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Running Through the Tape

Somebody analogized the pandemic situation in America as akin to being in a house which has a downstairs room on fire, and the fire department is there and ready to put the fire out, but you are tired of waiting, so you jump out the window. Well, it is not a perfect analogy, but it shows the frustration of the new and better CDC Director Rochelle Walensky who said that we are so close, but that she feels a sense of impending doom, because too many people act as if they can relax and stop doing the right things.

The vaccines are arriving, more each day. By May 1, everyone who is over 16 should be able to set up a vaccination. Seemingly all we have to do is take another month or so, wear masks, socially distance, and we could be through most of this. But no, too many people refuse to do that.

If anybody wants another analogy, how about, you are are running in a marathon race, you are a few hundred yards from the tape; you will win, but you are tired of running and tired of the effort, and so you stop, and rest on the grass.

There is no ideal analogy, because it is incomprehensible, except perhaps in this country, home to the libertarians, and the Trump supporters, and the anti-vaxxers, that people could not be able to go one more month without acting like sailors on a week furlough after five years at sea. And we just have to open all those businesses before the medical experts say we should. Capitalism, you know. Apparently more important than safety, or public health, stopping a pandemic which has caused 559,000 fatalities in this country.

Well, Trump first told us that fifteen people had it, and it would go down to two or less very soon. Trump of course had no idea whatsoever, but the most important thing to him was keeping people at work, and the stores open, This was because he wanted the GDP to be strong, and the stock market to stay up. If it took one or two million people dying from Covid, he would pay that price–because of course he wasn’t paying it, it was other people He lied every single day about the numbers and the danger. He lied because he always does, about everything, and because his goals were not about the country and its citizens, they were about him and his power and wealth.

Dr Fauci said a few days ago that when Trump tweeted, “Liberate Michigan!,” he was dumbfounded. He is a very good man, and a medical expert. He could not conceive that an American President, many of whom he had previously worked with, would put businesses making money over the health of its citizenry.

Well you and I have been through that, and this is not our fate, most hopefully. We are tired of all of it, but we are in no position to take out our frustration by stopping short of what we need to do, which is to get vaccinated as soon as possible, keep wearing masks when out of our abodes, and stay at least six feet apart. Those restaurants which just opened up, will still be there. I won’t see the Go-Go’s this June, even though I had tickets for last year, the concerts got canceled, and how much longer will they perform? But I don’t think it is safe yet, nor is it safe to go to a movie or sports event. I can wait. We all can, really, at least for those kinds of things.

As to the Americans who for whatever perverse reasons, seem to insist on acting out; almost rioting in Florida, screaming with fury about having to wear masks, there is not much to say, because they are selfish, they are jerks, they delight in trying to show everyone that their idea of freedom is not following health protocols. We can decide who is a worse human being, DeSantis or Abbott, but they are not going to change. Maybe someone will defeat them in a couple of years, if enough people can vote. Meanwhile, we will do the right thing, and we will stay safe, and there should be brighter days before too long, at least if the epidemiologists can stay ahead of the Covid variants.

5 Responses

  1. It’s worse than that. The more people that are infected, the greater the number of variants that can be created. So, paradoxically, De Santis and Abbott are making it less likely that we will be able to open completely around the country without triggering new spikes of potentially more dangerous virus.
    They’re either idiots or they *want* the economic distress and chaos.

    • A devastating point. What if a variant is formed which the vaccines cannot neutralize? It is “as if” we are part of this science fiction story, where the evil forces keep thwarting the good people. As long as we do not have 85% or so of people vaccinated, people will keep passing it along. I think that these governors are the product of a perverted mindset which values money over everything else, and has a weird fear of any higher government body setting out rules or limitations for them. It is more than disconcerting. It is a grotesque twisting of the concepts of liberty and freedom.

    • They’re either idiots or they *want* the economic distress and chaos.

      I’m going to go with this. They have seen the studies that show the virus along with its economic affects are hurting the poor and POC more than the rich, so they are just playing to their true constituents. The 1% and the corporations. We hear a lot of big talk about Big corporations headquartered in GA doing something, but it seems it’s just talk.

    • “They’re either idiots or they *want* the economic distress and chaos.”

      Those ideas are not mutually exclusive. 😈

  2. I think your first analogy would be better if they were jumping into the burning house, not out of it.

    The governors that are doing this do not care how many people die. I can’t explain it but that’s the only explanation.

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