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Another fine mess

It appears that the good guys are dredging up the past and bashing the Berniecrats with it. If only Bernie had gotten out of the way in 2016, Hillary would be president and this wouldn’t be happening. BiFF is tearing his hair out because 2020 sucks and the damn evangelicals have no shame.

I’d like to think that it’s been worse for America at some point in our history. The civil war was pretty bad. The Depression left a lasting scar on a generation. The two world wars, 9/11, the financial crisis, all life changing and awful.

The difference is that we knew that the wars would end, we had nowhere to go but up out of the Depression and 9/11. 2020 on the other hand doesn’t look like the beginning of the end. It looks like the end of the beginning.

The choice before us is are we going to succomb to learned helplessness or are we going to summon up whatever is left of our resilience and make it known that this is a bridge too far and there will be consequences. There will be preconsequences. We’re not going to take this lying down.

That has been our problem in the past. We give in. We let the babies have their way. We play fairly. The other side cheats and steals and the media tut-tuts us and tells us to be bigger, more mature, compromise. That never works.

It’s not about abortion. I know that seems like an easy narrative to fall into. No, this is about the right finally having the opportunity thru have been waiting 80 years for. They can reverse the New Deal, make sure labor never gets up again, screw healthcare for everyone, roll back every regulation they don’t like. We’ll be back to unsafe food, unclean air, poverty in old age, sickness without remit. They are wealthy and powerful and they have zero empathy. Trump is the iconic manifestation of what they have wanted for decades. Now Mitch McConnell is going to twist every arm, break every knee to see that it’s done.

There is plenty of blame to go around. The circular firing squad has taken up its position. But we haven’t got time for that now.

Let’s not turn to despair too fast. Yes, this is going to be monumentally difficult. But we don’t know the outcome. Despair is for those who know the end of the story beyond all doubt. We do not.


On another note: apparently, I’m still immunocompromised after my adventures last year. I’ve landed in the hospital with a perpetual IV antibiotic drip in one arm, a wound vacuum I’ve named the Roomba on the other side, and an unfortunately urgent need to pee. Yeah, try THAT when you have to drag two gizmanoids to the bathroom. Going to have a little surgery momentarily to clean things up and then I hope they send me home. This hospital thing is getting old. Anyway, it’s a minor setback. The old malady has not returned. This is just a matter of my body’s dilithium crystals needing to recharge a bit.

So, keep me informed in the comments. The sedation is lovely but I might not be able to form coherent sentences for a few hours.

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  1. Riverdaughter, I am so sorry. I think of you often and hate that you are having these incredibly challenging health problems.

    • Thank you, Katiebird. I miss you.

    • As far as my health goes, the worst is over. The chemo was incredibly effective last year. I am a success story. Surgery was just to make sure they got everything, they did. I’m actually pretty healthy. It’s just this reconstruction thing that is suboptimal. Oh well. Let’s see what happens after my tissues get a chance to heal up.

      • I’m so happy to hear this, RD. I think about you every day. Do you take elderberry syrup? Great for immune system, research support, you probably already know that. 😉

    • Feel better soon.

  2. If only Bernie had gotten out of the way in 2016, Hillary would be president and this wouldn’t be happening.

    Maybe… BUT definitely not in the same league as this:

    If only Obama had not been intimidated by McConnell to suppress the known facts on Trump/Russia Hillary would be president and this wouldn’t be happening.

    • True story: I came out of sedation to hear my surgeon singing Trump’s praises to the OR staff (who were definitely not Trump lovers). It would be funny if it were not funny.

      • Were you far enough out of sedation to verbally kick his ass? If so, i want the recording. Glad your spirits are high RD, if anyone can slay more than one dragon at a time, it is you!

        • Nope, I was just coming out of it when I heard him. As he was walking away, I had enough mental acuity to say to my OR tech, “was that MY doctor praising Trump??” She looked at me with a wry smile abs said, “the less said to him about it, the better. It would ruin a good working relationship otherwise.”
          Yeah, I haven’t met ONE hospital staff/healthcare professional so far who is a Trumper. The ones who knew about RBG were pretty upset about it last night. The younger ones had to have it explained to them. Then they were upset. My roommate is a liberal. Thank Goddess.
          The staff is not saying much but except for my surgeon, NO ONE is saying anything nice about Trump.

