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Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?

I’ve heard commentators opine that Roberts will play a waiting game and resist the siren song of the federalist society to make America into another third world country right away.

But then I remember what the lame duck North Carolina and Wisconsin legislatures did to effectively hobble the newly elected Democratic Governors to their states. They removed powers from the governors and if I recall correctly, the state supreme courts upheld most of the damage.

I don’t think that’s a possibility that we can exclude at the moment though I have no idea what shape that would take. It seems to me that stripping the president of executive powers would require some cooperation from the House and that’s not going to happen. Unless Trump gives them no choice.

The GOP can dump Trump now at their leisure. They don’t need him anymore. And they must know that we are about to make them an ex-party. So, why not pull out all the stops and push through as much crap as they can?

I’m going with Blitzkrieg.

9 Responses

  1. “Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched.”

    “Never bet against Donald J. Trump.”

    • Oh, I’m not saying Benedict Donald can’t still win.

      I’m just saying he can’t win honestly–but then, he didn’t win honestly last time, either, so Niles can take hope from that.

      But I suspect Niles is a dinosaur, whistling a happy tune in the hopes of drowning out the roar of the descending K/T asteroid. 😈

      After all, Putin is throwing Benedict Donald under the bus now–and Donnie could not have won without Putin’s help last time.


    • Hi Niles! I voted already, along with millions of other people around the country.
      Donald shouldn’t bet against us either.

      • I voted last Monday the 19th, which was the first day of early voting in the Arkanshire. Of course, I’m ridin’ with Biden. 😛

    • Oh, BTW, Niles, Trump had Martinsburg and Lititz on his PA rally list. Martinsburg is a teeming metropolis of 1900 people and Lititz has about 9000 more. Whooo! He’s going to have to bus them in!
      Well, the ones that aren’t sick with Covid already anyway. All the red counties in PA are seeing spikes. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh with its Democratic regime, has been bending the curve and is holding steady spikeless. It’s almost like… masks work or something.
      Biff and I are making bets as to when the Trump rally spikes really hit those red counties hard. I’m thinking right about Election Day. Lol!! There’s no way in hell I’d be standing in line at a polling station on Election Day. Anyone who enjoys health will avoid them like, well, the plague!

  2. i was going to take my car in for a required smog check, and also to check what might be an oil leak.I got to the shop, the owner was not wearing a mask. He is a nice guy and would put on the mask If I requested, and i would, of course. He was checking the car of a customer who was not wearing a mask. Then another person drove up, got out of his car. He had no mask, he had a shirt that read, “Vote Trump Make liberals cry again.’ I drove away.

    I had written more, but I will just leave it at that. This is the kind of world which Niles apparently wants, along with mandated prayers in school, no hope of ever arresting climate change or stopping pollution, no gun safety laws, and another two million dead from the virus. That is what we are heading for. So it is not a matter of counting Trump out, it is a matter of saving the planet, or just giving up, the way that Trump has given up on doing anything about the pandemic. Make your choice. And if the Republicans try to pass a raft of laws, and use the courts for permanent control, the Democrats, for the survival of the nation and planet, must either circumvent them, or pass laws which the supreme court (I’m not capitalizing it any more) either cannot overturn, or will render itself despised and ignored.

    • About the maskless thing, I needed an oil change about 2 months ago. I’d just had surgery and I still have a port, which is visible. I don’t need it anymore but all of the nurses tell me to keep it in because it makes blood draws so much easier. Anyway, I usually go to the Valvoline close to my house. That place is great. It’s a black franchise. All the employees are very professional. Their uniforms are neat and clean (one of the few oil change places I’ve been to where they actually *wear* uniforms instead of whatever they want), they’re friendly and cheery, the garage is spotless. They’re insanely good looking men and women with dreds and green eyes. Honestly, I look forward to going there. Usually, I’m in and out of there in minutes. I sit in my car and they run around my car like elves. So efficient.
      But the day I wanted to get my oil changed, they were super busy. Well, no wonder. They’re fucking awesome. They’re like a model valvoline station. The line to get an oil change was about 10 cars long for both sides of the garage. So the Republican said we should try somewhere else. He’s fanatic about oil changes. I was reluctant but I looked up another place. There was a jiffy lube in Monroeville about 5 miles away. So we went there. I’d never gone there before so I didn’t know what to expect.
      We pulled into the jiffy lube. There was only one car ahead of mine. The place looked kind of shabby. Then I noticed the employees, all white, were not wearing masks. Well they weren’t wearing uniforms either. I think one or two had jiffy lube shirts on. I was going to ask the Republican to back out. The governors mask mandate had just gone into effect and I really didn’t want to get infected. I was already fighting off an infection following my surgery. My doctors were telling me that my white blood cells were kind of lazy.
      But by the time I thought about backing out, another car pulled up behind us. Too late. We masked up and got out of the car. The unmasked guy drove my car into the garage and I immediately thought, omg, he’s breathing all over the enclosed space of my car. Then I saw the other unmasked employees do the same, opening and closing things, checking lights, popping the hood, breathing on each other…
      I was directed to wait in a small smelly office. Valvoline would have let me stay in my car. Eventually, a guy came to take my card. He was maskless but standing behind plexiglass. I paid him, wiping everything down with a disinfectant wipe. I was fuming while I stood there watching the maskless guys crawl all over my car. The Republican even started to look a bit uneasy. Maybe it was because I was swearing underneath my mask. (He wears a mask).
      When they were done, I took the Lysol out of mr backpack (hey, you never know) and sprayed the interior of the car while the Republican wiped down every surface and we washed our hands with sanitizer. For the rest of the afternoon, I drove around with my windows down. It was a hot day but I didn’t want to risk having my AC blowing shit around in the car.
      When I got home, I wrote an email to jiffy lube and told them their garage was violating the mask mandate.
      A couple days passed. Then the regional director from Jiffy Lube called me and apologized. He said he was going to be following up with inspections to the area’s oil change stations and enforcing the mask requirements. That was satisfying. I could tell he was concerned, though whether it was because he thought I would report them to the state or because he thought someone would get infected was hard to tell.
      It doesn’t matter to me as far as oil changes go. I’m sticking to the Valvoline station from now on, no matter how long the lines are.

      • What an awful experience, and what disgraceful people. No one should have to go through that. I just read that Australia has reported no virus cases in the last two days. That is because they have a far better leader, and because people actually listen, and do not think that freedom means that you can do whatever you feel like, regardless of consequences to others. i am going to go out there again, but if the scene is not better, i will go somewhere else, even if it costs me $200 more to take it into the dealer service area. I will say that I am getting more and more angry at having to run what seems like a gauntlet of people walking around without masks, talking, laughing, panting on their morning run.

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