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It’s official. Biden won.

MSNBC and BBC just called it.

It’s not over yet. There are going to be a lot of pissed off people who aren’t going to be happy about Biden being a “duly elected president”.

That’s as vindictive as I’m going to get. At least this year, we have a paper trail.

In four years, they have another crack at making our lives miserable.

Congratulations to Joe and KAMALA!!


This sounds about right:

The Electoral College has become a barrier to the will of the people.

The senate is a perfect example of how badly the majority is screwed. If we don’t win Georgia’s 2 senate races, Mitch will let every important bill just sit there and die. The only way to get to bipartisanship and action is to have more Democrats in the senate.

19 Responses

  1. To repeat, Thank You, Pennsylvania!!

  2. YEAH… and we put him over the top, although I am just as excited about AZ and GA

  3. RD, hope it was their last gasp. Biden is going to have a very, very tough job to right this ship. I am still flabbergasted that nearly 70 million “Christians” decided that locking up kids in cages into hellish conditions was warranted and just. These people seem to hate everyone including themselves. I find it amazing that Obama and the Democrats saved Capitalism and our economy only for the main beneficiaries to chant every day about how he ruined our country and how Trump who did everything he could to destroy capitalism is their messiah. With this kind of disconnect from reality there is no helping these people. Right now Coronavirus infections are spiraling upwards at an astounding rate especially among the followers of the Orangeness. I have a feeling that when their families start dying they aren’t going to blame the idiot who led them off the cliff but the Democrats who did everything they could to help them. These people really do not have any grasp of reality.

    • It’s very easy to explain. All those people who voted for Trump fear and despise Democrats more than any evil they see Trump doing.
      They’re sincerely afraid that Biden is a communist.
      Yes, it is laughable. Someone(s) got into their heads and messed with the machinery. It’s going to be very hard to break that thought pattern.
      My recommendation is 1.) don’t antagonize them but 2.) don’t take shit from them either.

  4. Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden, and to Kamala Harris, who will be the first female Vice-President of the USA ever.

    Another glass ceiling shattered!

    Laura looks on from the Celestial Choir and lifts her voice!

  5. As for Moscow Mitch and his wrecking crew–don’t forget, the Department of Justice will be ours now. McTurtle and many other Rethug senators probably have some shady dealings they would prefer not to see investigated. 😈

    • A good point Democrats cannot be so intimidated by Republicans that they render themselves ineffective in changing policies. The media wants the Democrats to be the nice guys, compromise on everything, but the Republicans get to trample on them in their next time in office, which the Republicans think is four years for now. The ball is on our own five yard line, now. Moving it out carefully to the eight yard line does not get us very far, because Republicans are never suddenly turn into the Republicans of the 1960’s.

    • Good point. But where has Barr been in the last month? I’m betting he’s erasing as much documentation as he can find.

  6. Michael Baym is absolutely right. The Electoral College was an awful idea. The only reason the country sort of got away with it, was, like it or not, that the South voted Democratic, as a reaction to Reconstruction put in by Republicans. Can you believe that the intellectual liberal Adlai Stevenson won most of the South in his two presidential elections? That’s how it was, up until Nixon”s Southern Strategy further worked by Reagan and those who followed him. Now the South is reflexively as Republican as it was Democrat from 1875-1964.

    And there are more Red states than Blue states, and they each get two senators, no matter how small they are in population. And so they run the country, mostly through the Senate, where it is almost impossible to dislodge them. And Senate rules have gotten so bad that the Majority Leader does not have to bring any bill to the floor, or approve any Judge. So it is now as if Biden must take his hat in hand and show up at the door of McConnell, and try to plead with him to at least allow a bill or two to be passed.

    i don’t want to spoil the warranted relief and excitement of the Biden election by dwelling on this, but the Electoral College and the Senate, which both stem from the same thing, stifle democracy, and there is no way to get rid of the Electoral College, because Republicans thrive by it. Democratic Senatorial candidates win tens of millions more votes than Republican candidates, but the Republicans still control the Senate. I think that Biden should tell McConnell, that unless he allows his caucus to pass some imperative bills regarding climate and other things, he’ll simply stop funding various projects in those states. California is the engine that drives the entire national economy, not Iowa or South Carolina. And yet we keep hearing people on TV say that we must listen to the residents of the latter, try to win them over, while essentially ignoring the state which supplies most of their money; because in essence the small Red states run the country. Why the voters in Maine would be so obtuse as to vote for Collins, and thus allow McConnell to block everything that Biden, the person that they voted for to be President, is a sad testament to the lack of knowledge they have about governance. If you favor Democratic ideas, then vote for all of the Democrats; otherwise you have essentially canceled your own vote.

    • Maine is a real puzzle!! I thought (hoped) Susan Collins was on her way out.

      We need to admit Puerto Rico and DC each as a state, with two senators each.

      It’s a start.

      • It would be more interesting if each state had two centaurs. 😀

        I would mention that old story about Emperor Caligula making his horse a senator, but, IIRC, that is only a legend. 😛

        • Stupid TurdPress. I thought the first one had not posted, so I made a second post. TurdPress sucks goat mucus.

      • It would be more interesting if each state had two centaurs. 😀

        I would mention that story about Emperor Caligula making his horse a senator, but, IIRC, that story is only a legend. 😛

  7. I peeked over at the Freshwater Crustacean Pit, though I posted nothing. I found this image at the top of the page:

    Trump is a dinosaur. How appropriate. 😈

  8. Dear Trump Chumps: Bon appetit. 😈

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