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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
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      Just…WOW! GA voters, facilitated through the hard work of county election & poll workers, have shattered the old Early Vote turnout, with 300,438 Georgians casting their votes today. They blew up the old record of 233k votes in a day. Way to go voters & election workers. #gapol pic.twitter.com/rYbmpjAs43 — Gabriel Sterling (@GabrielSterling) November […]
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Republican voters in all Republican states are screwed after Georgia

What the Georgia legislature and executive branch did last night was made it impossible to vote them out of office. Even massive turnout won’t help because the legislature can overturn the results in any county and make the voters revote until they get the correct result.

I thought Georgia Republican voters had more of a fascist streak in them but much to my surprise, something like 70+% of all Georgia voters are opposed to the new law. That means that only the other 22-25% of voters in Georgia really count because what can that majority do now? They can’t vote the legislature out now. Having second thoughts about Brian Kemp? Maybe Stacey Abrams would have been better? Too bad. You’ll never have a governor Stacey as long as the state legislature is in Republican hands.

We’re pretty lucky here in PA. We have a Republican legislature, mostly because voters were caught off guard last year and didn’t realize that that legislature would be more than happy to nullify all their votes for Biden. But as long as Tom Wolf is governor and John Fetterman is Lt Governor and Josh Shapiro is AG, any Georgia-esque voter suppression bills will never be signed into law.

I’m not so sure about West Virginia though. Let’s take a look at its state legislature, shall we?

Well, that’s not good. It looks like Republicans have the upper hand so to speak.

But that’s ok as long as the governor isn’t going to sign any voter suppression laws. Oh wait, Jim Justice is governor there and he’s a Republican.

Now, I’m going to guess that West Virginia, the state that did such an amazing job vaccinating it’s people against Covid is full of similarly smart voters as the 70+% voters in Georgia who are not on board with the new law.

You know why?

Because you can’t be a belligerent asshole and rebel against authority in a free country if you haven’t got a choice and a minority of voters dictates how you’re going to live.

It’s not productive to be oppositionally defiant (R) or righteously indignant (D) if the battle is over and the fascists who used to run your state Republican Party have declared victory because they can never be voted out.

Heck, even Trumpy business owners will quickly understand what that means when they try to bid for government contracts and are expected to pony up some kickback for them. Where there are no choices, corruption is sure to follow.

Write that down and put it in your pocket. Pull it out and read it two years from now.

Anyway, Joe Manchin seems bound and determined to find 10 good Republicans in the Senate who will join him so Democrats won’t have to set aside the filibuster for HR1-S1. The ancient texts are full of men on a search for good men to save their lands from destruction by angry gods. So Joe M will be going on an expedition to find those 10 men and women because heaven knows, you don’t want to be the single hero of this story.

Good luck with that, Senator. You might get Romney, Sasse and Murkowski onboard but count on Collins to look back.

5 Responses

  1. If the Elephascists make their peaceful defeat impossible, they will only make their violent defeat inevitable.

    The original Confederates believed they were invincible, too–that they had the Biggest Genitals Ever To Swing From A Primate’s Crotch, and the sheer power of their testosterone could overcome any merely material disadvantages. Their successors in spirit, the Axis fascists, believed much the same thing.

    Reality proved to be rather different.

    But, as Saruman said to Frodo, that will not be my doing. I merely foretell.

  2. Of course, the grand strategy of the Treason Party (fka GOP) only works as long as a sufficient number of non-elite non-liberal white Americans never, ever, ever wise up. If they ever do, the Treason Party will go the way of the Whigs with astonishing speed.

    If the Treason Party does adopt the (even more) overbearing manner that RD postulates, we will see just how powerful–or not–modern propaganda techniques and technology are.

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  4. The Georgia law is utterly unconstitutional, if for no other reason than that the state officials cannot set up a system where they themselves can overturn the will of the voters in an election. Imagine if a state passed a law which said that the governor could call for a revote any time he wants. One would think that even this bought and paid for Supreme Court would not go so far as to allow this…but who knows, I suppose

    I have seen many affronts and outrages to democracy from Republicans, but this wins the prize–so far. As you say, this just gave them the right to overturn the results of any election that they don’t agree with. And they are proud of it. What abominable people. And of course they still will talk about words like freedom, and American values, and law and order, and rule of law. Equivalent to the slogans in “1984,” or on the gates to the concentration camps.

    Marc Elias of Democracy Docket, has joined with others to sue against this law. I wonder if the writers of it just wanted to see how far they could go, and they will keep redoing the bills until one of them gets through the courts; that’s how they do anti-abortion laws. One would like to think that enough people will wake up to what is going on, that they will vote out every Republican legislator in the country. Many of these got in during the shellackings of 2010 and 2014, and then voters kept re-electing them, not realizing that they were a poison which would rise up and try to destroy the democracy The question is how many states will follow Georgia, and write laws intended to keep them in power forever, and render voting as meaningless as it is in dictatorships. “Land of the Free,” keep singing it, boys.

  5. I suspect that that something just might give re GA’s new election laws. If other states pass similar laws Joe Manchin might have an excuse to actually support his party on some kind of filibuster reform that would allow the Senate to enact HR 1 (while watering down a couple of its provisions so he can look “statesmanlike”). He seemed to roll that way on the ARP– pander to the idea of “bipartisanship,” get the Dems to back off on whatever he thought to be too left wing, but not shoot the party down altogether.

    As far as the legal arguments, I do know that in Bush v. Gore some justices in the majority argued for expanded discretion on the part of state legislatures in the adjudication of elections. And more recently appointed justices like Barrett and Roberts cut their teeth as younger lawyers by working on behalf of the Republicans in their successful effort to steal Florida for Bush in 2000. So maybe Georgia is counting on the Court’s reinforced conservative faction to uphold their new abortion.

    But then — Bush v. Gore decided a tight election where only a few hundred disputed votes made all the difference. Not sure the Court would go so far as to say that the state legislatures have the power everywhere and always to dictate electoral outcomes, as Georgia’s new law seems to claim. Let’s hope not.

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