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Simple WFH Office Etiquette

For the record:

I’m showered, facially moisturized, hair squished with “product” and fully clothed in work clothes, not pajamas or leggings or a robe or any combination of top and no or super casual bottom by the time I login at 7:30am to work.

For me, work clothes are a nice shirt or sweater and nice jeans.

If I don’t start the day like this, I’m not as sharp and the rest of my day is shot as well. I might as well not even get out of bed. Forget about tidying up the kitchen at lunch.

Does it make me perfect? Nope. Am I being anal? Lololol!!! As if. Please send deep cleaning crew.

Am I super careful to not look unprofessional on a Skype call? YES.

It also helps to put a slider or piece of duct tape over the webcam.

But if I had to take it off for any reason, I’d look like I do every day I go to work down town.

Ok, I don’t put on my shoes. I wear those non-slip socks – about 50% of the time. The rest of the time, I wear ankle boots because I want to complete my look. Crazy? Probably.

Anyway, it goes without saying that you should not masturbate at work. It’s a general guideline. But if you’re going to do it, make absolutely sure your webcam is off AND covered, the meeting is over and you have taken off your headset or the mic is in the upright position away from the mouth.

This is another example of simple WFH office etiquette.


Check out this map of the spread of coronavirus:

Here’s a close up of pennsylvania in the past month:

See that swath of red in the middle if the state from west to east?

Those are the Trump counties.

Allegheny county is trending up *slightly*. I’d call it a small rise in cases with a plateau that bounces between 80-110 cases/day. We’re the most populous county by far in western PA. We had a rough June and July but, for the most part, we figured this Covid thing out.

Westmoreland county is just East of us and bright red. Lots of maskholes there.

This was entirely preventable.

Leslie Stahl didn’t wear a mask ROTF!!

So, yesterday, big guy Trump abruptly terminated his interview with 60 Minutes’ journalist Leslie Stahl. The interview only lasted 45 minutes before he got up and left and didn’t shoot the staged stroll with Pence.

Reports from White House aids are that the interview wasn’t going that badly but that Trump didn’t like Stahl’s “tone”.

Isn’t that the complaint of every misogynist and narcissist since time immemorial? “She didn’t show proper respect. I didn’t like her tone”.

Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

Trump says he’ll release his own copy of the interview and, like every movie villain broadcasting his devious plans before dispatching the hero, tells us that he will chop it up like kindling wood to make Stahl look bad. Like 60 Minutes doesn’t have the original and will demonstrate exactly what questions ruffled Trump’s feathers. What an excellent way to pinpoint what got under Trump’s skin.

I have a pretty good guess as to what’s getting under his skin. He’s down 11 points nationally. He’s starting to see that no matter what voter suppression tricks he and his party are using, voters are crawling over broken glass and waiting 12 hours in the rain to vote him out.

He’s pissed that the hard ass Republicans in the Senate would prefer to starve and evict Americans affected by the Trump Virus economy like British landlords in 1847 when the potato famine hit Ireland. “Are there no prisons?? Are there no workhouses??” Senate Republican skinflints are depriving Trump of his apotheosis. He was counting on that god-like largess sprinkled benevolently from his own hands. How can Trump experience the waves of gratitude that would flow from a desperate populace?

He’s thinking that he already went through a town hall with that bitch Savannah Guthrie who made him look like a fool. Now, the unnaturally youthful and beautiful Leslie Stahl is professionally drubbing him with her “tone”. (Mark Meadows says she sounded like an “opinion journalist” but that’s just another variation of Trump whining that The Enemy of the People is unfair to him. I can’t imagine why. 🙄)

And on Thursday, Kristin Welker is going to cut his f{}#ing mic whenever he tries to verbally harass Biden and try to make him stutter. Yeah, that’s right, NBC is going to saddle him with some dipshit biracial c]}^ who will moderate his “tone”. Who the f{#^ do they think they are?

Don’t they know who he is??

Oh, I think they know exactly who he is.

Get the popcorn.


Who wants to bet that Trump will try to weasel out of this debate or, better yet, demand that Kristin Welker is replaced with some guy? Oo, can he get Lester Holt?


And now for a lovely montage of America from Biden/Harris, celebrating the dignity of work and the expectation that we will get the country back on the tracks for all Americans, Democrats and Republicans: