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Eric Trump ruined my bakery. @Oakmontbakery

I love the Oakmont Bakery. On the weekends, the place is so packed. They have two parking lots: one in front of the building and one about a block away. It’s almost not enough.

They make the most amazing raspberry tortes. It is a cake to die for. The bagels are actual bagels. And during Easter season, they have a multitude of Pączki. When I go there, I’m almost overwhelmed by the variety of pastries, breads, cookies, donuts, it’s almost too much. I’m very lucky that it’s just a short 5 minute ride to the bakery from my house. I’m also unlucky that it’s a short 5 minute ride to my house because the siren song of extra calories is seductive.

During the pandemic, oakmont bakery hasn’t suffered from lack of customers. They figured it out. You can order online and pick up. You can’t sit inside and eat your pastry by the fire but you can still go to the counter and order. The number of customers is metered. There’s a bakery employee making sure they follow state guidelines and everyone wears a mask. You can even buy an Oakmont Bakery mask. I have one.

It’s no surprise that politicians go to the bakery during campaigns. It’s a happening place. They even have a cookie poll going on right now. You can buy a Trump cookie or a Biden cookie. I’m not sure they limit it to one person, one vote.

So imagine my disappointment when I saw this picture of Eric Trump and his entourage in the Oakmont Bakery today.

That’s right, Eric took off his mask as did many of his Trump nuggets. *INSIDE* the bakery. The bakery that we loyal customers have taken great pains to not breathe virus all over the pies. The bakery is big and the ceilings are high but coronavirus can be aerosolized. So Eric and his maskholes have potentially infected some of the employees. And those employees can in turn infect customers.

Oh, sure, we wear masks but no one should be allowed to flout the rules, act like they don’t apply to them, and encourage others to do the same. It’s the height of irresponsibility.

I’m just really surprised that the normally vigilant Oakmont Bakery didn’t defend the rights of its employees and local residents and tell Eric to put the effing mask on or leave the store. It’s what they would have said to any of us. Then they would have called the friendly neighborhood cops in the parking lot to have a discussion with us.

This is as bad a look as you can possibly get. I can’t stand anyone associated with the Trump crime family to begin with. Now they’ve ruined my bakery and some Trumpish maskhole in the future is going to assume that if Eric could do it, so can they.

This is how spikes start.

So, so, disappointed. I was looking forward to a dessert for tomorrow night. But I’m not stepping foot in that place for the next two weeks.

2 Responses

  1. Luckily for me, I’ve never been particularly enamoured of Oakmont Bakery, having spent my early years in the Squirrel Hill of Silberberg’s, Rosenblooms’s and Waldorf Bakeries and later on living in the suburbs with home delivery by Belotti’s. Everything today is a pale imitation.

    But I was watching the news while I was reading your post and they said that Oakmont had sold 13,000 Trump cookies and 2,000 Biden cookies. I wonder how many of them were bought by the Trump campaign or the Penn Hills Republican Party, who sponsored his visit?

    Wish me luck. I’m going to try again this weekend to get to Boyce to vote. No stop off at Oakmont.

    • It doesn’t sound like one person one vote to me. I suspect cookie harvesting.
      And I’m serious about the Trump signs. I haven’t seen very many in this neck of the woods.

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