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He’s already cheating.

You’ve probably already figured this out but Trump is cheating to steal the election. Once again, he is encouraging voters in NC to vote more than once. Ok, so the fact that he’s encouraging people to commit felonies isn’t new but this little nugget in a speech he recently made looks new to me:

About 114,000 ballots have been mailed out so far in Mecklenberg County, Mavromatis said, and 11,000 voters have already returned their ballots. Brinson Bell said about 817,000 ballots have been mailed out across the state.

The president’s response to the error in North Carolina comes as millions of Americans worried about the spread of the coronavirus pandemic plan to vote by mail, and as Trump has ramped up accusations, without evidence, that expanded mail-in voting will lead to corruption, miscounting and delays.

In a statement sent earlier this month, Brinson Bell reminded voters it is “illegal to vote twice in an election.” 

<bold>Ironically, a day later, Trump encouraged North Carolina supporters to vote in person, even if their mail-in ballots were on the way, saying, “They’ll lose your vote.”</bold>

Brinson Bell in her statement cited a North Carolina statute that makes it a Class 1 felony for a voter to cast multiple ballots. It is also a violation of state law to solicit someone to vote twice. She noted the state board has investigators that review any double voting allegations.

Just out of curiosity, how does he know “they’ll lose your vote”? It’s the kind of thing he says that has me skeptical of the vote count in Pennsylvania in 2016. Every time he was asked if would accept the results of the vote he said not if he lost Pennsylvania. I thought it was odd back then. Why would PA make such a difference? What did he know about PA that would cause him to think he had a lock on it? Why was he so convinced that he was going to win PA that any other outcome would be a sign of cheating? PA came down to 40,000 votes. That’s not much in a state this size. Anyway, let’s just say, I’ve never trusted the results in PA ever since, nor the National vote. The discrepancy of 3 million votes was just too large. It’s an unprecedented result and it’s hinky.

So this recent bit about the ballots being lost is particularly tin foily. Are they going to “get lost” on the way to the voter or on the way back to the board of elections? I asked for a mail in ballot and I’m planning to walk mine in to the board of elections. The USPS was ordered by a judge to reverse all the changes they made during the summer because it indicated a political motive to slow down the mail with the intention of interfering with the election:

A federal judge in Washington state on Thursday granted a request from 14 states to temporarily block operational changes within the U.S. Postal Service that have been blamed for a slowdown in mail delivery, saying President Trump and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy are “involved in a politically motivated attack” on the agency that could disrupt the 2020 election.

Stanley A. Bastian, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington, said policies put in place under DeJoy “likely will slow down delivery of ballots” this fall, creating a “substantial possibility that many voters will be disenfranchised and the states may not be able to effectively, timely, accurately determine election outcomes.”

“The states have demonstrated that the defendants are involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service,” Bastian said in brief remarks after a 2½-hour hearing in Yakima. “They have also demonstrated that this attack on the Postal Service is likely to irreparably harm the states’ ability to administer the 2020 general election.”

This judge says out loud what we’ve been thinking: Trump/Pence are cheating and attacking the USPS from delivering the mail.

PA’s governor, Tom Wolf, had to go so far as to pay for first class postage to make sure the ballots weren’t dumped by the post office as third class junk mail. Yeah, imagine that. The number of mail in ballot requests in PA was huge and most of them are from Democrats. The mail in ballot legislation was passed in the PA state house last year. This is not an initiative that was implemented because of Covid. It was legislation that was supported by both parties last year. Back then, the Republicans probably thought that a lot of their elderly FOX News viewers wouldn’t even have to shut the TV off in order to vote. Why get a ride to your polling place when you can do it from the comfort of your living room. Covid made it a practical solution for everyone but now we can’t have it because all those votes will be fraudulent?he

The laws for mail in ballot states look the same. Your ballot has a bar code on it for one registered voter. If you get two ballots accidentally and you return both, only one of the two counts and you will probably be hearing from the authorities about that second ballot.

And what are we hearing from senate Republicans? {{crickets}}

If you know that someone is doing something illegal and you plan to benefit from it, isn’t that illegal too? Like fencing stolen goods? Or “losing” ballots? Hmmm…

After taking office in June, DeJoy also instituted new measures he later said were aimed at cutting costs, but postal workers said they led to a curtailing of overtime and mail backlogs. John Barger, a Republican member of the Board of Governors, told a Senate panel earlier this month that DeJoy did not brief the governors on his new policies, but he said the board was “thrilled” by the postmaster general’s performance.

4 Responses

  1. Just a reminder: The last Rethug presidential candidate to win a clear, indisputable victory was Bush Senior, back in 1988.

    Oh, and Joe Cannon has hypothesized that when the Russians broke into the computers of BOTH of our major parties back in 2016, the Russians found evidence that the Rethugs had been cheating for the past several election years, and the threat of releasing that evidence is how Putin managed to turn the GOP into the Treason Party.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised.
      I also wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of classified material on the 2016 election will become unclassified if the Democrats sweep.

  2. The very disturbing thing is that the Republicans have two plays to win the election. First, win the Electoral College, which is certainly possible. The backup plan is to cause so much chaos and murkiness; ballots not received on time, all the lawsuits they have filed against states with mail-in ballots, that the results will be tied up in the courts. And there is where all those unqualified judges they have appointed to the state and federal benches, come into play. Look at what the Wisconsin Supreme Court has already done: forcing people to vote in dangerous conditions in the primary; now holding up release of ballots while they leisurely decide that the Green Party should be on the ballot.

    The goal is to funnel all of this to the United State Supreme Court, and hope to get another ruling like Bush v. Gore. This time it would be that there are too many states with questions about the voting, so that they would throw it to the House of Representatives, which would decide on a state delegation basis with all 50 states. And of course the Republicans slightly control more state legislatures than the Democrats, so they would win, again. Trump even said this the other day, that he thought the election would end up in the House. Some mistakenly thought he was predicting an EC tie, but no, he was voicing what his ever insidious Federalist backers have cooked up: have the Court throw it to the House, and Trump wins, simply because they have control of more states. What ever small edge the Republicans have had over the last 40 years; House, or Senate, or state legislatures, or Court, they used as a cudgel or shield to get their way. If we think that 2000 was obscene and brazen, this will be even worse.

    And as we should all know, all the outrage, and angry tweets and letters,, even massive marches and demonstrations, will be of no avail Barr will ruthlessly shut them down. These realities are why Biden, with solid leads in most polls, is barely a betting favorite to win the election, and that may be a false favoritism in itself. The Democrats have created a team of attorneys to litigate what is coming, but who thinks that the ultimate arbiter, the Supreme Court, is going to somehow rule in favor of Biden? They’ll either rule for Trump, or more likely, rule that there is no way for them or the states to work this all out; and safe harbor, blah, blah, so they must hand it to the House to “decide..” is there any way out of this? I might say that if Biden wins the popular vote by 10%, but that is unlikely, and they might ignore even that kind of result. Trump’s go-to play for his entire career has been to litigate, and to force others to litigate while he holds on to their money, or in this case the Presidency. Maybe one hope is that Biden can win Florida,, which might dissuade the Supreme Court from handing the election to Trump, because he could clearly not have won in the Electoral College.

    • Before Eeyore William chooses a second for seppuku, perhaps he should look at this. 😉


      Click the “2016” in the box at the right on the linked page, and you can see how things were going on the same day in 2016.

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