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Live by the EC, Lose by the EC

The Supremes dismissed the Texas lawsuit that wanted to throw out my mail in ballot. I’m still not sure what made my vote fraudulent. No, don’t bother with the explanations. I know what they are. They don’t make sense. Everyone knows they don’t make sense but 18 state AGs and 106 House of Representatives indulged in this stunt anyway.

Biden will be finally, decisively elected president on Monday barring a posse of assassins from the Confederate states who kidnap and execute the electors before they can vote. That should be a crazy thing to write and yet, here I am, writing it because it’s a perfectly possible scenario.

But the thing that dawned on me tonight is that this Electoral College thing is not just a quaint holdover from the 18th century that was designed to stop a man like Donald Trump from ever becoming president in the first place. (They could have demanded to see his taxes before voting on him).

No, it’s not even just an irritant that we have to tolerate so that Bismarck, North Dakota doesn’t take its ball and go home. It’s not just a small price we pay to keep the union together.

It’s really the most insane electoral setup ever.

The rest of the world must be looking on this objectively and no doubt in horror at the madness that is our amazingly complex election system where the candidate with the most votes, sometimes millions of votes, can lose an election.

It makes a mockery of campaigning when all the effort is focused on a handful of states and the most valuable states and all their citizens are completely irrelevant.

Theoretically, Biden could have won millions more votes if every voter eligible to cast a ballot had voted for him and still lost the presidency if he lost Pennsylvania and Georgia by a couple hundred votes.

The insanity of the Electoral College is that a couple of hundred votes in strategic rural counties has the power to annihilate millions of votes everywhere else.

America the beacon of democracy, justice and rule of law has the least democratic method of choosing a leader.

We let that happen twice before. But if it had happened this time, it is no exaggeration to say that our democracy would be sham.

But what if it already is? The error of the electoral college is propagated throughout our government and especially the Senate where Bismarckians are over represented and Californians might as well not show up at all.

It just never hit me like this before. I guess it’s because until recently, the EC and all the norms that we lived with all these years had never been exploited like this before.

We are going to have a tense weekend and month to go before the inauguration. But we will have decades ahead of us where we are going to have to stop the sliding towards our decline and fall.


The following House Representatives from Pennsylvania signed on to a lawsuit that sought to disenfranchise some of their own constituents:


John Joyce, Frederick B. Keller, Mike Kelly, Dan Meuser, Scott Perry, Guy Reschenthaler, Glenn Thompson

Some of their constituents have no citizenship rights.

That’s what they are saying. Let’s not sugar coat it. They’re going to the House of Representatives but they aren’t representing anyone but Trumpers.

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  1. RD, a wonderful response to the absolute awfulness of the Electoral College. it is reasonable to give the Founders the benefit of saying that it seemed like an interesting idea for a time when they thought that only educated Age of Enlightenment people would decide who ran the country. Now, it is worse than an anachronism, and has played out so that Republicans control the Senate and the Supreme Court, despite having lost the popular vote in 7 of the last 8 elections. Take one step backward for perspective, and try to comprehend that.

    We cannot survive as a democracy if we do not change the system which gives less populous states more power, because the Congressional and EC votes they are given are not proportional to population. California ought to have something like 140 electoral votes, if Wyoming gets 3, based on population. it is absurd, but since Republicans benefit from it, they have no sense of democracy or fairness to want to change it. You cannot have a country where one party loses the popular vote every time,, and yet has picked two-third s of the Supreme Court. 18% of the population has elected 52% of the Senate. All people are created equal, except in voting, where some voters are more equal than others. This is not an arcane board game. And even with those ,we usually altered the rules to make up for a bad design, and to make the game fairer in outcome. Democrats should stop accepting this as something that can’t be helped, because if left as it is, it is a pathway to either dictatorship or chaos

  2. 😈

  3. Could be worse. you might have the dreaded Proportional Representation.

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