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Questions For A Far Right Person

Does any adult American have the right to buy a gun if they can pass a background check? Can one buy an unlimited number of them?

Can a person buy any number of assault weapons, too? If not, how many can they buy? What is an assault weapon specifically made for? Why would any American citizen who is not in the military, want one of these weapons? To do what?

Does the government have any right whatsoever to block or limit the purchase of weapons and ammunition?

Can any woman classified as an adult, have an abortion, if she requests it? If your answer is, “no,” why not? And how would you differentiate the right to buy an assault rifle, from the right to have an abortion?

Should birth control information be readily available in every locale? Should any adult be able to buy birth control pills or devices over the counter? If not, why not? And if not, how does this differ from the assault weapons?

Should any citizen have the right to burn a replica of an American flag? To not stand for the national anthem at a sports or entertainment event? To talk to someone else while it is playing? If your answer to any of these is, “no,” should another person be allowed to shoot such persons? To sock them in the mouth? To have them arrested, or removed from the venue? And if someone somehow does not like the way you are standing for the anthem, or singing, should they have the same right to do that to yoU?

Should anyone be able to buy hand grenades? bazookas? cannons? napalm? What would be a reason that you would say no to any of those? How could you differentiate between the right to buy an assault weapon and the right to buy a cannon, in terms of freedoms?

Did you believe Trump attorney Sidney Powell when she repeatedly said that Dominion Voting Systems engaged in a massive scheme to rig the 2020 election, which included her claims that they bribed election officials, and flipped votes from Trump to Biden?

Did you agree with her when she said yesterday in a court filing, that “no reasonable person could conclude that (her) statements were truly statements of fact?” If you do agree with this , how do you account for believing them n the first place? You are thus not a reasonable person, because you believed something that her lawyers say that no reasonable person would believe, and you are instead stupid and gullible?

if someone gets on TV and says that you stole money from people, tried to bribe judges, plotted to blow up the mayor’s office, beat up your spouse on multiple occasions; and you sue them for defamation, and the defendant then says that they cannot be sued because no reasonable person would believe any of their claims, so your suit (and by extension, any such suits) must be immediately dismissed, what would you think about that?

Do you believe that the 2020 election was stolen? If yes, based on what verified evidence? Do you believe that Trump stole the 2016 election? If not, why do you think that?

Do you believe that any election official in any locality should have the right to toss out a ballot because she or he did not think the signature of the voter sufficiently matched the signature on file? If you do, then are you happy to leave these decisions to each election official as she or he might make them?

If a person is walking down the street, and sees someone who looks suspicious to them, do they have the right to shoot that person so that he cannot shoot someone else? What if the person he sees is carrying a gun, but it is an open carry state? No right to shoot them, you just have to wait until they kill people before you can shoot them? Or what if you shoot them first, and they had no intention of shooting anyone? Shoot first and ask questions later?

If you believe that any American citizen who can pass the background check laws in that state, can buy one or more assault weapons and a great deal of ammunition, what is your opinion of how the increasing amount of mass shooting can be stopped or reduced? Yesterday, Ted Cruz said that the only way to do it is. “to stop the murderers.” How would you do that, before they have murdered people?

Do you believe that a moviemaker or author has the right to put anything he or she wants in his book or movie? If not, where do you draw the line, what should not be allowed?

If you believe that there should be some limits, does that mean that every person has the right to decide what the limits should be? If that would be unworkable, who gets to decide what can be in or out of the book or movie? You? The President at the time? The courts, for every single book or movie or show? If you get to decide, and you then remove books or movies because you think that they go over the line, are you engaging in “cancel culture?” Or if it is your position that nothing should be censored or expurgated or removed from circulation, should art of all genres be without limits for adult viewers or readers? And if that is not your position, does a publishing house which owns the rights to works have the right to not publish any more copies of some of them?

Do you believe that the earth is round or flat? How do you support your belief? If you think that the earth is round,, and someone else thinks it is flat, are both positions equally valid? If not, what would make one more valid than another, or is it just a matter of opinion? How do you know what you think you know? Who establishes the facts, or are there no facts at all? Does science play any role in this, or is science also just a matter of opinion which society should not rely on when making decisions about public health and safety?

Do you believe that all your ideas and opinions are right, and that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong? If you do, what do you attribute your superior understanding to? Should other people be allowed to express their opinions? As to who is right and who is wrong, do science, math, history, have any role to play in determining that or is it always just opinions and alternative facts; and you know what the truth is with regard to every matter? If you do, should you be the ruler of the universe, or will anyone who sees things exactly as you do, be sufficient?