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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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    riverdaughter on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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Why bother with confirmation hearings?

Here’s the Senate breakdown:

With Murkowski and Collins opposing, McConnell has 51 votes. There doesn’t even need to be a confirmation hearing.

But wait! There’s more.

The amount of angst and fury that this will cause has the added benefit for Trump of driving the way he handled coronavirus right off the front page. Oh sure, we’ll still be aware of it but it just won’t seem as urgent because wearing a mask for many of us is a habit now. We’re used to living in the land of coronavirus.

So, why bother with hearings? Just wrap it up ASAP. We know how the vote will go. Who cares what happens after that. Or make the hearings super, super short.

Then it’s all over. They have to ram this through quickly.

Ok, listen up you Republican lurkers.

I know you’re out there. Thank you for the best wishes when I was in the hospital recently. Some of you are really decent people in your personal lives. But we’ve got to talk because “Molly, you in danger, girl”

Let me just say up front that I don’t know what it’s like to be you. I can’t get into your heads. That’s because you are wired differently than I am. I grew up in a family that was wired like you. Well, my dad wasn’t but that’s a different story. I can only observe. And up until now, I have had ZERO effect on how you think. I have been unable to persuade you for two reasons: 1.) your minds are wired for a fight response to fear and 2.) someone else has already gotten in there to use that response to their advantage.

There are many things I notice about what has happened to you that happens in some destructive high control groups. For example, nothing anyone outside the group says can be trusted. We are the enemies. That’s a very clever set up. It keeps you from associating with people who are also very decent and who might, through their behavior alone, begin to have an impact on diminishing your elevated fear response.

Right now, you might be feeling your Cheerios. Yep, all the years of Rush and Hugh Hewitt and Sean are finally paying off. You can finally put those snowflakes and feminazis in their places for good and usher in a new era when hardworking men and supportive women assume their place in the natural order of things. I’d make a note that storytelling, myths, literature since time immemorial is full of characters who need to venture out of their assigned place in the natural order of things in order to get things done. That’s what makes them inspiring and interesting.

Here’s the problem as I see it. Through the years while Rush and Sean and Hugh were telling you how bad we were and how women on birth control were somehow sluts who should pay for their own costs of healthcare (while you quietly turned your head away from all the bikers who refuse to wear helmets and end up with traumatic brain injuries, the costs of which get passed on to all of the rest of us), the politicians they have been supporting have been disguising their true intentions.

You’ve been pretty pissed off in the past couple of decades, haven’t you? I have to agree with you that Obama pretty much wrote off the working class and guys like you. I was there at the first Netroots Nation meeting in 2006 when the “let’s write off the south and the working class guys” strategy was rolled out. Yep, I was in that room. They thought they could win without you. There were those among us who thought that was a very bad idea but that’s what Obama 2008 went with. And he made sure to only cater to his constituents. It was infuriating to those of us in the Democratic Party to witness how his campaign was going to screw his own party. But we watched helplessly as clever PR tactics persuaded the party to abandon its own rules and values to get behind him.

I leave Biden out of this. Biden was a powerful Senator in the 1990s and a foreign policy expert. He served as Obama’s VP but he had a life and career before Obama. He’s more of a institutionalist for my tastes but oddly enough, we need a guy who understands how this machinery works because it’s broken and we have no idea how broken it is right now. And as far as I know, he’s a decent guy.

Aside here: the Democrats have a surplus of decent people. This is a problem. Whenever someone points a finger at one of our guys, we actually feel bad about it and excise that person from our group. Republicans almost NEVER do that. Consequently, the unethical guys accumulate in the Republican Party and reinforce each other while Democrats are pretty scandal free. You won’t find any dirt on Biden. Or at least nothing to impeach him over. For that matter, you won’t find anything on Hillary either. Lots of investigations does not mean there’s anything there. You had to really dig deep to find anything of significance on Hillary while you could take any republican politician and barely scratch the surface to find unsavory stuff.

I think many of you guys like that. You like scoundrels. Maybe you were like that when you were younger and have been reined in by society and it chafes you raw. So seeing your reps get away with almost murder is greatly satisfying to you. You project. You think everyone does it. But let the record show that this isn’t true. There’s plenty of evidence that demonstrates this. Therefore, it is convenient for the powers that be that you ignore evidence, distrust facts, discredit experts. It works perfectly for those who want to get into your heads and mess around with it. You don’t know who to trust. Yes, that I’ve seen up close and personal from many people.

Oh, and you think that liberals are aliens with anti-American sentiments. I think Herman Goehring had something to say about that. In the end, it serves the same purpose. How do you trust and associate people who are like liberals and who you have been told are not like you? And by this method, they keep you from finding out the truth – that there are plenty of decent people with patriotic pride on the liberal side of the road. We just choose to show it differently. You need to decide if different is good. I think it is but that’s because I think of it like this: if everyone were the same, and a deadly pandemic came around, we’d all die. Because we are different and we respond to the virus differently, many of us will survive. It works the same way with political viruses.

Anyway, I’m going back to the top of this post to the “Molly, you in danger, girl”. Whoopi Goldberg said that in the movie Ghost. She was trying to warn the main character that there was an unseen threat to her that killed her boyfriend. Sometimes, It takes a black woman who you guys hate to tell you what you need to hear.

You are in danger.

Especially you guys who are almost ready to retire. Because the pandemic was handled so recklessly and so much money was given to big companies on the stock market to prop up your 401ks so you wouldn’t freak out that the treasury is going to be pretty much drained next year.

Now comes the perfect storm that every rich powerful donor has wanted for 80 years. Because they will want cuts to your benefits. Oh yes they will.

And it won’t matter how loudly you scream that you worked hard all your life for that and it’s not fair to you. That’s what they’re going to do if they get their wish and install one more Supreme Court Justice before the election.

You know how I know? It’s because they lied about appointing a Supreme Court Justice in 2016. Oh, but that was different because it was Obama, right? And you hated Obama. Ok, I was no fan of him either and probably for many of the same reasons you don’t like him. It had nothing to do with race. BTW, this post is not for the racists out there. I know I’ll never get through to them.

It does not good to tell you that we all rise and fall together. You don’t care. But you might just want to protect yourself. Because most of you guys are not rich.

If the senate approves a Trump appointee that will screw your daughters while robbing your social security trust fund, it will be because a good number of Senators in the Republican Party are about to do a Madama Butterfly sacrificing their own seats in order to cement a Supreme Court that is very hostile to working people for a generation.

Oh they wouldn’t do that to you? Who’s going to stop them? Actually, there’s probably nothing YOU can do about it now either. As soon as Ginsburg died, the bad guys knew they had you by the short hairs. When the election is over, they’re going to make you feel like losers and suckers and lazy takers sucking off the taxpayers teat.

If Trump gets away with getting his Justice, I predict it will be YOU guys who take to the streets to protest in a couple of years. But it will be too late.

If I were you, I’d get out there and protest-now. Before the vote on his Justice. Before the vote on his presidency. Make sure they give you a straight answer on social security and Medicare. Then ignore everything they say because they are aggressive and they lie. We have just seen how they lie. And don’t insult our intelligence with easy to disprove “precedents”.

They lie. You’ve seen it with your own eyes. Maybe you knew it when they lied in 2016 but you never thought it would affect you. But it does. In more ways than you even know yet.

It might be the last chance you get.

Because Americans just didn’t care until this week.


This is very bad:

Ginsburg vacancy could tilt Supreme Court to Trump in potential Bush v. Gore repeat