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Vote to preserve your right to make changes

Vote your values. A dog eat dog world is no place for children.

Vote for your planet because where else are you going to go?

Vote for the cleansing power of enlightenment and science.

Vote for the strength to make hard decisions, not for the weakness of wishful thinking.

Vote for a fairer market, not a casino.

Vote for a couple of winners who act like adults, not for a guy who isn’t man enough to lose without causing chaos and violence.

Vote for dignity and respect, not hate and cruelty.

Vote for a few years of peace and quiet instead of a crisis and international incident on the hour.

Vote for possibilities, not certainty and despair.

Be careful out there. Hold hands. Look both ways while crossing the street. Take water, snacks and a camp chair. Wear your mask, maintain a safe social distance, and whatever you do, STAY IN LINE.

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  1. I voted absentee about a month ago. Checked and double checked my signature, etc. Feeling very confident that my vote will be counted.

    Fixed Cincinnati chilli to enjoy with my SO tonight as we watch the Blue Wave crash through the country. Yesterday, Biden stopped in Cleveland at the request of Sherrod Brown, who thinks Ohio is winnable. Yes, please!

    Take care, everyone. Follow RD’s excellent advice if you are voting in person today.

  2. If fascist judges end up stealing this election from Us The People, they had better never eat out again, lest they find spittle, or worse, in their food and drink.

  3. Gary Kasparov has been a strong and courageous voice against totalitarianism.

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