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If you don’t think Covid is a problem, why so anxious for a vaccine?

HHS Secretary Alex Azar is on the verge of getting rid of Stephen Hahn, head of the FDA:

Infuriated by the FDA’s defiance in a showdown over the Trump administration’s standards for authorizing a coronavirus vaccine, health secretary Alex Azar has spent recent weeks openly plotting the ouster of FDA chief Stephen Hahn.

Azar has vented to allies within the Health and Human Services Department about his unhappiness with the top official in charge of the vaccine process, and discussed the prospect of seeking White House permission to remove him, a half-dozen current and former administration officials said.

And why is Azar so mad?

The discussions come amid deep frustration with Hahn over his insistence that a Covid-19 vaccine meet stricter-than-normal safety standards — a contentious decision that rendered it impossible for President Donald Trump to fulfill his oft-expressed desire for a vaccine just before Election Day.

Earlier this month, Hahn ended a lengthy standoff over the rules under which the FDA would grant emergency authorization for a vaccine by flouting the White House and ordering their publication. The move won widespread praise from the nation’s public health community.

Hahn defied the White House about the standards for approving the vaccine(s) for coronavirus. I didn’t have high hopes for Hahn and the FDA but in this case, he’s absolutely correct. Coronavirus is not very well known. There is a lot more about it that we need to understand including how long an immune response lasts. Not only that but there are several new technologies for creating this vaccine. They’re cutting edge and they’re being developed very rapidly. Mistakes will be made. Yes, speed is vitally important. So is safety. We don’t want to cure people of coronavirus only to turn them into the Walking Dead.

I’m exaggerating of course. But death is a possibility with a new vaccine using new technology to a new virus. That’s a propagation of error that we need to avoid. So I have to agree with Hahn. Every effort needs to be made to resist lowering the bar for a vaccine.

The virus has no idea this is an election year and does not GAF that Trump is an incompetent president who wants to use a vaccine to get himself re-elected.

But here’s the part where cognitive dissonance gets in the way. We have a president and his myriad of mindless maskholes minions claiming (without ANY evidence at all) that Covid is no big deal. If you get it, you’ll feel little more than the common cold. Then you’ll be better and can get back to work. There is a definite subtext here that if you don’t get back to work that you’re a slacker that is trying to undermine the president with your insistence that you’re sick. What you really are is trying to get extra days off at the taxpayers expense. You’re contributing to the ruination of Trump’s beautiful economy. What a world! What a world!

And yet, it is that very same myriad of mindless maskholes who think the deep state is depriving them of a vaccine. Yeah, wrap your head around that one. Why are they so concerned with a vaccine if Covid is no big deal?

See what a neat trick that is?

Trump’s got his ass covered either way. The virus isn’t going to kill you so get back to work you losers.

But if you don’t want to get sick, there’s a vaccine that’s ready right now that the FDA is sitting on.

Which is it?

Can you get sick enough to need a vaccine? If that’s true, then it’s probably also true that if you do get sick you’re going to get more than a cold.

This is not rocket surgery calculation. He’s pretty much right out there deceiving his maskholes that they don’t need to take any particular precautions. So they’re not. And the infection rate is increasing everywhere. At the same time, he can’t deliver on a vaccine that he knows is going to be more necessary because his FDA head is being as careful as the science demands.

AND with every new human incubator, Trump is creating mutations that may make the vaccine less effective or the virus more lethal.

Russia and China couldn’t have done a better job of screwing Americans than Trump and his minions are doing to themselves.

If I were an intrepid journalist/moderator at a presidential debate, I’d ask Trump why he’s so anxious for a vaccine if there’s no danger. And if a vaccine is necessary, then why can’t we do it right? Can’t it wait? Is it possible that it’s not all about Trump?


And now for a feel good story we’ve all been waiting for. The Halloween candy slide is here:

One Response

  1. “Russia and China couldn’t have done a better job of screwing Americans than Trump and his minions are doing to themselves.”

    I don’t know about China, but the Benedict Donald Assministration and the Russopublican Treason Party (fka GOP) ARE Russia screwing America and Americans. 😡

    Never forget, when the intelligence services of Russia hacked the computers of BOTH major parties in 2016, the Russians only released (or fabricated) data from the Democratic computers. Who knows what juicy kompromat they found on the Republican computers? Maybe Joe Cannon is right, and they found evidence that the GOP had been cheating in elections for many years. That could explain how the GOP so suddenly became the Treason Party.

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