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A note on the 22nd Amendment

That’s the amendment that no president can serve more than two terms or eight years. You can serve up to 2 additional years if you started as VP and became president through illness, death or impeachment of the previous president. Then you’re entitled to your own two terms.

Nowhere in the 22nd amendment is it specified that the two terms must be served consecutively. I think that it was Teddy Roosevelt who tried to run in a different party after he served his first two terms but there was no 22nd amendment back then.

Whatevs. We know this amendment was put in place after FDR won four times. And why not?? He was pretty damn good. Brought us out of the Depression and led through most of WWII. But I get it, he died in office and it’s tough to keep it up for 16 years and let’s give someone else a chance yadayadayada.

Anyway, just because you can run and serve for two terms does not mean you are entitled to a second term. Do you know how I know this?

It’s because you actually have to run for a second term.

There is no eight year term for president. I know, I know, nobody told you this. You probably just figured it out by yourself when you realized that the president was being forced to run again after serving four years.

So it came as a great surprise to me yesterday when I was accused by a Republican of being a baby who was still mad about the last election and that my support for Biden would ruin the country and why won’t I wait until the next election cycle.

And I had to point out that 2020 *is* the next election cycle.

Trump’s Party apparently has people convinced that none of us have to vote this year … except Republicans? To be honest, this outburst didn’t make much sense to me and I’m still struggling to understand the logic (or lack thereof) that was magicked on the hapless Republican base voters.

When do they think the next election cycle begins?

How do they get people to think this way? It’s just… weird.

Anyway, keep your ears open for this one. You may point out that Trump is running again for his second term because he has to. If it were an automatic renewal, he wouldn’t have to run. Ta-da!!


And now for a new segment I’m calling:

Simple Math

Number of reps in The Squad = 4

Number of Democratic House Reps = 232

Total number of all Reps in House = 435

% of crazy ultra socialist green new deal vegan evangelists House Dems (no significant digits) = < 2%

Yes, that’s right. Republicans are peeing themselves over less than 2% of the DEMOCRATS in the House. It’s even less for the entire house.

Now, how many Republicans fit into the batshit nutz conspiracy theorist segregationist south or basic selfish libertarian asshole category? (Is that one category or two?)

Betcha it’s more than 2% of the entire House.

2 Responses

  1. Republicans are throwing everything at the wall; and if much of the voting electorate were not so ignorant about things, it would be ludicrous. So now they are saying that it was an eight-year term, so you cannot vote this time, you must wait for the next one? Hard to imagine that many would be fooled by this nonsense, but if even a few are, it is worth it for them. Republicans have really devolved into a sect which cares about nothing else than winning and getting their way. If they can stop people from voting, scare them, lie to them about procedures, that is their goal. They care nothing about democracy, fairness, keeping the country together. They will do anything to win, they are not even reasonable opposition, they are a group of people who hate the other side, and will rationalize anything. They are surely cheering at the horrible forest fires in California and the rest of the West Coast. They are basically psychologically disturbed. Winning is so central to their sense of worth, that nothing is off limits for them.

    The consistent themes we are seeing are part of an effort to frighten people against voting for Biden and Democrats. They invent this spectre of a demonic group of Far Left people who will destroy the American way of life, such as it is. They can’t win on Trump’s record, so they will try to paint the other side as so terrible that one cannot vote for them. In Florida, they are running against Sanders, since he praised Castro, and connecting Sanders to Biden. Then they are running against AOC. We thought, they cannot possibly paint Biden as Leftist, but they just ignore that, and act as if this cabal of the Squad, BLM, something they call Antifa, will be running things, the real power behind Biden. And one would be surprised how many Republican officeholders or former administration people are willing to go along with this. And it works to some extent, sadly enough. it echoes Nazi propaganda and anti-semitism. Remember how last time, they ran ads showing rich older men and all their money, and they had voiceovers about shadowy figures running the world? They will never stop doing it.

    Nor has Nazism and anti-semitism stopped; some bright people have compared the insanity of QAnon writings to Nazi-based propaganda from a century or even more ago. There is a movie called “Hotel Berlin,’ a somewhat fictional account of a hotel where some Nazi officers are staying, as the war is being lost. Two of them talk about going to America to set up things there; they will not do something as obvious as the Bund again, they will act as if all these Germans coming here were against the Nazis, and then they can work on restoring the Reich. Rather chilling, as I think the film was made in 1946.

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