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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
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Whoo-Hoo!! I get my first Moderna vaccine tomorrow!

Update the sequel: I got a new appointment for Friday. It’s in a different county about an hour from here. Looks like it’s Pfizer, which is fine by me.

Unless they cancel me. Crossing fingers.

Update: I’ve been CANCELED! What?? Apparently, they aren’t taking anyone my age even with pre-existing conditions. 😩

I’m back in the search game.

{{screaming into pillow}}

Luck of the Irish.

I’m going to the Peterson Center on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus for my shot. It’s right next door to the Salk Institute. That makes it extra special.

School children in Pittsburgh get the first Salk polio vaccine.
“I have dreams, and I have nightmares. I overcame the nightmares because of my dreams.” – Jonas Salk

All you vaccine skeptics out there (and you know who you are and *I* know who you are) think about it this way: if there were a polio epidemic raging this year, would you refuse the Salk vaccine? You know, not only children get polio. Adults can be permanently disabled by it. Think Franklin Roosevelt who got polio as an adult. Or NYCB ballerina Tanaquil LeClercq whose career was ended by it.

If you get Covid, sure, you might be one of the lucky ones and not get very sick. But you’re going to be serving as a lab experiment for some very frisky viruses who will be reproducing in your body and possibly making mistakes in their genetic sequences when they do it. So, not getting the vaccine means you might become patient zero of a brand new variant that makes the vaccine less effective for everyone else.

Then all your indignation at how people are out of work because the restaurants and bars are closed and how children are out of school and you still have to wear a f{}%ing mask (thereby depriving you of your freedom 🙄) and you can’t visit family members or new family members, will fall on deaf ears because YOU will be partially responsible for extending the lockdowns indefinitely.

Just sayin’.

For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, the Allegheny Health Department is busily setting up mass vaccination sites. Here’s the link to get on the list:


14 Responses

  1. I got my first shot yesterday at a CVS, the Pfiizer vaccine. It was handled very professionally. I have a few allergies, so I was a little concerned, but the only side effect I had is a a bit of a sore arm. I will get the next shot in three weeks, and it will be a great relief, though of course I will continue to double mask until Dr/ Fauci or the new CDC head, who is a lot better than the last one, says it is okay not to. Maybe at some point I will not have to turn on the TV to see what is going on with the virus, even though those people in Florida and other such states are both a concern and infuriating.

    Good luck! I am sure that you will do fine, and also be relieved!

    • Yep, my white blood cells are still a little lazy after a year of weed killer. I will be relieved.

  2. I qualify here in GA now but good luck getting an appointment for a shot.

    • Same here in PA… Both SO and I are eligible but there are NO appointments available and yet Gov. Wolf promises me that by the end of the month everyone in 1a will be done so they can open up the next group. I have no clue who is advising him, but he really needs to stop this crazy talk. Tell the truth, there is LITTLE TO NO vaccine available for the 1a group. Every morning I check the two local hospitals and the surrounding pharmacies for appointments… My theory is that somewhere there is someone running a bot that for $25 bucks they will add your info to their list and they grab the appointments within seconds of them becoming available. I am thinking it is almost time for me to find this guy and get us on the list.

      • The people that got appointments here in GA were making them at 2:30 a.m. or they called on the phone. I am guessing I am going to have to sit on the phone for an hour or more to get an appointment like I have time to do that.

  3. OT – RD I am just curious to know what you think of the two candidates. Malcolm Kenyatta and Josh Fetterman, who are running to replace Toomey’s Senate seat. Who has the best chance of actually winning?

    • I don’t know enough about Malcolm Kenyatta but I do know about John Fetterman. I LOVE Fetterman. He and his wife Giselle practice what they preach. He’s into urban renewal and lives in a diverse community of Braddock, PA. I used to think the best think that could happen to Braddock was a nuke. (That was a long time ago). It’s a different place now.
      Plus, the guy is colorful. Check out any of his appearances after the election last year. Hilarious. He’s absolutely not a flashy dresser. And he’s something like 6’9”. The running joke is all the photos of him anf his wife cut his head off.
      So yeah, I’m a big Fetterman fan. He was originally a Bernie guy but completely gave his all for Hillary when the time came. Good guy. I think he would appeal to a lot of people in PA.
      I’m interested in Kenyatta and will take look. Whoever wins the primary will have my full support.

      • Thanks, Rd! Good to know about Futterman. I receive daily fundraising emails from his campaign. I will now contribute. Kenyatta is also appealing but it would seems to me have less experience. I prefer Senators with who are really seasoned, mature people.

        • I see I need a copy editor before posting anything. But I know you will understand. Oy.

    • Check him out:

  4. Oh, how upsetting! One would think that your pre-existing history would definitely qualify you. At the CVS. I saw a few people in line for a shot, who looked about 25-35. Was the line also for a flu shot? That would seem unlikely. What a frustrating experience for you, after they scheduled you.

    • I think the teachers jumped the queue in Pittsburgh and all the pre-existing have to wait.
      Yes, it is frustrating. I’ve been at home for over a year. I was really hoping that I could be among the first to go back to work downtown and ride the bus again.

      • Based on what I saw Teachers in Lehigh county will be getting the J&J shot within the month. I have no problem with teachers getting ahead of me, but Wolf with his nonsense talk about how by the end of the month everyone in 1a who wants a shot will have one needs to have his head examined. HE is providing fodder for the PA Republicans in the next gubernatorial election, or any position he runs for. It’s almost like the PA GOP Legislature must be giving him this information to set him up.

  5. Second shot on Thursday!

    Your point about polio is well taken. I was born in 1955, so I was in one of the first cohorts to get vaccinated. All through grade school, there were at least a couple of kids in leg braces in all the classes older than mine. My class and the younger classes had none. That’s kind of all you need to know.

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