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No slacking now, Pennsylvania.

Biden is still leading in PA but he’s dropped a bit. Not sure what that’s all about. The 1point3acres site is showing the effect of Trump’s reckless “Covid is not that bad” rhetoric on rural counties. Many many spikes where people should be wearing masks and social distancing and aren’t. Happens right about Oct 2. Really stupid.

All those spikes are going to catch up with the Trump campaign right about … Election Day. Nice job, Donald.

Anyway, the polls are holding steady but we really need to see the difference widen more. Let’s get it up to 9 or 10 at least.

Also, if you haven’t received your ballot and you’ve waited two weeks since your notification email, now is the time to call your local Board of Elections and tell them it’s missing. They can’t reissue a ballot if they don’t know you haven’t received it. When you get it, don’t mail it back. Hand deliver it to your election services site or your board of elections.

If all else fails, go vote by provisional ballot at your regular polling place. If the ballot gets to you late, take it to your polling place, have the poll worker destroy it and vote by machine (not provisional).

There are multiple ways to get it done. Soooooo, git it done.


Oh wait, this might explain the little uptick:


Don’t laugh. There are people who actually believe this and are so excited about all the misery they’re creating because it means the Rapture is just around the corner. I mean, this is probably the only thing that gives Pat Robertson an erection these days. Someone’s going to have to douse him with ice water before he will be able to get up and walk.

6 Responses

  1. Yes, I would like to see a 7-8 point lead for Biden in PA, which would be a buffer against the various cheating and lawsuits the Republicans would engage in. I am confident about Michigan, Wisconsin is another where the margin is around 5, which still makes one uneasy. We cannot be confident about FL, where cheating is rampant, or NC,which has a Democratic governor, but still has all sort of suppression. AZ seems hopeful, but we need more than that, unless we win the three above. And of course we really want such a margin that the lawsuits would be less likely.

    I am not a boxing fan, but I do know that when a fighter is losing on points with only one round left, his only chance is to swing wildly and hope to land a one-punch knockout. That is what Trump will try to do Thursday, and the mania will increase in the next two weeks. It is almost incomprehensible to me that he is not losing by 20 points, but I can only conclude that there are a lot of ignorant or very low information voters who have been brainwashed by forty years of right-wing media.

    The end times thing used to be sort of amusing, but now it looks as if some of the zealots are actually rooting for calamities. It would be the ultimate horror of a certain kind of religion, where everything bad is seen as a positive.

  2. I just filled out my first mail-in ballot ever. And I can see how evil right-wing people could manage to have millions of these thrown out. Oh, it is reasonably simple, but one could mistakenly vote for two choices on a race or proposition. Most would not, but some could inadvertently do that, and then out goes the ballot. Then there is the signature part on the envelope, where it said that the signature would be checked against my voter registration signature. When was that? Sometimes i sign my name with my middle initial included, if it is for an official document, but sometimes I may not have. In my work career, i signed many documents, and my signature, never very neat, got less so. So now I did not know if I should use my middle initial or not. I decided not to, and tried to write a neat version of my signature. Then I looked at the bottom part, which had my full name all printed out. Was i supposed to sign it that way?

    The obvious point is that a Republican official who knows where the votes are coming from, can have all sorts of reasons to discard the ballot. Remember Kris Kobach, and his “operation cross check,” which probably cost Hillary the election? That was used to literally disqualify about 500,000 votes, because people in different states had the same name, like John Washington, or Richard Jones, so it was presumed that these were the same people, registered in two or three or five different states, and their ballots were thrown out, and probably 100% of them were legitimate ballots, and 90% were for Hillary. Already we see all sorts of ballots being disqualified in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Would anyone want his or her signature compared to that of 30 or 40 years ago, particularly by someone who wants to disqualify the ballot because your capital “W” did not look the same as when you first registered to vote?

    • In California, the mail in ballots have been generally unchanged through the years. The signature thing has been a concern of mine, as my signature, after years of decompensating (as it was used so frequently and usually involving anxiety provoking circumstances) is barely existent. I heard that they may compare to your driver’s license signature, so I decided to use that as a guide. They say that if the signature is equivocal, they will contact you to give you another chance. Pretty labor intensive, eh? I wish they would educate more people that less is sometimes more- to just leave stuff blank instead of making multiple entries or voting randomly for the frequently consequential Cali ballot initiatives.

      • Very well stated. The whole thing about signatures is a result of Republicans inventing voter fraud which doesn’t exist. People being sent mail-in ballots, and then, what, having someone else steal it, and fill it out and fake their signature? I agree that it is best not to vote for anything but the key races, because one might inadvertently mark two choices and get the whole ballot invalidated. And like you, my signature changes, probably mostly because my handwriting is not good, and I skipped the grade where they taught it, and I do not hold the pen in the ideal way. None of which is important, except that i could easily have a signature which didn’t match one which they are using to compare. The whole things is ridiculous, they should let people vote and sign and then count them. imagine potentially contacting hundreds of thousands of people about their signature, in the search for one or two people, if that, who are voting fraudulently. In states run by Republicans, they probably just invalidate them.. The power is in the wrong hands.

  3. If ballots are disqualified for signature or any other reason, will they tell you in time to request another mail-in, or will you at least be able to vote in person? My ballot had my middle name, I NEVER use it, I signed like I did on my driver’s license, will that disqualify me? This is a mess in PA, now I will cut them some slack because it is the first year, but it can be done see WA, AZ, OR (at a minimum) which have allowed mail-in ballots for at least 20 years.

    There are 10,000+ individuals in the US with the same name as me, I wonder if my votes have ever counted.

    • They have been somewhat obstructed in getting this right, starting with the United States postal service. I’m not blaming the mail men. From all accounts, they’re working like crazy to get the ballots out and back to the board of elections. Then there was the issue Of drop boxes. Can you use them? Um, not really. We have election services stations which are probably better but there aren’t that many of them. Then there is the secrecy envelope issue.
      Then there was the company that was contracted to print and mail ballots in PA and Ohio actually working for Trump and not printing and mailing ballots.
      So, there has been endless sabotage. It’s really disgusting.
      Otherwise, we might have had a regular mail in ballot election just like Washington and Oregon.

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