    • Yeah, like so many other people, Obama miscalculated.

      He thought he didn’t have to risk his No-Drama Obama reputation, because Hillary was going to win anyway, right?

      • IBW… the possibly unintended consequence was that he has likely ensured his legacy as best president of the 21st century for at least the next 8 years.

    • Maybe…if Harry Reid hadn’t convinced Obama to run in 2008 and throw star dust in the party’s and its voters’ eyes, we may have had 8 to 16 years of effective, future changing for us all, Dem rule. And, thousands of Americans would not have succumbed to COVID. Hillary would have gone toe to toe with the Rethugs and brought on the drama in either 2008 or 2016. She would have fought for us.

      • YEP, IMO Obama has plenty of blame to accept for the state we are in. Of course stating this puts me into the category which may not be mentioned here.

  3. Good luck, RD.

  4. RD, I hope you are better and resting at home soon.

    When I was a boy, there was the Warren Court, and one did not worry that they would not make reasoned and compassionate decisions.. Over the decades, that has been consistently eroded, although for a while we managed to have some Justices appointed by Republicans actually turned out to be liberal; though the better way to say it is that they were intelligent people who guarded individual rights. But of course the Republicans found a way to stop this, and one of their many think tank tools, the Federalist Society, carefully vetted nominees, so that there would be nothing but a Far Right, pro-business agenda from them. And look at Thomas and Alito; has either of them ever made one ruling in an important case which deviated from their judicial religion? In the old days, one always had hope that a decision might go the right way, but no more. This is intended to be like the Russian supreme court or whatever it is called, which was created as a rubber stamp for the dictator, it is a sham court

    What will happen now? I assume that the Republicans will get their way. They never have an iota of shame about completely changing their so-called positions from the past. There are all sorts of quotes from Cruz and Graham in 2016 which show how absolutely hypocritical they are, and that like corrupt preachers, everything they say is only to further their own ends. Some people think that there are some Republicans who will not vote for the nominee, and i take Romney at this word when he says he will not. Murkowski might also not. The rest of them are doubtful. The somewhat interesting thing is that many of them are in difficult re-election races. The Republicans’ goal, as always, is to get their way, to try to do it so that they can maximize their results. That may be to turn this into an election issue, not confirm before the election, get their people to turn out for the Supreme Court, and then try to get Trump elected. If he is not, they can then confirm the nominee in the lame duck session. But this has been their goal for 40 years and more, as RD stated above, so of course they are not going to let it go. Very sad to say, if they get that 6-3 edge, they will block every single progressive piece of legislation passed and signed by Democrats, as violative of freedom to contract, or an undue or illegal restriction on businesses. Occasionally they will agree on some obvious thing, and partisan hacks like Pete Wlliams will say that this shows that the Court is behaving with probity They probably say that in Russia, too.

    I was thinking last night that maybe this would galvanize Democrats to vote in November, and that is possible. But even if we win, we must find some way to increase the seats on the Court, and this will be very difficult, with the Republican media screaming about it as a coup. I wonder to what extent the media bias has enabled Republicans and intimidated Democrats over all these years and issues. A lot, I think. The other thing would be for Biden to issue all sorts of Executive Orders, but the Court will strike them down, as that was the role of the Supreme Court in the early 20th Century, and of course the Republicans always taught people to fear governmental encroachment–until it was their leaders who were encroaching, and then it was time to roll out the unitary executive theory.

    One more unsettling thing which I somehow did not think about for a bit yesterday: the sixth Justice would very possibly be the deciding vote in favor of the presidential election being nullified or more likely thrown into the House delegations, where the Republicans would win. Of course the Justice just confirmed by them should be recused, but that has never stopped Republicans. At the least, we would hope that the Democrats should vehemenly speak out about all of this, and call the Republicans all sorts of names, try to get it through the heads of some people that they are an evil and deceitful force in America. Even though Obama kept telling us that there were no blue states or red states; and even though Biden keeps saying that he wants to work with and for Republicans, too. Will Democratic presidents become useful figureheads, who cannot accomplish much of anything, but are used to rile up the Radical Right base? Oh, and Eddie Glaude, who wrote that he was not going to vote for Hillary in 2016, now says that everyone should vote for Biden to save democracy. The slightest bit of prescience would have helped back then, but he wanted to express how angry he was at Hillary, for whatever ridiculous reasons he had concocted in his mind. Too late, Eddie, but at least BLM got a lot of money lately, and the Academy Awards has essentially instituted a quota system, so you can watch those.

