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It’s too late, baby

The Republicans are sweating bullets over the coming blood bath but as long as they think Trump still has a chance of winning in November, likely by terrorizing Pennsylvania (he’s going to lose big), they’re not going to speak up in public.

The cowards are going to keep their mouths shut while they hold on to a sliver of uncertainty rather than do the right thing.

Yes, the wave is coming. You can see it in the long lines for early voting. At this point, it doesn’t matter what Republicans do, there’s no way for them to save themselves. The Supreme Court politicization is the last straw. Right now, the court is putting the census case on its docket for November 30 to determine if we can just skip counting undocumented immigrants.

So all you MAGA people are probably shouting, “F}ck YEAH!! We don’t want anyone from sh*thole countries and people who won’t act like Americans here.”

But this is where it would have helped them to actually get their news from somewhere other than Fox or Rush Limbaugh’s ass. Because those undocumented immigrants, some of whom have been here since they were toddlers, well, they’re not going away. Nope, they’re still going to be in your state and cities. They’ll go underground if they think they’ll be sent to countries they’ve never considered home but they’re not leaving.

What they will be doing is using the roads, bridges and mass transit. They’ll be taking their kids to clinics if they can’t go anywhere else. Their kids will be going to schools, especially if they’re kids born here. They’re entitled.

But excluding them from the census will result in an undercount. And that undercount will be used to draw up new congressional maps where even MORE money will be diverted from Pennsylvania to, oh, I don’t know. Nebraska? Idaho? Arkansas? Alabama?

Yep, your tax dollars that already get siphoned off to support those states that don’t pull their own weight will be even MORE diverted to the stingy sparsely populated states.

You’d think it would be in your best interest to put up with the occasional Spanish speaker whose immigration status is unknown to you so that your local government gets the representation it deserves in Washington. It’s in your best interests that all people who live in your city and state are counted accurately.

But no. You bought the stupid nativist shtick, hook, line and sinker. The Republicans stoked and used your rage in order to shake you down. The dog eat dog doctrine you lived for doesn’t work so well if you’re the dog being eaten, does it?

Well, the rest of us who have been paying attention, see this naked power grab with Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court for what it is. The Republicans are determined to keep their minority government forever and reapportioning the House of Representatives via a census that undercounts the most populous and blue states is how they plan to do it.

Have any of you been paying attention to the way the state legislatures of North Carolina and Wisconsin took away the powers of the newly elected Democratic governors before they took office? Ah, yes, you guys probably thought that was going to stick it to the libtards. Well, it’s all fun and games until somebody loses a congressional seat.

Anyway, the Republicans in the Senate can’t slam on the brakes in time to avoid the “blood bath” they all see coming. Because the rest of us are so angry they’ll be lucky if they have a party left by the time we’re through. The Supreme Court will become a shriveled legacy of a bygone era when 40% of the country gave into their base emotions to screw themselves. Oh, but it felt so good at the time, didn’t it??

There is nothing that’s going to stop the early voting and the long lines and the mail in ballots. You can send a million poll watchers to the polling places. It won’t keep people from coming out. The Republicans think they’ve put enough poison pills in place as they get the hell out of Dodge. But it will be a phyrric victory.

We’re going to vote and then we’re going to get even. Now we know beyond any doubts that Republican politicians are liars and thieves, callous, cowardly, unprincipled and untrustworthy, and any Republican on the ballot should be treated accordingly until proven otherwise.

Enjoy the wilderness.