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Climbing the water tower to defend Wolf, Fetterman, Shapiro, Peduto and Levine

Yesterday, Trump menaced my governor, Tom Wolf. Weirdly, Trump said he’d been watching Tom Wolf in Philadelphia. Cue Sting and the Police at about the 3:50 minute mark:

Would someone please tell Donald that our state capital is Harrisburg, not Philadelphia?

What the heck could Trump be watching in Philly anyway? That thing the Eagles call football?? All I’ve seen lately from Philly is souls to the polls videos with people in line dancing to the Cha-Cha Stomp.

Anyway, I think our governor has handled the pandemic extraordinarily well. Unlike Cuomo and Whitmer, Wolf has kept a relatively low profile. There was a lockdown but Wolf threaded the needle very delicately. Many of the most rural counties in PA opened as quickly as possible without a significant number of cases. They opened way before the cities here.

Here in Pittsburgh, Mayor Peduto opened up the bars and restaurants in June and then after two weeks of pleading with people to wear masks and socially distance, he closed them again. Grounding us sucked but we flattened the curve after our spike in July. At one point in August we were down to 0 cases in Allegheny county. We’re now up to about 90 cases/day, which sounds like a lot until you consider how big Pittsburgh is. We had 72 cases in Allegheny county yesterday. That’s as many as more sparsely populated but deep deep red York county had yesterday.

Controlling this pandemic *can* be done. It’s been the same kind of disease prevention tactics we’ve been using for millennia.

But that hasn’t stopped the red counties in PA from getting all defiant and taking off their masks. Westmoreland county, just East of us, is seeing a pretty big spike. Trump country. Yeah, baby.

So, Trump came to PA yesterday and menaced my governor and his administration including AG Josh Shapiro, who is fighting the Trump campaign lawsuits in the courts. By extension, he’s insulted Rachel Levine, our excellent transgender health commissioner and Lt Governor John Fetterman who’s been whipping the vote.

Trump is having rallies in Martinsburg and Lititz, two teeming metropolises whose populations combined wouldn’t fill up a football stadium. He’s got to be bussing people in and emptying entire counties in order to get a few thousand people to his infect-a-thons. He’s pissed that Wolf has been restricting his rally venues.

And he’s been menacing Philly.

His voters are going to be going to the polls on 11/3. That should be interesting. By then, the accumulated effect of all those superspreader events in PA should mean that there will be a lot more infected people squeezing into the basements of the local Methodist churches, maskless no doubt, breathing all over the hapless poll workers, while the rest of us mail in ballot voters are in the safety of our homes, waiting for Donald to be soundly defeated.

Then we take to the street to Cha-Cha stomp him out of our lives for good.


Hey, mail in voters in PA, if you just received your ballot, you can still deliver it personally to your board of elections. Do it ASAP. The mail carriers might be overwhelmed this week.

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