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And it’s a FOX NEWS poll. Too funny.

So if Biden is up by 7 in PA in a Fox News poll, then, well he shouldn’t relax but it’s not Biden who should be anxious and panicking.

No wonder Trump wants to kill my mail in ballot in Southwest PA. I’m like the worst of the worst voters ever in the most important motherlode state in the country. He stays up nights chewing the inside of his cheek rind thinking of all the ways to screw me over. I give him nightmares of being a LOSER with a big L on his forehead, a swirly and a wedgie. I can humiliate him and his sorry ass excuse of a bloated body.



How Trump plans to win Pennsylvania

Bart Gellman, writer at The Atlantic, talks about how Trump plans to declare himself the winner in PA no matter how we vote. Trump’s campaign has already discussed with the PA Republican legislative leaders that they can choose Trump electors to replace the ones that are on the ballot. (Reminder that when you vote for President and Vice President, you are actually voting for the slate of electors that are pledged to them for the electoral college)

Gelman is saying that the Pennsylvania Republican state legislature has already been approached by the Trump campaign to change the slate of electors after the vote so that they vote for him. According to Gelman, there are no rules against this. In the case of two different electoral college memberships, the election would be thrown back to the US Congress for resolution. That invites a whole new set of issues.

Basically, Trump has absolutely no intention to concede. He’s not going gracefully and he has no qualms about disenfranchising a state’s voters to stay in power.

Since I’m at ground zero in the most pivotal state and I’m planning on voting by mail, I’m mad as hell that ANY Republican politician in this state would go along with this. But I’ve seen these guys in action before and they have no consciences.

I repeat:

Trump is not going to concede even if he loses.

Ok, let’s get ready to rumble: Fauci vs Atlas

Yesterday, I played that nifty little clip of Tony Fauci schooling Rand Paul and telling him he’s onto Rand’s hit and run questioning tactics. Yep, Fauci wasn’t putting up with that.

But Republicans in general discredit experts whose opinions do not conform with their laissez faire, Uber capitalism on steroids, survival of the fittest shtick. Back in June, Rando attempted to throw shade on Fauci by saying maybe he should be more humble about what he didn’t know. That’s interesting coming from an ophthalmologist questioning an epidemiologist about infectious diseases.

Unfortunately for Rand, most of us are not going to consult an eye doctor when we need a heart bypass or brain surgery. I mean, there might be some Republicans who see the two specialties as interchangeable but they tend to also be Darwin Award winners in life in so many other ways. Or they think drinking baking soda solutions will cure their cancers. You know the type.

But ok, Trump has hired his own expert, Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist. Now, I’m not going to say that anyone who doesn’t have a degree in epidemiology should be immediately excluded from giving advice on disease control. For all I know, Atlas has spent a good bit of his free time reading many papers on the subject and running his own experiments.

It’s just that Atlas’s opinion is that we should just let everyone get sick and eventually we’ll get to herd immunity. Voile! I guess he didn’t read that post in WaPo yesterday that says that approach will lead to more genetic mutations and we could end up with a virus that is easier to catch and makes people sicker.

So I think we should let Fauci and Atlas duke it out. Let’s give each doctor a pool of 1000 people. Atlas can allow them to do whatever the heck they want to develop herd immunity. Fauci can apply his capitalism crushing public health recommendations like social distancing, wearing a mask, quarantine, hand washing, yadayadayada. 🙄

Then, a month from now, we can check in on the two groups and see how many people got sick, how sick they were, how many were hospitalized, how much money was lost on days away from work, how much money was spent on hospitalization etc.

We have one month before the election to do this experiment. It should put the debate to bed once and for all. Let’s see if Fauci’s arrogant know-it-all attitude developed through years of experience can compete with Atlas’s sunny, stock market saving optimism.

Let’s get to it. Time’s awasting.

Why Trump hates mail in ballots: PA thought of everything

I’m not going to repeat the flaming orange’s undemocratic comments about throwing out ballots so there will be a “continuation” of power instead of a transfer. Let’s get down to why mail in ballots irritate him to begin with.

Let’s take PA for example.

In 2016, Creamsicle “won” this state by 40000 votes. Call me a skeptic though I have never seen the evidence. Someday, we will find out for sure. In 2016, PA had two things going against it that would make the election tinkerable: 1.) the voting machines had no paper trail and 2.) there was no early voting in this state.

In 2019, the REPUBLICAN legislature passed a bill that would allow for mail in ballots. Maybe they were thinking it would make it easier for the older people who vote for them to get their ballots in while never having to avert their attention from Fox News. I don’t know. But for whatever reason, Republicans in PA were totally onboard with Mail in ballots.

