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Snark du Jour

Who knew former prosecutors had a sense of humor?

To be fair, not all billionaires are corrupt and stingy. But I’m betting that the vast majority want the ultimate control over where their money goes if they’re going to give it away.

The beneficence required to foster good government is rare among them.

One Response

  1. I stayed up to watch the House vote. Even though the bill passing was expected, it was nice to see the numbers come in on the screen. Before the vote, Republicans made speeches about how this bill will cost all the struggling middle class people important money. They warned that you might not even be able to afford that car you want, because of the “cost of the bill,” which they estimated at $15,000 per person; that being the amount of the bill, $1.9 trillion, divided by the number of people in the country.

    “Shameless and deceitful are not sufficient words to describe it. A few years ago, Republicans stole $2 trillion from the American people, so that they could give millionaires and billionaires a permanent tax cut. About 80%of the populace was against that bill, but they rammed it through,and then they had a party on the White House lawn to celebrate it. And now, with all the things in this relief bill desperately needed, they tell average Americans that this bill is bad for them, they don’t want it.

    Not one single Republican voted for the bill. One would think that this would be the end of the party as a political force, but of course not. Not even one of them could muster the conception that, well, maybe they don’t like all the aspects of this bill, but there are some good things there, and this is a desperate time. Even some Republican governors are for it, but not the Republicans in Congress. What kind of people are these? Not only do they want all of the money in their own pockets, but they will propagandize it, try to somehow gain political points from it. The media is always helpful, talking about how “they want the money to be more targeted.” What they want is, to take every single cent out of the Treasury for themselves. They may actually be worse than the Victorians of Dickens’ time, or the American Social Darwinists. They have no policies whatsoever, except stealing money, and blocking every Democratic attempt to help people. And they are proud of it. And they are apparently all the same, 215 identical versions.

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