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This Pennsylvanian wishes the media would laser focus on another state

Every hour of every day for the last six months has been “well, Biden could win Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho and Nebraska. But if he doesn’t win Pennsylvania, it’s four more years of Trump. Do you want that, punk? Well do ya’?!?”

Look, we get it. Pennsylvania is maniacally important. But is it important to the media because the photofinish narrative is ratings gold or is it because it really is the most important state? I mean, just because 40,000 votes went Trump’s way in 2016 doesn’t mean they’re going to go that way again in 2020. To be honest, I don’t necessarily believe Clinton lost this state. It just seemed too conveeeenient. Know what I’m saying?

I’m a more than a little concerned that the media narrative may be having an effect on the polls. After all, wouldn’t you feel extremely important if you knew that your vote for Trump was going to be the one to plunge the libtards into a nuclear winter? Would that incentivize you to make multiple backup plans to vote? Volunteer to be a poll watchers? Oil your gun so you’ll be properly decked out on Election Day?

Of course, it could have the opposite effect. It could be motivating more Biden voters. But I kinda don’t think so. Remember, we’ve gone through 4 years of “leaves are brown and skies are grey”. Acting like we have to push a 6.6 septillion ton weight up Mt. Everest because America is depending on us could be demotivating for some voters. Learned Helplessness happens. Please don’t spread it around.

So, please lay off. Go look at Nevada’s numbers. Don’t they have electoral college votes? I check the polls in PA every day and I see how we’re not quite at there’s no stopping us now territory. But there are still 6 days and there are a lot of people here who are struggling to get their ballots in the mail, let alone get them to the board of elections on time.

The pressure is real. The Republican vote manipulation tactics are real.

The horserace is not.

7 Responses

  1. Agreed… you would think they would be more focused on FL or TX, where it appears that Biden may prevail. I guess they all think that would piss Trump off too much.

  2. If it’s any consolation to you, I mailed my ballot yesterday at the Monroeville post office at approximately 3:30 and at 2:33 this afternoon I received an email confirmation that it had been received. Small consolation foe everything going on, I know, but we have to take our successes where we can get them. Oddly the clerk at the post office told me that they were not supposed to handle the ballots, that I had to put it in the mail slot.

    By the way, the lines at Boyce this weekend were too long. I have balance issues and can’t stand that long. I did hear that some people took folding chairs with them.

    • Really? What day did the long lines form at Boyce? I drove past the ski lodge on Sunday at about 12:30 and the line wasn’t that long. Maybe 15 minutes wait. It was busy but brisk. Anyway, I’m so glad you got your ballot in on time and that the clerk in Monroeville was professional about it.

  3. Sunday they were open from 11-7 so I went in the late afternoon and was told that there was an hour and a half wait. Can’t do that any more. I was planning to take a picture of handing my ballot over to a postal worker to have time-stamped proof of mailing it in time, so was surprised when the clerk wouldn’t take it. All right that ends okay though.

  4. The horse race is not real. Nonetheless….

    MSNBC statistician Steve Kornacki gave a presentation in which he ranked the swing states won by Trump in 2016, in descending order of the current average polling margin for Biden. In Kornacki’s analysis: Assume Trump carries all the redder states he won in 2106, then give to Biden the electoral votes of WI and MI… and Trump still wins with more than 270 electoral votes if he carries PA. But in this “most likely” scenario, if Biden also takes PA, he wins. Hence the fuss about PA as the likely tipping point state.

    Obviously there are lots of assumptions underlying this scenario, any of which may or may not hold on November 3. But MSNBC’s Kornacki has company here, including Nate Silver.

    Meanwhile, I am SO glad SCOTUS is staying out of this one.



    • Look, I get it that PA is important. But this year, GA could also be important. Or Texas. GO THERE.

    • IMO this is the media playing into Trump’s hands. IF Trump loses FL and TX, I don’t care (really I do, but for arguments sake) if he wins PA, he doesn’t have a prayer. Together FL and TX have 57 EC votes, so if either one by itself goes for Biden PA is moot.

      The media is just teeing up the challenge of all PA votes and making it easier for the Republican state legislature to step in with their own Trump electors. Noting that PA is tight without pointing out that FL and TX also look to be leaning Biden is simply misdirection; likely necessary because the Trump campaign would not be able to deal with news stories that the Donald could hear saying he might lose TX and FL

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