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The GOP plot to steal Pennsylvania

Before I get started on this i want to remind everyone that not counting all of the votes equally disenfranchises the other voters who have voted similarly. If you discredit some of the votes for Biden in Pennsylvania, you are essentially saying that none of the votes for Biden, regardless as to which state they are from, count in the event that the uncounted votes can change the outcome of the election.

And now a word from our Lieutenant Governor, John Fetterman:

Let me explain for those of you not keeping track. Yesterday, kavanaugh and alito wrote opinions about the Pennsylvania Election Day counting dates. Background is that PA asked for an extension of 3 days to count mail in ballots as long as the ballots were postmarked by Election Day. This was to account for the recent inefficiencies at the USPS that could have slowed the mail. The Republicans took that case all the way to the Supreme Court before Barrett was sworn in. The court declined to change the PA Supreme Court ruling. Then it was brought up again yesterday. Barrett wisely abstained and the court decides that we are too close to the election to make changes now. So PA will count all mail in ballots with the 11/3 postmark. Great. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Not so fast. Alito and Kavanaugh in their opinions argued that the state legislature was the only body able up make changes and that it was possible to set aside some ballots that arrived too late in the day on 11/3. These ballots could remain uncounted if there is an expectation that they could change the outcome of the election.

So, today, Cumberland county and Beaver county have decided to just not count mail in ballots. Yep. Just not count them. They don’t have the resources or some such nonsense. If I am reading this correctly, they are going to hold ALL mail in ballots that were received by 11/3, making them on time regardless, and not count them until 11/4. Yep, they’ll start counting the mail in ballots, that are probably going to be heavily Democrat ballots, the day AFTER the election even if all of the ones they are holding came within the last two months and arrived on time.

What this means is if PA is close or if Trump is leading at the end of the day on Tuesday, these very red counties will see no reason to count any additional ballots.

Yes, it DOES sound like cheating, because it is.

If PA is the deciding state and if the ballots aren’t counted in red counties, and if that prevents a critical mass of votes from entering the totals, it means my ballot doesn’t count or JMAC’s or MAG’s. And if that causes the election in PA to go to Trump, then it doesn’t matter how any other state votes.

It’s petty, it’s cheating and it’s evil.


More. There are additional counties that are planning to withhold ballots from being counted on Election Day. The rot is spreading:

7 Responses

  1. https://electoral-vote.com/

    If the fascists steal PA, it won’t matter if Biden can keep the other solid blue states and win any one of the following: AZ, NC, GA, FL.

    Benedict Donald still pretty much has to run the table. If last time he “drew to an inside straight”, he must draw to an inside straight FLUSH this time.

    I do remain nervous, though. The Russopublican Treason Party beat the odds by cheating in the Prez election of 2016 (and maybe in 2000 and/or 2004).

    OTOH, the “shy misogynist” vote won’t be a factor this time. The fact that the “shy r@ci$t” vote didn’t matter in 2008 and 2012 tells us that while r@ci$m remains dismally strong in the USA, misogyny remains even stronger.

  2. Oh, it is all of those things. Trump and right-wing PA legislature and Supreme Court working together. Millions of mail-in votes already in, favor Democrats, so don’t count any of them. Just count Election Day votes, which will surely favor Republicans. Then Supreme Court has already set out the marker that if the mail-in votes change who is leading, they don’t count! Like saying that if the last five minutes of a basketball game change who is ahead, that part is thrown out.

    This is actually simply declaring Trump the winner in PA, unless someone does something, or somehow Biden wins the non-mail vote, which is unlikely. They are nothing if not insidious , always working to win by any means. Can they get away with it? Very possibly. I think that the new PA legislature would actually be sworn in on November 30? That could help–except if they don’t count the mail-in votes, the Republicans will hold it. Can people in PA who have voted by mail, come in to vote in person and void their mail-in ballot? Probably not,You’re got the governor and the Lt. Governor and I think the Secretary of State, but not the legislature, which by chance is declared the only body which can change election laws. Remember when Trump was going around declaiming about PA in 2016, if he didn’t win, it was rigged? Did he have something set up with the legislature then? I would sure hate to have to depend on Georgia and Arizona, or even Texas, instead.

  3. This gets us to what I have been worried about… all this talk about how PA Dems won these last 2 times in the SC was all just for show. When the chips are down, Roberts will rule the way his GOP masters want him to; which means Barrett can recuse, and be made to look reasonable. Every Elected/Selected GOP member must be removed from ALL branches of government and ALL levels of government, just getting the GOP out of control at the federal level won’t do anything for states like PA where the GOP controls the legislature.

    ARGGGHHHH…. the GOP just sucks, but the play the long game really well, this has been in the works for 40+ years.

    • Well, as JFK (IIRC) said, those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

      But, as Saruman said to Frodo, that will not be my doing. I merely foretell.

  4. I didn’t know about the counties deciding not to start counting mail-ins on Election Day. I’m so appalled, every day, and for so long now. And so mad about 2008 and 2016. Now we have Minnesota, where the same thing is happening.

    Trump telling his voters to vote in person, for months now. Knowing the plan. And Dems saying mail-in voting is safe, vote early by mail! 81 million have already voted. Hope to God it will be enough in the end, or that by some miracle, we win TX or FL and Trump has no path through the mail-in challenges.

    Because if not, it won’t matter that we win the Senate. SCOTUS will just invalidate the ability of the Senate to remove POTUS.

  5. This was covered VERY briefly in the Morning Call this morning.

    Some counties ― but none in the Lehigh Valley ― reportedly have said they will not start counting mail-in ballots until Wednesday. Boockvar said it was “only a handful” of counties, and she intended to talk to each one of them.

    “I want every one of them starting on Election Day,” she said.

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