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The best 1 minute speech this year

Tim Ryan on the Covid Rescue Bill today before the final vote:

Ahhhh, that was soooo good.

I need a cigarette.

A pretty good day

1.) The Covid stimulus package has passed. I can maybe get my retention wall fixed this year!

2.) Merrick Garland was approved as AG by a vote of 70/30. That means that there are only 20 Republicans who don’t have anything to worry about. Let the clean up at the Justice Department begin!!

3.) It’s 70° in Pittsburgh and my bulbs are coming up!!!

Covid Relief Bill Approved, Will Be Signed on Friday

Everybody knows this of course, but it is a nice headline to be able to write. No matter what else, no matter how many voting suppression bills get passed,, and have to somehow be overcome, this is an immense accomplishment by the Biden Administration, and the Democrats in Congress. Not one single Republican from the House or the Senate voted for it. What an ignominious display of disdain and contempt for people who are not them, or their wealthy donors. I guess that they are not intending to vote for one bill brought up by this administration.

They are actually utterly useless to everyone but those two groups, plus some other people who hate Democrats so much that they want everything they do or enact, to fail. Do we think that those individuals will turn down the $1400-plus that they would get? Of course not. They never do, they take the money and the security that they get from Democratic administrations, and then eagerly vote for Republicans to displace them, as RD wrote about so precisely the other day. It is ungrateful and classless, but they never pretended to care about our feelings, did they??

It is also a great tribute to Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer, who kept their caucuses together with the narrowest of working margins, Schumer particularly gets a lot of heat, and may deserve some of it, but he only had 50 Senators, and he needed every one of them.

Democrats should make as many people as possible aware of the fact that the Republicans would have sunk this bill, and that what they had offered , was not close to what was needed. There always has to be a political aspect, because it is a zero-sum game, as the Republican counsel supporting Arizona’s vote suppression law argued to the Supreme Court in the last two weeks. So we triumphed here, and so we beat on bravely, with or against the current.