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Why does mail-in voting scare the bejesus out of Republicans?

Maybe all this election fraud angst and “hurry hurry hurry let’s fill RBG’s seat ASAP” is a product of their inability to do a thought experiment back in March 2020.

The way Republicans win states with large populations who will not vote for them is via suppression. Take away voting machines in inner city neighborhoods. Give the people you don’t like broken machines so they’re forced to stand in long lines. Disenfranchise them by passing laws to prevent felons from voting. Make it harder for enfranchised felons to vote by making them pay all their court fees and fines up front. Oo! Oo! UNREGISTER them. Yep, send out a ping mailer to the house they put on their registration card and hope they toss it in the trash. Then take their names off the rolls because they can’t be found.

And all of that will still be going on this year but maybe the impact will be blunted by Trump’s idiocy.

He let the coronavirus outbreak get out of control. That allowed a lot of people to opt into voting by absentee balloting. All across the country this year, the barriers to voting by absentee have been knocked down by the courts. In some states, the need to get a witness, have one of the approved excuses, etc have been struck down because the threat to people’s health is significant.

In PA, the state legislature passed a bill last year to allow no excuses mail in balloting. Since the state legislature is run by the GOP, I can only assume they felt that it would allow their aging Fox News demographic to vote from the comfort of their own homes. By they way, PA now has paper trails on all machines as well. We didn’t have that in 2016.

So back to my guess about the crazy antipathy to mail in ballots by the GOP.

It’s been known for some time now that there is a “blue shift” in the days after Election Day when postmarked absentee ballots swing towards favoring Democrats. This year, due to the fear of coronavirus, many more people are registering for mail in ballots and since Democrats typically believe in science, they’re mailing it in huge numbers this year.

The collateral effect of this is a voter in one of those high suppression states has a lot fewer barriers to getting their votes counted. No need to get harassed at the polls, don’t have to stand in a long line to vote on a broken machine etc. That could push the blue shift way into the ultraviolet.

But if wouldn’t have been this way if Donald hadn’t been an incompetent, vindictive little shit about not controlling the virus and sticking it to the blue states.

Before March, the Colorado and Arizona senate races were going to be tough. Now, it looks increasingly likely that they’ll go blue. Texas might swing but it has one of the most restrictive absentee ballot requirements in the country. But that’s ok because so many other states are making it dead simple.

In PA, the state allows registration to vote by mail until Oct 27. The state sends you the registration form because we don’t want anyone to take chances getting sick this year. There’s a website you can use to track your ballot. There are drop boxes and board of elections locations there so you can determine how you want to turn it in. AND the state has paid for first class mail for you to return your ballot.

It doesn’t get easier than that. PA doesn’t discriminate by party. If you’re a housebound Republican and you didn’t register to vote by mail, just fill out that registration that was mailed to you and voile!

The coronavirus was the earthquake; here comes the tsunami.

Republican should have seen it coming.


Hey, if you live in PA, make sure you put your ballot in the secrecy envelope before you put it in the mailing envelope.

Take a pic, cover your name, and post it on Twitter at #NoNakedBallots and @johnfetterman

I got an email that my ballot will be sent up to 2 weeks from 9/22/2020. I checked my mail this weekend and it isn’t here yet. But I can hardly wait!

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