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Just another day in the time of Trump

Just a few things that have never happened before that seem to be common now and that we should not accept (but we mostly do because we are patiently waiting for the Election Day light to turn green):

1.) Trump is whining that he was ambushed during a Town Hall meeting in Philadelphia that was moderated by George Stephanopoulous. George is an equal opportunity interrogator who has used follow up questioning in previous interviews so it’s not like Trump was walking into a trap set by the Viet Cong. He *volunteered* for duty this town hall. What was he thinking? I believe Laura Ingraham was the first one to ask this question but more out of alarm in her case. Mine is just disbelief. If you don’t want to face tough questions from an audience of “undecided” voters, then don’t accept an invitation to a town hall. If you made a mess of it, move on. Don’t start whinging like a 6 year old that it wasn’t fair.

Aside: we used to elect presidents based on their ability to handle tough situations without taking it personally. That was kind of a qualification for the job. Grace under pressure indicates two things: 1.) that you’ve thought this question out in advance and have a prepared answer or “I’ll get back to you on that” reply and 2.) that you have a degree of emotional control. Note that it’s ok to be righteously indignant like Biden was last week or angry like Clinton was after the Oklahoma City Bombing or compassionate like Reagan during the space shuttle catastrophe. Those emotions are appropriate. What is not appropriate is complaining about not getting special treatment and acting like your feelings are hurt. See the difference? You’re the president of the United States forgodssakes. That requires a degree of stoicism on the world stage so the allies don’t freak out.

Jeezus tap dancin’ Christ on a cracker 🙄

2.) The head of the CDC, Dr. Redfield, testified yesterday that the best defense against Covid was a mask. It’s even better than a vaccine because the vaccines in the pipeline might only be 70% effective. It’s like wearing a condom so you don’t get AIDS. Sure there are treatments for AIDS these days but do you really want to get AIDS? Same thing here. Just like a condom helps but isn’t perfect, a mask is not 100% effective against Covid but it doesn’t suck.

Also, a vaccine that is available to the general public won’t be available until about April 2021 at the earliest. Yep, that sounds about right.

Now, as Joe Biden discussed yesterday, there is a mRNA vaccine that might be ready sooner but it needs to be stored at -70°F. My limited experience with those kinds of freezers suggest that the contents of the vaccine will break down at room temperature and then all that hard work over months and months is just ruined. RUINED. Been there.

Anyway, as Biden so knowledgeably explained with a very good grasp of the science, you can give that vaccine to a limited number of people in batches because of the storage requirements. So for example, you might want to vaccinate healthcare workers at a hospital system. Everyone goes to St. Agnes Hospital for their vaccine from all of the affiliated provider facilities. Voile!

But you can’t send 30 doses to your PCP’s office because, well, do they have one of those special freezers? Do they have a tank of liquid nitrogen hanging around in a cold room? It’s not practical. So the general public will need to wait for the regular generic vaccine. And possible boosters. You know what? Everybody just wear a mask until the Biden Admin tells you it’s safe to take it off.

But wait! Dr. Redfield’s statements conflict with POTUS. In almost every other country in the world, the leader will conform to the expert’s statements so as to present a consistent message to the public and not cause confusion. But not Trump! No, he almost immediately shreds Redfield’s credentials and then says Redfield is wrong. About everything. Redfield is forced to respond by tweet to say that… wait… he doesn’t actually say he was wrong. Huh? So he’s defying Trump. Wow, how often do you see that?

I guess maybe having HHS spokesmen Michael Caputo have a meltdown and then his second in command take a leave of absence means that the scientists can run with scissors and say what they really think. It must be a giddy feeling.

Maybe we’ll see Fauci and Redfield start a Geek Nollij Matters movement with all of us closeted Bunsen Honeydews and Beakers airing out our white lab coats with the sharpie stains on the pockets, marching down Pennsylvania Avenue and chanting slogans. Start a symposium, call for papers, tell everyone there will be beer! Watch the streets fill up with geeks, all clicking their eppendorf pipettes in rhythm to a bastardized version of the Jets song from West Side Story. Can’t you just see it??

Whoa, I got a little lost there for a moment. Anyway, a girl can dream.

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