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Can he do that?

Trump bans TikTok and WeChat from app stores starting Sunday. We might all be indoctrinated into Chinese communist ideology. Ha! And YOU thought it was all about dance challenge videos and IKEA decor hacks. How come I never get included in the truly subversive conversations?? It’s so unfair.

I don’t happen to have TikTok on my phone yet so I’m going to install it ASAP. I want to find out what all the anti-Trump propaganda is all about.

Commie Red Radical

WeChat is a different animal altogether. That’s not just entertainment. It’s the way Chinese ex-pats keep in touch with their friends and family in China. I’ve never seen it in action. Does it allow easy access to Chinese characters? Maybe that’s what’s bothering Trump. “What’s for dinner this Saturday?” could be a secret code. And they have RADICALS in their characters. Need I say more??

Anyway, Trump just lost the youth vote. And the ex-pat vote, not that they were ever in his pocket anyway. They know autocrats when they see them.

Come to think of it, this just looks petty and vindictive. I’m going to guess that he’s looking at the polling numbers, knows from the marketing statistics that he’ll never appeal to the TikTok user and Chinese researchers and has decided to get even because that’s just how he rolls.

I smell a court filing.

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  2. RD. FWIW I have always felt that Trump was right about China in principle (that they are far more dangerous to us than Russia, given the size of their economy, population, etc.) even if he hasn’t a clue about how to take on such a sophisticated adversary. Nonetheless I am (gulp!) pretty much in agreement with him that Chinese social media like WeChat, Tiktok, and yes, Zoom, are basically a vacuum cleaner for China’s intelligence services.

    Going after Hwawei is not a bad move either, at least for starters. But– as we cut off China’s supply of advanced US chips, China has ramped up their own R&D spending. We need to match them to keep the lead that we have. Which Trump won’t do. So we cripple Huawei for a year or two and then China leaves us in the dust forever.

    Today’s Times Op-ed about China’s Soft power strategy is bang on. It will curl your hair. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/17/opinion/tiktok-china-strategy.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage

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