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Build Back Better- Bionic Boob Edition

Just a heads up: I’m about to get a new boob. The first iteration of boob replacement was an epic fail. Let’s not get into it. It just didn’t work as advertised.

Anyway, this next attempt at boob renovation is going to be a bit more involved. I might be out of it for a few days. Unfortunately, boob replacement phase 2 commences February 8. That’s right. Monday. I’m going to miss the first day of the impeachment trial and probably throwing up on day 2.

But I don’t want this site to go inactive just when people are being held accountable. So, I’m looking for suggestions on how to keep the conversation going.

Some possibilities:

Hiring a guest host. Note that the salary for this post is aspirational.

Setting up some posts in advance to go off periodically through out the day. I’ve scheduled posts in advance before. So this is doable. Of course, I’ll be in a drug induced haze so I’ll have to guess what the topics will be at the time they go off. It could be wildly entertaining to see how far from reality they will be.

Your suggestions welcome in the comment section. But make it fast, I’ve got to get my sh*t together by tomorrow afternoon and I know that everyone will be glued to the TV to watch Tom Brady get his ass kicked.

18 Responses

  1. I hope your surgery goes well!

  2. Just don’t let them overdo the replacement(s), or you might need to be very careful with hugs… 😛

  3. Best wishes on the surgery and recovery!

    I will try to write some comments!, though the trial starts early in the morning here. I do not expect a conviction, who would?, but I hope that the evidence is devastating. I hope that as many posters as possible write their thoughts, to give you something to read, at the very least, while recuperating.

  4. RD, I sure hope the procedure and your recovery go far better than you expect and that the “drug induced haze” is superlative. Are you still planning on one of those lovely tattoos?

  5. Happy Superb Owl Sunday! 😛

  6. I dropped a few dineros in the tip jar, I am lol’ing at “aspirational” pay 😀
    I hope so much that the surgery, and immediate aftermath are tolerable and that you have ultimate success in boob replacement. ❤️
    I vote for William to be your guest host, he is on top of all things political and writes very well. He is a tad more nihilistic than you, but even so.

    • Thank you, so much. I will put it toward my over bed desk.

    • William is a good choice. 😉 but you are all exceedingly good choices.

      • An overbed desk is a great investment!

        I have followed, and commented on, this blog for more than a decade. All the regulars are amazing, Ga6thDem, jmac, catscatscats, SweetSue, IBW, the list goes on. Anyone of the aforementioned would be fabulous.
        I will second any who raise their hands to volunteer!

      • I thought immediately of William as his comments are always extremely incisive.

        Good luck with your surgery!

        Roz in NJ/NYC

  7. Thank you for the nice comments! I very much appreciate them! I am working toward trying to figure out how to deal with a password that WordPress thinks I have, and I may have chosen twelve years, ago, but which I don’t remember, and I am having trouble trying to create a new one. I tell WP what my email address is, but they keep saying, don’t have it, but they do. Then they tell me to try back in a half hour because I have used up my time to do it. Darn! I do have some skills, but they are not in the technological world. If anyone has another suggestion, I will try it. Maybe I need to create a new WP account? I will get this done!

    • Well, I clicked something which was supposed to send me a link to recapture my password, but I never got a mail, though I tried twice. Then tried to create a new account, but every time I tried to log in with it, the response was that an account already exists with that user name. It is baffling to me. I wish there were an obvious way to do this. If not, I will just write posts, and thank you again for the nice words. Sometimes I wonder if anybody reads them, but I am glad that some do. 🙂

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