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This was exactly what I was afraid of

Ballots “lost” by the postal service in Butler county.

Butler county is adjacent to Allegheny county to the north. It’s a pretty red county. Do I suspect skullduggery and underhandedness? More like deliberate carelessness. Put that together with the right wing PACs sending texts to Democrats and it wouldn’t be at all surprising to me if someone knew exactly which addresses to target. Or just target a block of them to make it look unintentional.

Given that there were many many more Democrats requesting mail in ballots, do you even need a list of addresses of Democrats?

If the ballots show up before Election Day, it’s too late to mail them back. The voters who didn’t receive their requested ballots should go to the board of elections and report them missing. Or go to their regular polling place on Election Day and vote by provisional ballot. Protect your vote and report it missing.

Butler county has a population of about 187,000 people. Allegheny county has a population of 1,200,000. Every vote counts of course. But it’s not like the Trump voters in Butler are going to outvote us in western PA.

I had a feeling that the mail would be an obstacle course for getting ballots in on time. So, I delivered mine to the election services site in North Park almost three weeks ago. I’m glad I did. The online site says my ballot was received.


But wait! There’s more:

Mine will count but others may not if they’re a few minutes late.

So, slow down the mail, lose an untold number of mail in ballots, then put extra pressure on working people to take a day off of work and travel to the board of elections in their county, report it missing, or vote provisionally, hoping that it won’t miraculously show up all signed and filled in by who knows who.

This feels so personal even if my ballot is safe right now.

Trump and his allies really are despicable.

This Pennsylvanian wishes the media would laser focus on another state

Every hour of every day for the last six months has been “well, Biden could win Michigan, Wisconsin, Idaho and Nebraska. But if he doesn’t win Pennsylvania, it’s four more years of Trump. Do you want that, punk? Well do ya’?!?”

Look, we get it. Pennsylvania is maniacally important. But is it important to the media because the photofinish narrative is ratings gold or is it because it really is the most important state? I mean, just because 40,000 votes went Trump’s way in 2016 doesn’t mean they’re going to go that way again in 2020. To be honest, I don’t necessarily believe Clinton lost this state. It just seemed too conveeeenient. Know what I’m saying?

I’m a more than a little concerned that the media narrative may be having an effect on the polls. After all, wouldn’t you feel extremely important if you knew that your vote for Trump was going to be the one to plunge the libtards into a nuclear winter? Would that incentivize you to make multiple backup plans to vote? Volunteer to be a poll watchers? Oil your gun so you’ll be properly decked out on Election Day?

Of course, it could have the opposite effect. It could be motivating more Biden voters. But I kinda don’t think so. Remember, we’ve gone through 4 years of “leaves are brown and skies are grey”. Acting like we have to push a 6.6 septillion ton weight up Mt. Everest because America is depending on us could be demotivating for some voters. Learned Helplessness happens. Please don’t spread it around.

So, please lay off. Go look at Nevada’s numbers. Don’t they have electoral college votes? I check the polls in PA every day and I see how we’re not quite at there’s no stopping us now territory. But there are still 6 days and there are a lot of people here who are struggling to get their ballots in the mail, let alone get them to the board of elections on time.

The pressure is real. The Republican vote manipulation tactics are real.

The horserace is not.

14 Reasons

For the last four years, Lesley Stahl’s reaction to Trump has epitomized what we non-Trumpers have been thinking. We’re talking to the right and continually knocking down their arguments and we watch in disbelief as they get up again and stagger towards us even more determined to rip our intestines out. If only we had a magic ice pick…

The problem is that there are 14 reasons why a Trump supporter likes, no, LOVES Donald Trump. Some of these reasons are single issue, like they’re making money in the stock market or Trump will deliver on abortion. Some are synergistic, like people who think they understand politics better than they actually do and are easy to scare, are also easy to enrage.

Here’s an article that describes those 14 reasons and what Trump supporters have in common. As I read it, it appears that the Trumpish demogogue type finds a vulnerability and exploits that to the hilt.

For example, I’ve seen a lot of reason #4 lately:

  1. “Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn.”

I Some intelligent people who know better are supporting Trump simply to be rebellious or to introduce chaos into the political system. They may have such distaste for the establishment and Democrats like Hillary Clinton that their support for Trump is a symbolic middle finger directed at Washington. These people do not have their priorities straight, and perhaps have other issues, like an innate desire to troll others, or a deranged obsession with schadenfreude.

This was tweeted by some real politicians and their staffs on the night Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed:

Nice guys. They remembered Hillary’s birthday. Funny how she’s not running this year. But they just can’t help themselves. We have Rush Limbaugh to thank in part for that aggressive streak of wimmin hating.

I think karma is going to catch up with them. I’m just not sure how yet.

There are so many different vulnerabilities that it’s hard to see how they all gel together to form this united wall of supporters.

I have one more hypothesis about that. I think that it’s Trump’s rallies that smooshes these diverse groups together. It’s the way the media covers them with the backdrop of adoring fans, women for Trump (some women have no sense of dignity at all), and the one person in the background who nods affirmatively at every ridiculous pronouncement Trump makes.

It works because there is safety in numbers. If you don’t really understand how Trump is going to better your quality of life, then there must be something wrong with you. Look at his adoring fans and that lady who seems to agree with everything he says.

This is why Trump gets so bent out of shape whenever the media doesn’t cover his attention orgies. He can’t perform without his entourage in the same screen. He knows he’s a fat, ugly, lazy old man who doesn’t know what he’s doing so he needs a little sleight of hand with the rally visuals even if it kills his fan base. He needs those visuals in order to keep everyone together, agreeing with that lady in the background who seems to actually *like* it when he says hurtful, racist or inappropriate things. You know, stick it to the libtards and the snowflakes.

You don’t see Biden or Obama doing that. And the reason is competence, experience, confidence and substance. Trump has none of that or he’d be doing drive in rallies too.

Look, Ma! No background worshippers!

Check this out, Trump’s helicopter comes dangerously close to beheading a few dozen supporters while Biden fearlessly descends a set of steps without a spotter to speak to his socially distanced audience at Warm Springs, GA.

Guess who’s leading in the polls?

Trump needs those clueless journalists asking the red capped Trumper why in God’s name they would support a guy who just said he was going to take the insulin away from their 60 year old mother, force their 30 year old daughters to have their loser boyfriend’s baby, and rip little children away from their parents.

Here’s an idea. For the next seven days, cut out Trump from his fan base. While he’s speaking, put him against an acid green background. Mute any applause. It’s his words that should matter to the Voter, right? So, take out all other distractions. If he complains about the media manipulating his rally coverage, just broadcast it without the adoring crowds after it’s over. It will be like Seth Myers and Stephen Colbert trying to play to an empty theater. The jokes are still funny but not quite as funny as they would be with a live studio audience.

I’d like to experiment with that with the time we have left. Let’s see what happens, as Trump is always saying.