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Meaning … ?

Someone gave Trump his phone back and it looks like he’s been reading the polls:

It sort of reminds me of the Grinch sitting on Mt Crumpet listening to the Whos in Whoville singing Wahoo Dorus.

“Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small,
Was singing! Without any presents at all!
He HADN’T stopped Christmas from coming!
Somehow or other, it came just the same!“

Feel free to substitute Election Day for Christmas.

Yep, it’s beginning to look like he won’t be able to throw out enough ballots. He’s still going to lose Pennsylvania. Those damn hicks with their guns and religion and sucking oil out of rocks are going to vote against him.

Actually, that’s wrong. THOSE people are going to vote for him like crazy. The problem is the rest of us naturally smart or well educated, culturally diverse, technologically savvy, modern people who want to rejoin the rest of the world are not.

Soooooorrrry. (Not sorry)

Wishful thinking is a thing on the Republican side but I don’t think that just an assertion of a future victory here is going to work. Biden is pulling ahead here. Unless Trump intends to cheat (of course he intends to cheat, duh) there’s very little chance he’s going to win Pennsylvania.

He should just get back into bed and convalesce. His Covid shtick isn’t working and half the White House is infected. Why doesn’t he just spend more time scheming to make the unemployed and state and local governments more miserable? Maybe he can fantasize about nuking Pittsburgh for screwing him over in Pennsylvania. It will keep him occupied.

God knows, we wouldn’t want to bore the psychopath. 🙄

Welcome, welcome fahoo ramus

Welcome, welcome dahoo damus

Election day is in our grasp

So vote by mail and wear a mask.

You can’t invoke the 25th if he’s not crazy. And he’s not.

The problem is the entire Republican Party has an ideological worldview that has finally met its match.

They have pushed for radical self-reliance and a unfettered free market for decades. In the process, they stripped workers of many protections such as a steady income, pensions, medical benefits and sick days. They’ve substituted a gig economy, a savings plan that relies on the risk taking of the finance industry and an healthcare insurance structure that relies on employment.

The market is what makes them rich. It depends on millions of entrapped and indentured (student loans anyone?) workers pouring their contributions into the big casino in the sky every two weeks. If they’re lucky.

For the whole scheme to work, a pandemic is a huge inconvenience. There are millions of jobs sidelined. Millions of kids home in need of adult attention. Millions of gig workers in deep depression. The world they built just doesn’t work if workers are afraid to get sick because there is a sliver of a safety net.

Every move they have made so far makes perfect sense if this is your world view. You want to get people back to work so that the contributions keep flowing every two weeks. You also want people to continue buying stuff in order to keep as many people employed as possible.

It helps your cause to minimize the threat of the virus. It helps to make it difficult to collect unemployment. It helps to get children back to school. It helps to have a figurehead who will heroically take on Covid and win and then publicly encourage everyone to take their masks off.

Now, this might actually work on a long time frame. Sooner or later, everyone will learn to adjust to being much poorer and insecure as well as resigning themselves to getting back to work and putting their lives at risk.

Think of the Republican response as a giant strike breaking operation.

This is an opportunity to finally get the labor they’ve wanted.

And if that’s ok with you, you know, having a maximum wage, no social securities, Medicare, etc, just getting by any way you can and completely consumed with anxiety about how you’re going to live if you lose your job or get sick, then the Republican campaign this year is going splendidly.

In order for it to continue to work, Trump has to get better immediately and take his triumphal victory tour without any Memento Mori.

That’s not crazy. That’s what they believe in. You’re never going to get one Republican to diverge from what they are doing without some catastrophic event and so far, there hasn’t been any.

That’s where we are. Give up on getting him out via the 25th amendment.

All you can do right now is vote.

I have an idea! Let’s not ask him about his illness.

Let’s see what happens.

We just spent 4 long days talking about Trump and his heroic battle against Covid. What did we learn? Here are the things that we learned from observation.

No one is going to tell us the truth about his illness. He looks breathless to me but no one is going to tell us how bad it is.

(Side note: I heard on Morning Joe today that Herman Cain died 28 days after he thought he had recovered. Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump died spontaneously on November 2? Sure it might not be REALLY funny, what with all his proud boys all fired up and ready to bust heads on Election Day but it could happen. Some intrepid reporter with an independent source of wealth should ask the White House that question. Suit up first.)

