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    riverdaughter on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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The pearl clutchers about Woodward’s book are OTHER JOURNALISTS.

They have completely lost the plot.

If I have to listen to one more journalist getting all self-righteous about Woodward’s journalistic ethics, I’m going to smack someone, probably the first person I see. Then I’ll blame it on Woodward.

I’ve seen Woodward’s excuse. He didn’t know if Trump was believable, he didn’t know if he would be believed, yadayadayada.

It doesn’t matter. Here’s why.

Woodward is not President. Any reasonable person, myself included, expected that at some point in the last six months, Trump would pivot, stop acting like a belligerent asshole and grow some responsibility for the mess he was making.

At some point in the last six months, Donald Trump had the chance to become a hero. He could have put on the mask at any point in the last six months, encouraged social distancing, told everyone to do exactly what Fauci told them, shored up the CDC, mobilized the federal government.

I expected that because no one with a shred of decency would continue to be this heartless, vicious and irresponsible when so much harm was happening.

I can’t help believe that Woodward expected that as well. How could he not? In spite of all the destructive instincts of former presidents, he had to have thought that at some point, Trump would pivot, if for no other reason than to save his own bacon.

Instead, we see Trump rip our national health resources to shreds while enriching his friends with stimulus money. He has brought blue state and local governments to their knees in the hopes of breaking unions and disgracing Democrats.

Not only has Trump done these awful things when we knew he was lying and was taking advantage of the situation, OTHER REPUBLICANS HAVE LET HIM DO IT.

We should be equally outraged that Mitch McConnell and his Senate majorities acted like nothing of much importance is going on. No one has held them responsible for not reining Trump in.

And here are our “journalists”, the same ones who screwed us over about Hillary’s emails and never questioned their own journalistic ethics over that, taking to the fainting couch with the vapors over Woodward’s ethics? I think they’re jealous because it certainly hasn’t been morality that has troubled them in four years.

None of us are clairvoyant. But in some respects, Woodward has done us a favor by holding back. We now see that there is no limit to what Trump will do. He doesn’t have any morality at all.

This is all on him, not Woodward. Now, we see it.

Think of it this way: if Woodward had made his revelations back in April, the only benefit they might have had would be that maybe more people would have worn masks. It wouldn’t have stopped him from stealing PPE from blue states, it wouldn’t have stopped the Republicans from stealing stimulus money, it wouldn’t have stopped Trump from dangling a vaccine before Election Day in front of a desperate audience. It wouldn’t have stopped him from demanding people get back to work and children back to school Schnell!! Schnell!! Schnell!!

All those things would have happened. And most of us knew what safety precautions to take because we listened to our own public health departments.

In fact, Trump knew he was being recorded. At any time, Woodward could have exposed him but he just kept talking anyway. Trump probably thought he could get awAy with anything after the Republicans failed yo convict him on impeachment charges.

And so he still might. Expect the right wing to say it’s all behind us now. We can’t go back. Yes, that’s true. But now we see what Trump is capable of in case another catastrophe happens. He will take advantage of it to punish those who he sees as political enemies and what kind of information he will lie about to the detriment of the American people’s health and well being.

We wouldn’t have known any of that if Woodward’s book didn’t come out when it did.