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Mostly an uninformed post

Do you know why Anne Boleyn was executed? I mean other than the Henry VIII needed to get her out of the way so he could tup Jane Seymour?

It was because she imagined the king’s death. In an unguarded moment she said something stupid to one of her courtiers. She was kidding. But it was treason to even speculate about the method, timing, aftermath, etc, of the King’s death.

I feel like this is the position the White House and Trump’s medical staff is in right now.

Trump does not want to hear about how sick he is or what each medication means in terms of the progress of his disease.

Plus, telling the world that he needed supplemental oxygen, had a high fever or “Covid balls” in his lungs, whatever those are, shows a degree of vulnerability that he doesn’t want his followers to know about. The strong man is going to be large and in charge until the bitter end.

Now, I am not a doctor and I don’t work at the White House so I can’t evaluate his medical condition based on what I’ve heard except that it’s more serious than Conley is saying and he seems to have a reason to refrain from saying anything that would freak his patient out.

Take that in. Mr. It Is What It Is appears to be prone to panicking over this illness.

As far as we know, he may very well be home tomorrow, recuperating, with no further deterioration, though I think the RNC can forget about him campaigning for the rest of election season.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t want us imagining his death and he’s going to prevent anyone else from assuming power in the interim unless he’s no longer capable of giving instructions otherwise.

Just how sick is he? Hard to tell but he’s tweeted very, very little since Friday. That video was taken from a seated position and he looked awful. But you can definitely tweet from your hospital room if you are awake and feel up to it. I do it.

I’m guessing he’s not up to it. And for Trump to not tweet, that’s serious.



Looks like he needed an attention fix really badly:

Ok, so what’s the deal here?

If he’s leaving WRH tomorrow to return to the White House, Covid Drive By Theater was completely unnecessary. He could have had MUCH bigger crowds all the way back to PEnnsylvania Ave by giving his fan base a heads up.

If he’s not leaving tomorrow, then this is just going to keep everyone in suspense. It looks like he’s recklessly putting his own life in danger as well as the lives of the secret service agents who are forced to drive him.

So, you know, typical sociopathic Trump behavior.

Trump Rally Aftereffect?

Trump held a rally in Pittsburgh at the airport on September 22.

Today, Allegheny county saw a spike in Covid cases.

Could be repeating a 2 day average. But if we were holding steady at 81 cases/day, that would get us to about 160 cases for today.

We got 44 more.

Looks significant to me and it’s about 10 days after he was here. Not saying there’s any correlation but still, can I imagine 44 additional dumbass maskholes getting Covid at the airport?

Way too easily.

While we are waiting …

… for the White House to say little to nothing of value and release another video of Trump pretending to play president while looking like something the cat dragged in from the pits of hell*, take a moment to wish C Jordan a happy birthday.

I have no idea how to evaluate “excellent death bowling” but I appreciate anyone who can rise above the fray in these troubled times to be good at their sport.

Plus, you can never get enough happy birthdays.

* I’ve heard enough WH correspondents marvel at how good the president looked in that video. He did not look good. Ok, maybe he looked good compared to what image they have in their heads of what a seriously ill Covid patient looks like. I’ve seen videos of people in their hospital beds talking on supplemental oxygen and I’m always surprised to learn they died the next day.

That’s not the comparison I would make.

Compared up otherwise healthy people, Trump looked bad. He’s pale, his skin looks flaccid, his voice sounds weird. He’s sitting. He looks exhausted. For a guy who seems obsessed with that goldeny orange image of health, it’s really surprising that someone didn’t help him with his makeup. That right there tells me there’s an issue.

Then there is the absence of tweets.

Sorry, I’m not buying it. I’m sure his aides want him to project an image of strength (where’s the makeup?). I just didn’t see that. He doesn’t look like himself. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Now, he might bound out of the hospital tomorrow and get back on the campaign in a week and put this all behind him. But from what I hear from the people who have had a “mild case of Covid”, he’s going to feel like shit for a good long time.

I think we have a Chernenko situation here.