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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I’m heartbroken to hear that RBG has died. She was a pioneer in the area of gender discrimination. She lived with cancer for a long time and showed how to live your best life. I will miss her “are you kidding me?!?” dissents.

Neuroendocrine cancer zebra ribbon.

And Trump is still President. Will he carry through on his threat to appoint Ted Cruz?

Will Mitch McConnell stand by his commitment to not appoint a Supreme Court Justice in an election year?

We already know the answer to that.

2020 sucks.

13 Responses

  1. May she rest in peace in Raspberry Heaven.

    We’ll just have to add more seats to the Supreme Court, then.

    Pack the Court, and let the wingnuts howl.

  2. Oh, and FUCK THE FAUXGRESSIVE DUDEBROS. Right now, I despise them even more than I despise the wingnuts–maybe because I would expect no better from the wingnuts.

    The Dudebros played their snotty little roles in denying Hillary the Presidency. 👿

  3. I feel like I have just been transported to Occupied France. As well as heartbroken.

    Too bad Nancy doesn’t have the guts to tell Mitch that if he tries to push through a Trump appointee she will use power of the purse to defund the Federal courts… or that Biden won’t have the guts to pack the courts, assuming he gets elected.

    Oh wait.. a 6-3 Republican Court will defend even the most outrageous tactic Trump can devise in order to steal the election. Is that why the Vegas line only gives Biden a 55% or so edge despite the polling…

    As for RD’s question my (very soft) money is on Amy Corey Barrett as Trump’s nominee for the Court. Leonard Leo is having a multiple orgasm right about now. (yuck). As are the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians… and the corporations/ top 0.1% who salivate over zero percent tax rates… excuse the black crepe for one night, please, I’ll go out and fight again tomorrow.

    • Centaur, is she the one with like 9 kids? If so, i believe she was next up after the beer addled Kavanaughty.

      I am not sure anyone likes Ted Cruz, even the repubs…I may be wearing black crepe for the duration.

      • Close. Barrett has 7 kids, 5 bio, 2 adopted. Her decisions are pro gun, pro rapist, wingnut down the line. Practicing Catholic and cinch to overturn Roe. Other than that I think she’s great (not!).

  4. We will need to vote in such overwhelming numbers that they CAN’T steal the election.

    Then we pack the courts.

  5. If Thor falls, pick up Mjolnir and carry on for him.

  6. Justice Ginsburg was a brilliant, brave and heroic figure. Her death would have been a depressing event at any time, and it is tragic now.

    I will just say that we are seeing more of the almost inevitable result of having one political party try to act honorably and respect the law and the system, and the other one be fixated on winning through any device or lawlessness they can come up with. Think of three events, and there are dozens more. Gore gets more votes than Bush, and he wins Florida, but the secretary of state there refuses to count the votes until such time as the Supreme Court, with a majority of so-called Conservatives, simply gives the election to Bush, with a ruling which they know is idiotic on all fronts but them winning, so they state that it has no legal precedent. Bush gets in, and maybe our last chance to save the environment is gone, plus Bush gets to appoint two more Justices which he had no legitimate right to have. Scala dies around ten months before the election, and McConnell refuses to hold hearings, saying that the people must decide. Ginsburg dies a month and a half before the election, and McConnell will jam through another Radical Right judge, thus giving the Radical Right a 6-3 advantage,

    This all happened because Republicans game and cheat and lie and bludgeon. And it is so predictable that few people are going to say, :Hey how can McConnell do the exact opposite of what he did four years ago?” Because he can and he will. Republicans’ only morality is what does it take to win, every time? They were vowing to stop a President Hillary Clinton from appointing any Justices. Because they could and they would. And among the many factors which have led to this monstrosity, there are two to focus on: The small Left Wing which IBW referenced above, the people who arrogantly and spitefully voted for Nader in 2000 and Stein in 2016. And the media, which sees it all as an interesting game where the Republicans always manage to outsmart and trick the Democrats, who are always the hard-trying losers in this saga. And now the media gets to tell us what a wonderful person RBG was, which of course is true, and how it is just too darned bad that the Republicans have put one over on the Democrats again. Along with the end of the ACA, the end of legal abortion except for rich people, the end of any possible gun legislation, the end of any laws trying to arrest climate change, i wonder if these ‘newspeople” will whine when the laws allowing prior restraints are reinstated.

    This feels like the closing scenes of a play whose outcome was already preordained by the earthly forces which control such things. If you are fighting a war with an enemy which will break every convention, use outlawed weapons, while you are always trying to fight in an honorable fashion you will ultimately lose, It is inevitable. At this point, all the Democrats can do is to fight with every tool at their disposal, even if it means defunding the government, ignoring Supreme Court decisions, and anything else they can muster. If you’re going to lose, you might as well put all your chips in, rather than watch them disappear hand by hand. All they have gotten for all the “let’s do the decent thing, let’s play fair, let’s elect someone who will lose all the legislative and state seats, because it makes us feel virtuous,’ way of behaving, is to lose virtually everything. And all Bernie Sanders had to do was to drop out of the race in March, 2016, shut up thereafter; or even not run at all and we would be looking forward to Hillary’s second term. But he didn’t, because the only people in the Democratic Party who play it the devious and purist way, are the Left,and their effect is just to make sure that the Republicans win every time it matters.

    • Excellent comment William.

      How will the party of hypocrisy act? They will go out and break their own rule, and say it’s the will of the people.

      Will the Democrats fold here? I certainly hope not, but given the first two years of the Trump administration, I would have expected them to pursue impeachment a little bit harder. I of course plan to vote the straight Democratic ticket, but I think we are deceiving ourselves if we don’t see that corporate Democrats like Pelosi, and most of the Democratic leadership are part of what put us in this position.

  7. The defenders of democracy have faced far worse than this, and won.

  8. Imagine if Democrats had allowed Hillary to be nominated in 2008 instead of pushing Obama ahead of her. Obama should have been Hillary’s VP. Then Obama in 2016 and right now he would be coasting to his second term. How different would things look now?

  9. I heard that a current Senator can be nominated to the Supreme Court and voted on without hearings.

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