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Not so bad

In case any of you are apprehensive about getting the vaccine, you should know that not everyone has a bad reaction.

I got my second Pfizer shot at 12:15pm on Friday. At about 1:00am, I woke up and my arm felt a little sore. I sat up and moved it around and it felt better. I did feel a little like I was about to get sick. Mostly I was restless but not like my typical insomnia restlessness where my mind is overactive. This was definitely a physical feeling. After awhile I fell back asleep.

Saturday morning, there were a few instances of feeling a tad on the warmish but it wasn’t enough to make me take my temp. I didn’t do a whole lot of strenuous physical activity yesterday but it didn’t feel like I couldn’t. I just didn’t want to take the chance of popping any stitches that are still dissolving from my recent surgery.

My history with vaccines vary. Flu shots never make me ill, I didn’t usually feel any effects from boosters as a kid and the only immunization I can remember that made my arm really sore for weeks was a typhoid shot I got when I was 10. (Navy medicine. They made us get a typhoid shot before we moved to Hawaii. Still not sure what that was all about).

So, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that I had a gentle reaction. I’m pretty healthy and tend to tolerate discomfort better than most. From what I’ve read, you’re more likely to feel it strongly if you’ve already had Covid. That sounds consistent with what I’ve heard from other people who have gotten the shot.

The fact that I felt mild discomfort in my arm and other mild symptoms indicates that the shot is still working. I suspect my reaction, or lack of same, is more typical than we’ve been lead to believe.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass that along. Get the shot. You’ll be fine.

9 Responses

  1. Getting my 2nd shot in a week. Can’t wait.

  2. That sounds very positive, RD. Now we’ve just got to wait the two weeks. My second shot was Monday, so I’ve got a week and a day to go for that. Safety precautions are of course still necessary, I hope that people will not think that they can discard masks and distancing in public.

    You probably read that 40% of Marines have refused the vaccination. This is upsetting. What kind of brainwashing have Trump and his cult been doing? Someone wrote that when he was in the armed forces, they got all sorts of shots, and no one complained, they just waited in line to get them. Now they are refusing to get vaccinated for this virus? What are they afraid of? Not looking manly? Betraying Trump? They are afraid of a reaction? Every single one of the Republican “leaders” has gotten vaccinated, they are not that stupid. At least McConnell finally urges Republicans to get vaccinated. But this weird conception that if you get a shot, it means that you have sold out to the shadowy liberal forces which want to take away your identity, is a big problem.

    • Good point about the masks William. I’m still wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. I’ll keep it up until Fauci says it’s ok to stop.

  3. I had a little minor soreness at the injection site, but no big deal.

    And now for something completely off topic:

  4. Also from Salon:

    Evangelicals Are Teaching False Doctrine. Who Says So? Jesus Christ.


  5. If not for the Akallabeth, Ar-Kansas would ultimately have succeeded Ar-Pharazon as King of Numenor.

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