    • If we get firm control (tall order, I know) of the White House and both houses of Congress, could we simply ignore the Fascist majority on the Court?

      How many divisions does the Supreme Court have? 😈

      • One wishes, but Democrats do not control that many statehouses, and most laws are implemented by the states. If the Democrats pass a law banning assault weapons, the stacked Supreme Court will void it. It is possible that some states might try to ignore this ruling, but they would have no ability to enforce it. If they tried to arrest somebody for carrying one, the person would appeal to the Supreme Court., and also sue the state for a billion dollars, and the Court would free them and uphold the lawsuit. And of course all the red states would allow assault weapons to proliferate. The only other option is civil war, which is not a good idea when the Republicans have all the assault weapons. Secession is a possibility, but they would roll in tanks and turn the blue states into satellites, the way Russia did in the 1940’s.

        I was just musing that if the situation were completely reversed; Democrats had the presidency, and the Senate, and tried to confirm a new Justice a few weeks before the election, the media would talk about treason, how can this be stopped, it is an affront to the nation’s history. If they actually tried to confirm him or her in the lame duck session, 98% of the media would have chyrons, “Democratic Treason” up every hour, ten million Republicans would march with their assault rifles and shoot people. The truth of course is that the Democrats would never try it, they would say, yes, it is too close to the election, we must do the right thing. There is absolutely no way that they would try it, it goes against their nature. And that is actually the exemplification of why we are where we are now. What iI would like to see is for blue states to find some way to keep from funneling all their tax dollars to the red states, who could not survive without this money. And I would like to see boycotts of all products manufactured in those states, even if it hurts some people who are not responsible for this fascism. The blue states have economic power, that might be their last or at least best weapon.

        • You’re assuming that the military would side with the reactionaries. The brass have basically let Benedict Donald know that they will not back him in suppressing protests–that’s why Low Barr had to put together his pickup team of assorted Federal Fuzz.

          Maybe the military would side with the red states, maybe not.

          However, I doubt it will come to that. Benedict Donald is far weaker now than he was on 9/20/16:


          The 2016 map is available in the box at the center right of the linked page.

          • Oh yeah; since I started following the Biden-Trump contest on EV, the swingiest states seem to have been Ohio, NC, and–wait for it–TEXAS. 😀

            Saint Molly Ivins Make It So!

  5. Best wishes on your surgery and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  6. Maybe this would help?

    • Can they dump it into my IV??
      Holy snot I bleed a lot. Oh, sorry, I forgot it’s dinner time.

      • Sounds good RD. And so glad to hear the worst is over… Best of luck getting out of the hospital and being DONE with this ASAP!!!

  7. RD,

    Get well and be home soon. We need your blog and your voice now more than ever!!

  8. RD – I was just about to write what wynneo5 said. So same here. All my best wishes to you.

  9. Off topic: ARMY. OF. DUCKS. 😀

  10. Thinking more about all of this, I believe, that if indeed the Republicans jam through one of the radical right judges they are considering, and if the Democrats manage to win the Presidency and Senate (the sixth Justice may well prevent it, which is Trump’s goal), they should expand the Court to 15 seats. Eleven keeps them in the minority, which would be an inane way to proceed. Some say, well, if they make it 15, the Republicans will then make it 25 or so. Take the chance. The way it is now, we are in the grip of a permanent Court majority which got installed by a minority of the population in the Presidential and Senate races. So if this all leads to the Court losing all stature, fine. What is the value in being cautious and having the Court nullify all progressive laws, and do all sorts of other fascist things? So make it 15, let Pete Williams and the rest sententiously criticize it, and so what? At that point, no one will give the Court any credence, anyway, which is a shame, given 200 years or so of our less fascist history, but it is now the only reasonable response to what the Republicans have done to turn it into a rubber stamp for right-wing zealotry. Fighting against fascism requires more than voting, as Republican tactics are designed to override the popular vote.

    • 15 would be great… but 13 is more defensible. One for each of the 13 appellate districts, so each SC Judge would only be responsible for 1.

    • Why would anyone want to be a fascist, considering what happened to the original fascists? 😕

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