Then 2020 came, Annoying Orange massively bungled the coronavirus response, economy is trashed, massive unemployment, hundreds of thousands of deaths. Suddenly, it doesn’t look like he can film flam the ground zero swing state of PA or at least put a deft touch on the final results like he did in 2016. This year, he has to actually earn the vote. Not only that, but Pennsylvanians seem disinclined to listen to his bullshit this year. He is losing this state.

The mail in ballots now become maniacally important. He desperately needs PA. Wisconsin and Michigan can go f{}# themselves. It’s PA that is the key. And now there is no excuse to not vote. You can either register online for a mail in ballot or fill out the mail in ballot registration form that PA handily mails to you. Because of coronavirus, PA gets a massive amount of mail in ballot requests.

Uh oh, PA is rapidly slipping from Traffic Cone’s pudgy little fingers. Gotta get creative. Slow down the mail so the voters don’t get their third class ballot requests in time. Governor Wolf, former accountant, finds money in the budget to do mail in balloting via first class mail. So the overworked USPS can’t just dump third class mail in the trash.

But it’s the way you vote by mail in balloting that is going to thwart aspirational cheaters from doing real harm. Here’s how all the loopholes have been closed:

1.) Each ballot has a bar code. Every ballot is tracked through the board of elections. Every recipient knows exactly when the ballot is mailed to their house and when it arrives at the board of elections (BOE). Easy to use website pavoterservices.pa.gov is where every registered voter can check their ballot status.

2.) One person, one vote. Your polling place ALSO has access to your ballot status. If you go to your polling place to vote and your status says you have a mail in ballot, you must bring the ballot with you. The mail in ballot is then destroyed and you can proceed to cast your vote on a machine that now has a paper trail. Paper trails for everyone!

3.) If you go to cast a ballot at the polling place and the poll worker checks your ballot status and sees that you registered for mail in ballot, and you DON’T bring the ballot with you, you can only vote via a provisional ballot. If your original mail in ballot eventually arrives at the BOE, your provisional ballot is invalidated. So, once again, one person, one vote. No double voting.

4.) Voters can deliver their mail in ballots by several different ways: mail it back and track the status, take it to a secure drop box or hand deliver it personally to the BOE. You can not hand deliver another person’s mail in ballot for them. The elderly can drop their ballots in the mail so if the ballot is stolen from the mail because an elderly person couldn’t get to a drop box or BOE office, I’m guessing that’s more likely to hurt Republicans who have captured the senior demographic.

5.) The ballot must be placed in the inner security envelope before it is mailed or delivered to the BOE. If the security envelope is missing or breached, the ballot is invalidated. This has been a point of controversy. The courts have reinforced the security envelope standard, potentially invalidating a large number of ballots from people who didn’t do this step correctly. But I’m guessing that the security envelope is there for a reason and that is to prevent tampering.

And now you can run the model, which someone on Orange’s campaign has already done. The paper ballot and tracking set up will make it very difficult to manipulate the vote. Both the voter and the BOE will know the location of every ballot and those that go missing can get a provisional ballot backup that will be invalidated if the ballot ever shows up.

I’ve been playing it out in my head and there’s a failsafe at almost every point. The one possible way I can see to get around the ballot tracking and paper trail is if whole bin loads of returned paper ballots are thrown out. And that’s where we are. Trump would very much like to find a way to not count the ballots that he doesn’t like. The Republican Party has taken PA to court several times in the past few months to do just that: find a way to exclude chunks of ballots.

Trump is losing PA. Voters can vote against him for a variety of reasons. They may not like his performance. They may not like his polices. They may not see that he even HAS POLICIES.

Oo! Oo! They might like the policies and performance of the other guy better.

They may be duped into thinking that a candidate is part of a murderous child sex trafficking ring that operates out of a DC pizza joint. Or they may think that voting for a guy with a short mushroom shaped penis that he uses in unprotected sex with a porn Star is a bridge too far.

They may be more savvy about dirty foreign propaganda in Facebook.

There are many reasons why a candidate can lose, some rational, some irrational. Polls can fluctuate, campaign season is a brutal grind, all your evil plans to rule the world can come to naught all because of those unpredictable voters. It has happened to much better candidates than Trump. Before mail in balloting in PA it was hypothetically a lot easier to shape the outcome. This year? Ehhh…. not so much.

And the great swing state of PA slowly but surely starts creeping into the blue column. Can’t have that. He’s not man enough to lose graciously – like every other presidential candidate has done. Somehow, he’s special. His fee fees must be handled with care or he will throw a fit and cause chaos until we all give in to him. He hasn’t found a way of cancelling the election yet. So the mail in ballots must go.