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Perdue says it’s all fine. It’s FINE.

David Perdue, who is running for one of the two open senate seats from Georgia says he doesn’t see any problem with the call Trump made yesterday:

“I didn’t hear anything in that tape that the president hasn’t already said for weeks now since the November election calling for some sort of investigation, some sort of resolution to the improprieties and the irregularities that we now see happened in November here in Georgia,” said Perdue, whose Senate term expired Sunday, during an appearance on Fox News.

Pressed about contentions by others, including some Republicans, that Trump’s call was inappropriate, Perdue did not back off.

“However he said it, what he’s saying is a lot of people in Georgia and 75 million Americans, I think, align with him right now that something untoward happened here in Georgia and we have not gotten to the bottom of it,” Perdue claimed.


So, another Georgia Election Board member is saying that Trump asked Raffensperger to commit election fraud. Did he say it explicitly? I guess if we’re splitting hairs, no. But I’m betting that prosecutors have sent criminals to jail for less since the intent and motivation is clear. Also, there is some language that could be interpreted as threatening.

But Perdue is ok with that.

Like a lot of other Republicans, he’s acting like 75 million voters for Trump are the only ones that matter. The rest of us 81 million should just f#%* off.

Republicans never say anything nonsensical repeatedly unless their audience has been primed to hear it. I’m guessing that what Perdue is saying is that if he’s elected tomorrow, he’ll join the 10 other senators who will object to certifying the electoral college vote. Yep, that’s what I’m hearing (note: you must disable your logic processor to hear it like a right winger does).

They aren’t concerned that 81>75. Math is just alternative facts and anyway it doesn’t matter because as long as a Republican Senator has the ability to wrest control from a Democrat, who is an unAmerican commie who wants to take away their FREEEEDOM!, it’s ok with them.

That’s the whistle he’s sending to the reluctant Republican voters in Georgia. Perdue is going to join the side that wants to nullify the election.

Ok. Good to know.


The prosecutors and AGs have weighed in and their sense is that Trump violated a federal law at the very least. Says one of them:

Considering that two recounts, an audit and several judges have upheld President-elect Joe Biden’s win in Georgia, Levitt said it is clear Trump was not pushing for an “honest tally” of the votes.

“Either the president was engaged in the commission of a felony,” he said, “or he has lost his hold on reality such that he can no longer distinguish fact from the fictions he has been fed.”

Michael R. Bromwich, a former Justice Department inspector general, put it more bluntly on Twitter: “His best defense would be insanity.”

Sure, sure, most death row inmates don’t get to claim insanity even if they were but, you know, this is Trump, so rules don’t apply.

Interesting suggestion though.

It appears that Trump is very angry that his call was recorded. Maybe that’s not legal under Georgia law but I’m guessing the price to pay for covering your ass is much, much less than the sentence you get for participating in the felony of election fraud regardless as to who gave the order.

4 Responses

  1. This is how you lie, just the way Goebbels did, leading up to the Big Lie. You completely invent “improprieties,” even though there were none, and every time Trump’s lawyers appeared in court, they could show no evidence whatsoever–because there was none. But you keep saying it, so that for many people, it becomes “First Premise” in their perverted logic system. There were improprieties; and many people are upset about them (because the Republicans made them up), and there must be a full investigation of them, over and over. Does this remind anyone of Benghazi, or more sweepingly, “The Red Scare,” Communists in the State Department, in Hollywood, in our schools? You assert something, you keep doing it, you say, “everyone is concerned” about the thing you made up; you demand an endless series of investigations. In this case, you prepare to cheat in every way possible during the next elections, and have your “they did it” defense all ready.

    Whatever this is–a perversion of religion so that anything they make up becomes gospel; a malevolent way to always win; minds so rotted that they cannot even conceive of reality as separate from what they want or need it to be–it is more than frightening. The media is doing a bit better on this one, but they let them get away with it when it came to Hillary. “Emails, we must learn more about emails, every hour, every day!” I think it was one of those House people like Gowdy who said that they were ready to open at least six different investigations with hearings if Hillary were elected. Most unfortunately, this works because far too many people are incapable of discerning or understanding facts.

    There is always some room for dispute on the margins of anything, but what we see is akin to what O’Brien told Winston in “1984,” if they say the sky is not blue, it is not; if they hold up two fingers and say it is three, it is three. Orwell had them using torture and other brainwashing to get to that; but in our world, so many people simply think that believing anything you want, means freedom. So it eventually becomes a short step to pedophilia in pizza parlors, and all the stuff that the cult of qanon purveys. In Yeats’ famous poem, he said, “the center does not hold.” He was writing about a cyclical theory of history, but the center that we desperately need to hold, comes from human capacity to reason, and tell facts from utter lies. Give that up, and we have another Dark Ages, with even more power concentrated in those who control it. Perdue is a stupid, corrupt, and greedy buffoon, but he is one of the many faces of it. Republican voters are upset, so they must have endless investigations and hearings which will of course never assuage them! Democrats lose, they are told to shut up and bend the knee, because elections have consequences. Garland cannot be confirmed because it is too close to election; Barrett must be confirmed, because the president has the right to appoint her. There is no more logic or fairness or analogies, it is all about heads we win,tails you lose. If the media wanted to do the nation a service, they would stop comparing all of this to a sports event, where both sides are just trying to win.

    • It’s a sports event, all right–specifically, Calvinball.

    • I listen to NPR, PBS, Deutsche Welle and the BBC for news. They’ve all done an excellent job of covering the past four years, without comparisons to sporting events. DW is especially tough on Trump. Commercial network and cable news are best ignored.

  2. Meanwhile, some GOP Reps. are admitting that they can no longer win the White House without the distorting effects of the Electoral College–so they want their colleagues to STFU and accept the results this time, lest the EC be discredited in the eyes of the general public.


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