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So it’s not just me

Trump is exhausting.

I’m so sick of his crap after 4 long years, day after day of badness. How bad is he, let me count the ways. No, better not. I’ve got to get up for work tomorrow.

I’m in a bit of a steam of consciousness state here. I’m going with it. (Steam? Stream? I’m leaving it)

So I was watching Seth Meyers do a Closer Look this evening and it was like we are on the same wavelength. Trump’s gluttonous need for attention 24/7 is draining.

I just want him to go away in any way possible. It’s irritating to know that after I vote I still have to wait a whole month to kick him and his whole tacky entourage to the curb. I’m beginning to see the PA Republicans point of view on this. Do we really need to wait until three days after Election Day to count all of the postmarked ballots? Why can’t we start earlier and get it over with? How about we give everyone two weeks from today to turn in all their ballots and call it a day? Since PA is the only state that counts, let us go first and save everyone else the time and energy.

It’s even annoying that once again, I’m living in THE MOST IMPORTANT REGION OF THE MOST IMPORTANT STATE OF THE UNION. Talk about pressure. Look, if I could take all 314,000 mail in ballots in Allegheny county and mark them all for Biden just to stop the madness, it would be so worth it. But the fricking state has gamed every possible fraud scenario and made it almost impossible for the average person to steal 314,000 ballots. Und zo ve vait.

BTW, I’m still not seeing the same crazy number of Trump yard signs that I did in 2016. I get the feeling that the other side is scared of being identified as a Trumper in case the liberal death squads show up to kill them with hours of forced vegan evangelism and wind power. The horror. The horror.

Wait. Are they really scared of us? Jeez, talk about guilty consciences.

We don’t need signs to identify you. We know who you are.

(Ooooo, I just thought of something. Maybe we should nod knowingly and act like their conspiracy theories are possible. It could mean an October blissfully free of Trump signs and MAGA hats. “You’re right, Mike. You never can tell with those evil liberals. I heard that the ones they don’t convert to veganism get sent to re-education camps where everyone has to knit their own sandals. You have to get up in front of everyone and repeat Hillary Clinton slogans. “It takes a village!!” “Women’s rights are human rights”. I’m telling you, they learned their stuff from the viet cong. Welp, I already returned my mail in ballot but I’ll see ya’ at the polling place. Tick tock. I’m kidding, Mike, Jeez, you should see your face.”

There’s a piece in WaPo that says that maskholes are narcissists. It’s interesting that they are predominately right wingers who have been soaked in Objectivism for so long. They do what they want. The rules don’t apply to them. They think they are invincible and don’t care that they are endangering people around them.

And the number of dead from coronavirus reached 1 million today with no sign of a break. The numbers are going to go up and I don’t know if I can get a flu shot yet. We could still die from this thing. It really is a pandemic. No, really.

If you don’t think it’s a pandemic, why fret about a vaccine??

Damn Trump for turning this country into a science experiment with 300,000,000 shaker flasks of nutrient rich keto culture medium, just perfect for mutations that will render any potential vaccine less effective than if everyone had been wearing their masks.

Anyway, I’m going to watch the debate tomorrow because even though I want to cancel Trump’s season, I feel compelled to see how the plot ends.

Will it matter if Biden wins? Maybe. Hillary won but couldn’t shake the race loose. I have this weird feeling that Biden can do this. Call it a hunch. It kind of depends on what happens tomorrow during the day. Somebody has been figuring out how to play this game. I can tell.

Meanwhile, I’m going to start packing my bug out bag because I’m not sure I want to be at ground zero on Election Day.

I just want it to be over already. Write the spoiler ending in Wikipedia so I can skip ahead and dodge the Trumpers freaking out.

I want to sleep for gawd’s sakes.


C’mon, can we pleeze vote and get it over with?? 🙄

6 Responses

  1. Seth Myers is a doofus and probably a raging alcoholic. And yes, Trump is draining. So are the endless protests every time someone who is already wanted by the law via legal warrant resists arrest and becomes a martyr for refusing to be arrested. Or in the case of Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend, think her drug running ex has come over to get his drug money and has just broken down the front door and they fire first, shooting a police officer in the femural artery and almost killing him.

    • Well, as Miracle Max said in The Princess Bride, “There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there’s usually only one thing you can do.”

      Police officer was mostly dead. Breonna Taylor is all dead.

      Plus, she was just sleeping, which if I remember correctly, is not a crime worthy of depriving anyone of their civil rights and due process.

      Thank you for illustrating why Black Lives Matter with such brevity.

      You seem agitated this evening.

    • There appear to have been lies used to obtain the no-knock warrant, which casts doubt on its legality. Nor was it needed — there was no reason the police could not have approached Ms. Taylor at 8 am with a polite knock on the door first, and politely presenting thier identification. The reasonable inference for why they entered after midnight is that they thought she would be alone and wanted to terrify her. I note that the officers who got the warrant were not the officers who executed it — more insanity.

      They provided no aid to Ms. Taylor when she was shot and let her bleed to death. They even lied on the report, saying she was not injured.

      They wore no body cams for such an operation? Really.

      They apparently don’t even know who shot the officer. Fortunately, he is alive. It would not have been a warning shot, if it had been my door someone was busting down in the middle of the night.

      The protests are well-justified in Ms. Taylor’s case.

  2. Pennsylvania is the key to the election. We have to win Pennsylvania. Otherwise, we would have to win one of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. We are tantalizingly close there, but we usually lose them, so we cannot afford to lose PA. I just hope that the 100,000 or so ballots they have invalidated will not make the difference.

    Hillary was brilliant in the debates with Trump. She also shone in debates with Obama, who would virtually insist that she answer the questions first, so he could basically repeat her answer. Chuck Todd infamously said that she was overprepared in the first presidential debate, which is as good a reflection of why we are where we are, as anything. Biden is not as good a debater as Hillary, but let us hope that he doesn’t make any of his inconsequential but uncomfortable flubs, for the media to focus on. Last night, there was a debate n the Iowa Senate race, and the moderator said, after a contentious exchange, that neither of you are acting like a Senator. Both sides! Ernst has been a horrible Senator, who was deliriously happy that the impeachment trial might hurt Biden. All the Republicans are like her. We already know how bad she is; maybe we can let Greenfield have a try? No, it is important to go after both of them. So we will undoubtedly see that kind of thing in post-debate wrap up. “Trump was impressive when he gibed at Biden…” Really? It’s like…a TV show!….where the last impression is all that matters, and the bad guys still have a shot a taking home the prize?

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