Suddenly, thanks to Salk and Sabin, we had a way to stop it, because of scientific process and genius. No one, at least that I knew of, was afraid of it, or thought that not taking it was a sign of strength or independence.

    Anyone who does not take this vaccine is either very stupid or very foolish. I suppose that everything has a little bit of risk, but the results of the vaccine are extremely good in all respects. But still people have been brainwashed by propaganda coming from evil sources, or have developed an insurrectionist mentality where anything that they are advised to do, they do not; while they pile up guns of every type, to protect themselves against something. They don’t even know what they are fighting for, but they are determined to fight. Trump is responsible for much of this, but it was present before he rose to power. I am expecting there to be massive book burnings at some point, just as in the Dark and Middle Ages. Knowledge and science are feared, and guns are worshipped.

  4. Off-topic weekly reminder:

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  5. I must post this link here, because TurdPress still won’t let me post any links on William’s comment threads.

    Isaac Asimov wrote a review of 1984 indicating why the specific form of tyranny depicted in that book could never be implemented in the real world.


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