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So, if we don’t like him and we vote against him, we’re cheaters?

So saith Creamsicle:

Trump also revisited his refusal to say whether he would support a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. The president claimed that the “only way” he loses is if the Democrats cheat and said he’s not going to support a transition if there was cheating.

Trump has actively sought to delegitimize the results of the election, falsely claiming universal mail-in voting intended to protect people amid the coronavirus pandemic is ripe for corruption although there is no evidence this is true. In the five states that already allowed universal mail-in voting, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington, there have been no issues with widespread fraud. 

“The only way we’re going to lose is if there’s mischief, and it’ll have to be on a big scale, so be careful,” Trump said. “We do want a very friendly transition, but we don’t want to be cheated and be stupid and say, ‘Oh, let’s, we’ll go and we’ll do a transition,’ and we know that there were thousands and thousands of ballots that made the difference through cheating. We’re not going to stand for it.”

He’s going to have to put millions and millions of us in prison because I’m pretty sure we intend to cheat, I mean, vote him out on Election Day. Think of the logistics.

Why can’t he lose like a man?

Dan Balz at WaPo writes:

The president’s Republican allies in Congress, however, were not necessarily the principal audience for what he said about challenging the vote, nor are they the people whose views he cares about most. Instead, his attempt to discredit mail-in ballots as a way to challenge a possible Biden victory is aimed at rallying his own army of supporters, prepping them to respond, if necessary, with protests or perhaps worse if he challenges vote tabulations — and therefore the results — in the days after the election.

It’s standard MO for Republicans. Find a policy or regulation they don’t like, find one or two instances of that policy or regulation failing or falling short of perfection, then disqualify the whole damn thing.

And the right falls for it every time. That’s why we can’t have nice things. Oh, sure, unemployment bennies are good to have but a couple people might use that time to take a much needed break and we can’t have that so no one gets bennies. Or yes it’s wonderful that we give food stamps to families with children but one or two adults we know who can work are also getting food stamps and that’s just not right. So no one gets them. Or there’s a clean water regulation that makes it easy to drink from the spigot but the snake tailed flarnjarn protection piece is getting in the way of this poor put upon developer so out goes the clean water act.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

So here we are. Mail in ballots never used to be a problem before. Washington and Oregon have been voting almost exclusively by mail for forever. Mail in makes it difficult to suppress the vote in inner city neighborhoods, makes it easier for your 82 year old aunt to vote from the comfort of her special living room chair, makes it safer for high risk people to vote in general. But there’s one sketchy report of a clerk somewhere in Luzerne county, PA who threw away absentee ballots for Trump (were they general election or primary ballots? We need all the facts.) and now, EVERYBODY in PA who is voting by mail will be accused of fraud. Actually, how does that work? We, the voters, are not throwing out ballots.

But as we saw with Hillary Clinton, if you can generate enough smoke, people will think there’s a fire.

There is no fire.

Just let us vote like we normally do without election interference from the guy who looks like he’s scared he’s going to lose.

Because he is.

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  1. Jim Wright brings the pain to the Purity Ponies in the following screed. 😈


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