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Well, HERE’S your problem.

Check out this interview with the QAnon Shaman’s mom with journalist Laura Segall:

As I watch this, once again I’m bewildered why journalists like Segall don’t ask about how the rest of us, you know, the 81 million Biden voters, might have reacted if the insurrectionists had succeeded. Instead, the focus continually remains on the deluded Trump voter. We are told there are many of them who believe the vote was stolen from Trump and that their numbers are “significant”. But significant is not a “majority” of either total number of voters or electoral college votes or their representatives.

Is it any wonder that Shaman’s mom thinks that she and her cohort are the only ones that matter? We’ve only heard from their side for four GD years. The media hunts them down in diners in rural Indiana or at a Trump rally or on the street. It’s like the rest of us are completely absent. If you only watched the US media, you would get the impression that there is a bunch of righteously indignant Trump voters who are the equivalent of the Orange movement in the Ukraine and the whole country is behind them because there’s a complete void where the majority of voices should be.

Should we be surprised that Shaman, his mom, Richard Barnett et al feel entitled to special treatment and pardons? No one has told them yet that they are the bad guys. They’re feeling a bit Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western about it. Or Clint Eastwood in a Dirty Harry movie. Or just Clint Eastwood on a good day.

The fascination of the media trying to decipher the way their screwed up minds work, coupled with the extraordinary amount attention they are getting, is giving them the idea that they really are special people in the most destructive, narcissistic meaning of that word. If they don’t get what they want, they will simply bulldoze their way through any democratic process and obstacle and then they will wait for the presidential medal of FREEEEDOM! or something from their newly reinstalled leader.

No. No, Ms. Segall. You missed an opportunity to get a once in a lifetime reaction from someone like Shaman Mom and capture the moment her head short circuited like a Fembot. You should have asked her about the other 81 million of us. You should have done your homework and told her that the Pennsylvania legislature dominated by Republicans passed the mail in ballot bill in October 2019, well before Covid or Louis DeJoy. You should have asked her if she knew that Biden’s win in PA was independent of any mail in ballots that arrived in the three day period following Election Day. In other words, regardless of how the PA state Supreme Court ruled on how equitably the vote was administered according to the state constitution, Biden won without those late ballots.

Segall could have asked if the vote was conducted fraudulently, why was Trump et al challenging PA, GA, MI, AZ? Why not go after the motherlode of potentially illegal ballots- California? Wouldn’t that have been a lot more convincing? He could have eliminated 55 electoral college votes in one fell swoop. Could it be that California doesn’t have a cooperative state legislature that wanted to get involved and some of these other states did?

Ask Shaman Mom to do a thought experiment: your son and his friends have successfully staged a coup, shot some members of Congress, hung Mike Pence and halted the electoral college certification. Then what? In a country chock full of guns and a majority angry enough to use them, what would have happened then? Would Trump impose martial law? Was that the end goal? Would his droogs have shot protestors in the streets? What kind of American carnage was she trying to achieve?

But no, Segall asked none of these questions. So Shaman Mom blithely goes on with her day believing the Big Lie, oblivious to the fact that more than half the country out there doesn’t agree with her and isn’t going to leave or put up with her s^*%.

Meanwhile, her slow witted son languishes in jail betrayed and depressed about not getting a pardon. Yet no one has told him yet that Trump couldn’t and wouldn’t pardon him without incriminating himself.

Plus, shaman doesn’t have the money or connections that Manafort and Steve Bannon had. You’ve got to have money if you want a “Get out of jail free!” card.

So, shaman and his mom and all their friends continue to live in their own little universe, convinced that they deserve grace of some kind, internally not accepting that their leader, and his party, is no longer in charge.

And we can’t force them off the airwaves. Instead, we gloss over the domestic terrorism and ask them for more interviews where they can profess their faith and hawk images of dangerous propaganda.