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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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He sounded a bit pissed off

I’m referring to Biden and his speech last night. Who here wondered why someone wasn’t bringing him water?

He sounded angry (finally) about the number of House Republicans and state AGs that tried to flip the election to Trump. It sounds ridiculous until you stop and think what their end goal was – to cancel out the Biden votes in MI, WI, GA and PA.

Yeah, I’m still having a problem wrapping my head around that. I voted in good faith according to the laws passed by my state. But my vote needed to be cancelled. I get outraged every time I think of it. Who do they think they are??

There’s no excuse. In 2016, Hillary conceded and politely stepped out of Trump’s way. He then proceeded to stomp all over our feelings. And she had more reason to contest the results 4 years ago than he does now. We’re still not sure he won in 2016. But if Hillary had tried to pull the stunts that Trump pulled, no one would have put up with it for a second.

We’ve tolerated it for more than a month and had to listen to everyone from Mitch McConnell to robotic Kelly Loeffler lecture us on Trump’s right to pursue his legal options.

It was bullshit. It dragged out the transition process and permitted Trump to spread his lack of emotional control and grievances to his followers. They in turn think they have a right to be angry.

They don’t.

This isn’t 2016. That year, there wasn’t a paper trail for every vote. This year there is.

That year, the media relentlessly attacked Hillary and gave Trump a pass. This year they called him out on his lies.

That year, we had a boorish, bullying, selfish, ignorant, corrupt and mean man who was about to take the presidency in order to turn back the clock and impose a harsher reality on anyone who wasn’t a white male. This year, we have a decent, dedicated public servant with sense of responsibility and years of experience about to take the presidency during one of the worst years of this nation’s history.

We can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s official now and it looks like the Republicans in the senate are starting to acknowledge that.

That doesn’t mean that Trump is going to let it slide. I’m just wondering if he’s pouting in the west wing, or plotting a terrorist event. Or both. But whatever he’s up to, he’s officially out in 36 days.

He’s a sore loser. But he’s still a loser.

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  1. I would really like to see Biden get tough, and demand that those in the house who signed on to this nonsensical lawsuit not be seated. IMO based on what I have read the fact that they violated their oath should be enough to stop them from being seated. I don’t see this happening, but I can dream right?

    • I’m not sure what Pelosi can do but I wouldn’t just let it go. It was pretty serious.

  2. Re John Le Carre. I’ve read most of his books. They are wonderful. From what I can see, the critics think that “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold” and “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” are the masterpieces. My personal faves are Tinker Tailor, Smiley’s People, A Small Town in Germany. The Constant Gardner is my fave of his newer works.

    To add my two cents. Le Carre does what the great novelists do, in terms of having fully realized characters do what they would seemingly do in real life, so that things have a sense of inevitability. As opposed to thrillers where you can see how the author crammed the stick figure characters into the plot.

    Secondly. From Le Carre I got a sense of how the real history of world events plays out from the things that are not in the headlines and not talked about until years later. It was an education for me.

    But you can just start out reading him for pure pleasure. Eat up!!!

    • Ooooo! Thank you so much!! I’ve been looking for a new addition to my audible library. Tinker, Tailor etc sounds perfect for a nice winter vacay.

  3. You summed it up very well. I would only add that the media has much to be blamed for. They did not like Hillary for whatever stupid reasons, and then delighted in going after her every single day. They like Biden better, they liked Obama better, they did not like Gore. With a few notable exceptions, they are much too full of themselves, think that they are very important, and want to impose their personal views of the candidates into their coverage.

    Hillary always wants to do the right thing. She is the one who loves the country, not Trump, who like all these authoritarian Republicans, try to hide behind bogus patriotism. Their unwillingness to accept the clear election results was not only completely irresponsible, but it will do much damage, and they do not care at all. They will fight and lie and bully until finally they realize that they cannot get their way this once. We are grateful that this has finally occurred, but they will be back at it very soon, trying to turn a 7 million vote loss into a fraud, something to keep their cult angry and aggrieved.

    • If not for the prevalence of Clinton Derangement Syndrome among the Purity Left and the So-Called Liberal Media in 2000 and 2016, five of the six Elephascist Justices on the Supreme Joke might not be sitting there today.

      (Since Gore was BC’s Veep, CDS affected him as well as the Clintons.)

      Future historians will look in amazement upon the scale, financing, dedication, and efficacy of that smear campaign.

      • Yes, and the ones who suffered for it were you and I by being lied into a war and having the largest terrorist attack in American history along with incompetent management of a hurricane and then with Trump hundreds of thousands of Americans dying from a virus. Yes, I blame the snooty attitude of the press for a lot of the suffering Americans have done over the last 20 years.

        • Ga6thDem, what is your sense of the Senate runoffs. which of the Democrats is more likely to win? I know that you were not too high on Ossoff’s chances in general election, and he lost by 86,000 votes with Biden winning the state. Warnock beat Loeffler, but she and Collins beat him by ten points or so, when you combine their votes. From a distance,it seems that Warnock has the better chance, but I guess it all depend on whether Republican turnout will be appreciably down.

          • Right now it is a literal toss up. There are a bunch of people swearing there is something wrong with the machines that the election will be rigged. So I’m not sure how that is going to play with the Trumpers showing up. Loeffler and Perdue are not campaigning on anything they have done in office and are doing nothing but screaming socialism and attempting character assassination. Ossoff has much improved since he quit the holier than thou I don’t take corporate PAC money nonsense and the PACs are coming down and running ads for him since his own ad campaign sucked. The 88K voters were Biden Perdue voters mostly and I’m sure they’ll buy into the “keep a check on Biden” and vote for Perdue but there are not enough of them alone to determine the election. Dems are fired up and we have had record voting so far for the runoff. Hopefully it all will be enough to take out both Loeffler and Perdue.

      • Well said, William and IBW. They even mocked VP Gore when he climbed Mt. Rainer with his son. That is a serious climb, very difficult and quite an accomplishment.

        I think they did not like SOS Hillary and VP Gore because they are good people and clearly smarter than most of those writing about them.

        Think how much better the world would have been with President Gore and President Hillary Clinton.

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