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I’m having a Flight 93 moment

The reviews of the Covid rescue package are coming in from the Republican side of the aisle. I’m getting angrier and angrier as I read them.

Let me be clear about one thing. I’m no socialist. I don’t know why I even have to say that. I’m a capitalist but I want capitalism with rules so that one group of people can’t engage in a campaign of exploitative profit mining against the vast majority of us.

For example, I think the 401K was one of the greatest tragedies to hit my generation. It’s forced us all to place our retirement incomes on a global roulette wheel and allowed money managers and ruthless financiers to skim trillions of dollars from us. It has shaped the economic policies of the last twenty years. It was held hostage last year as a way to deprive the country of its choices.

When the market went down in 2008, it was the Wall Street financier that got bailed out. That whole investment banking industry was deemed too big to fail and very few people in it were forced to face the consequences of their actions. The rest of us just had to manage as our careers, our lifestyles, our savings and children’s college funds were gobbled up by years of unemployment and under employment.

In the past 20 years, I haven’t seen any policies come from the right to address the needs of the citizens who live here and can’t just “leave the country” as their increasingly mean and vicious voters have told us to do.

Obama gave in to the right and put together a healthcare bill that only helped some of us and enraged others. He gave in to the financiers who put him in office to make sure that when the bailouts happened, they got paid first. Screw the rest of us.

Then came the dark years of American Carnage, completely created in the dark, twisted, malevolent mind of DJT. After years of obstruction from the Republicans, here was their chance to put together policies that would actually change the lives of the people who live here. And what did we get? A massive tax giveaway to the already obscenely wealthy, a stupid border wall that is easy to scale and is already falling apart, and a pandemic they had no policies to address. Their plan was herd immunity and a massive stewing pot of mutating viruses that could keep this disaster going for years to come, impoverishing millions.

They left behind a segment of the American population that has become dangerous to us, whose resistance to reason makes them difficult to deactivate. Objectively, they’re not that much different than Al Qaeda, committed to the dystopian and anti-democratic fever dreams of their leader and the group of privileged people behind him.

No, I’m not a socialist. I sure don’t think it’s right to continually protect the wealthy and well connected from the shocks of the free market as they have protected themselves. There has been a strong, consistent drumbeat of socialism for those who control the public megaphone and I am definitely not in favor of that.

So, I wake up this morning and they’re at it again, scaremongering that this Covid rescue bill is chock full of goodies- for poor people:

Republicans banded together in opposition on Wednesday, much as they had against an earlier version of the proposal in the House last month and the Senate bill’s over the weekend. The GOP approach evinced the tough political climate that Biden is likely to face even after preaching political unity upon taking office. Partisan tensions threaten to overshadow his expected work in the coming months to shepherd major new investments in infrastructure, overhaul the immigration system and rethink other elements of the U.S. tax code.

“This isn’t a rescue bill; it isn’t a relief bill; it is a laundry list of left-wing priorities that predate the pandemic and do not meet the needs of American families,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said earlier in the debate.

This is nothing of the kind. There are no policies in this bill. There may be tweaks to current policies but there’s nothing transformative like The New Deal or Medicare or the war against poverty. This is a RESCUE plan. You know, the kind that prevents little children from going to bed hungry? The kind that prevents restaurants and small businesses from closing permanently? The kind that purchases enough vaccines for all of us so we don’t become a perpetual laboratory of new deadly variants that have the potential to endanger the rest of the world? The kind of rescue package that is intended to head off another economic Great Depression where nobody benefits?

To truly transform the country back to giving the middle and working classes the wealth they’ve been convinced should go to the top will require putting rules in place, appointing and empowering referees and combatting the insane messaging system that seeks to strip Americans of their self-esteem and replaces it with grievances. It means feeding the grassroots so that the money actually starts flowing through the system again instead of hoarded by the well connected dragons playing a global game of who’s got the biggest pile.

I have seen nothing from Republicans. Nothing. They propose nothing except dismantling the government the rest of us pay for. It’s all pseudo anger over petty grievances and that turns into actually working and scheming against the rest of us.

For years now we have watched them destroy us, piling expenses on us in terms of retirement, higher education, healthcare. We’ve been stripped mined. And we’ve only been able to exercise our votes in gerrymandered districts resulting in a congress where one third of the representatives are hostile to itself and the country it’s supposed to serve.

Right now, I feel like one of those passengers on Flight 93, with the horror of knowing that what happened to three other planes is about to happen to us. Knowing that we have to use whatever tools we can find to ram through the cockpit door. Pushed to our limits, knowing the stakes and gathering ourselves together for one last push in a desperate attempt to save our country, angry and determined not to go down passively.

If this works, if we succeed in ending the quarantine and getting people back to work and kids back in school, if we can finally clear our heads of the malicious brain fog and get enough of a break to see clearly again, it will be the result of the best of us, just enough of us, working together last Election Day and from that day forward, to save ourselves from the worst threat this country has ever experienced.

Let’s Roll.