His doctors lie. Then correct their lies. Then kind of hint that they’re lying so that they don’t upset their patient.

Trump has an insatiable need for attention.

The last 4 days have sucked the oxygen out of any other story. Remember Trump only paid $750 for 2016 and 2017? Look at what that $750 got him in terms of treatment. That $750 doesn’t even cover the cost of some Americans’ monthly drug costs or insurance premiums.

And Trump tells everyone blissfully to not let Covid dominate their lives.


Let’s see how he feels in a couple of days when the steroids wear off. Oh, yeah, been there. They pump you full of steroids during chemo too. For the weekend, it’s amazing, like being the Energizer Bunny. But come the workweek, it’s a whole nuther story. Funnsies.

Ok, so, Trump says that Covid shouldn’t dominate his life. For some stupid reason, I just get this feeling that he’s going to be one of those people who tells us how he defeated Covid with a positive attitude and veganism at every opportunity.

Let’s let him go with that. Let’s watch him triumph over this virus as few 322lb 74 yr olds with a mild heart condition ever has. Surely, he will be out on the campaign trail by the weekend.

I’d ask for another dexamethasone cocktail in my IV, Donald. Just so you know, steroids can compromise your immune response. Yep, it prevents your immune system from overreacting to the viral junk but it also puts a check on your body’s ability to fight off the viral junk in the first place. It’s a delicate balance, which is probably why the stupid medical team wanted you to stay in the hospital so they could monitor you. But what do they know with all their book learn’im’? You’re the president. Nobody’s going to deny you for fear of losing their jobs. So, you just go right ahead and mainline that steroid. That’s right, suck in all that glorious stuff.

Expect weight gain.

Then Biden could rightly demand a drug test at the next debate to see if you’re using performance enhancing drugs. I would if I were him.

But let’s not talk about your illness. Seriously, dude, you really crossed the line this time by insulting every person who got sick or died from Covid.

When you’re short of breath, we’ll just assume it’s because you’ve decided to take on stair climbing to finally rid yourself of that extra 100 lbs of lucious Trump adipose tissue.

When you look tired, pale and flaccid, we’ll chalk it up to your body man being a dope and a baby about getting close enough to your maskless fish mouth to spatula on that medium warm beige foundation that oxidizes 5 minutes after its applied. (You’ve got to blend, Donald. And use a salmon colored under eye concealer. Jeez, don’t you watch any beauty influencers??)

Oh, wait, your body man has Covid. He’s probably slacking and taking it easy in isolation. Or maybe not. After all, if you can triumph over Covid, so can he and Hope and Kayleigh and Chris and Bill and kellyanne. They are just losers who can’t keep up with you.

At your debate next week, we are going to be astounded at your Sta-mi-na, your great orange virility, the way you use your BMI to your robust advantage.

Do it, Donald. Get out there. Show that spike protein who’s boss. Why wait? If you’re bored and you feel pretty good, why not jump on the campaign trail tomorrow? Your fans need to see you.

WE need to see you. We expect you to be up by 6 am, eating your Wheaties before your weight training and stair climbing. You can be briefed by your staff (if you can find any of those slackers who aren’t sick in bed) while you run 30 minutes on the treadmill. Then, back to work. I know you just can’t stand wait to be doing the work of a nation crying out for your leadership, begging you to set an example for them so they will stop letting Covid dominate their lives.

Enough of that low blood oxygen and convalescence shit. Get back to work, Donald. Show us how it’s done. Smile bravely and never let it get to you. We won’t ask because it will shame us to not be able to live up to the standard of health and wellness that you have spontaneously become. You have triumphed.

You have less than 30 days to get back on the “all mail in ballots are fraudulent” crusade. Think of all the fundraisers you’ve missed. Go get’em!


I can’t make predictions, he may have really beaten this thing. We just don’t know what’s going on so we can’t forecast.

But I’ve never heard of someone who looked as bad as Trump did on Saturday recovering without lingering, draining fatigue.

He may not die from it or suffer any lasting damage. But it’s very hard to hide the exhaustion. So, I don’t think he will be doing rallies like he used to. They’re probably going to be shorter. They have to be unless he wants to take the risk of looking weak in front of his fan base. There’s nothing worse than collapsing in front of your adoring crowds.