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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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    riverdaughter on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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So, he lied about how serious Covid 19 was.

Trump knew early enough. He knew how it was spread. He knew the fatality rate pretty accurately and he knew it was much more deadly than the flu.

That right there should be enough to scuttle his presidency forever. Because not only did he know that the “deadlier than flu” virus was spread by airborne droplets, he made a big effing deal about not wearing a mask being a sign of FREEDOM!! And even MORE stupidly, he used the high number of infections in densely populated states like NY, NJ, CA, MI, etc, as an opportunity to pin the coronavirus catastrophe on the Blue State heavy handed, draconian, callous disregard for the rights of working people.

There’s a degree of stupidity laced with venality here that is absolutely gobstopping. I always assumed that he was briefed in January but I didn’t think he really understood the seriousness and that’s why he was acting the way he did, you know, as a total incompetent.

But the truth is worse. He knew AND he understood how serious it was. He knew it was airborne AND he still made a big f]{#ing deal about not wearing a mask so that his followers, taking his lead, truly thought that the virus wasn’t that serious. He knew it was deadlier than the flu but he allowed Democratic governors and mayors take the fall for having to lockdown the states. He knew that many people would die but he refused to offer federal assistance with PPE and contact tracing.

What should put the nail in his presidential re-election coffin is this:


Lather, rinse, repeat. Hoax, hoax, HOAX.

And now we have proof that he knew it wasn’t a hoax and that people of good faith everywhere were trying against the odds to put together a response in the absence of federal assistance with duct tape and chewing gum. Or garbage bags and bandannas. Think of all the nurses and doctors who gave their lives so that Trump could run around calling the science community liars and fear mongers.

It’s unforgivable.

And yet, it’s not all his fault.

Americans have to take some of the blame for this for letting their guard down with some media outlets who told them not to trust the experts.

They have to blame themselves for not learning to consume news in a consensus format from many different sources.

They need to be kicked in the head for blaming the Chinese for this catastrophe when the Chinese were perfectly open about having to completely shutdown a city of 11 million people – for weeks – to get the contagion under control. No one needed a specific set of instructions from Beijing to get America’s ass in gear and it’s just as unforgivable that so many of Trump’s base were so ill-informed, conditioned and incurious that they managed not to think their way into a realization that we were going to be totally hosed by this virus if we weren’t proactive.

Meanwhile, the economy is wrecked, 60% of restaurants aren’t coming back, layoffs are becoming permanent, small businesses are going under, children are losing a year of school, some kids are going to bed hungry, in homeless shelters. And we Americans are effectively in prison because there is almost no country in the world that will allow us to travel to them.

No, they took it out on those of us who looked through the confusion, listened to the experts and took action to protect ourselves and others. They stormed the statehouse in Michigan with their army surplus gear and semi-automatic rifles. They screamed and threw fits in grocery stores and spit on essential workers. And the rest of us were expected to bear with it patiently, reason with them gently, put up with their bombastic whining indefinitely.

Oh, I’m sure the base will yawn and excuse him and say no one else could have done a better job when the world is literally full of leaders who actually did a better job. They are saying that the greatest country in the world, their pride and joy, couldn’t find one person better than Trump to do as good a job as the leader of Vietnam? Seriously?? That’s what you want to run with? After you now know that he put everyone’s life in danger and lied to everyone – repeatedly??

But you know what? I don’t want to hear another peep out of any MAGA head who thinks making him (or her)wear a mask is tantamount to depriving him of his American citizenship. You’re going to have to do better than that. But don’t bother. Relationships have been tested, livelihoods and lives lost, vacations ruined. It’s all better left unsaid.

Zip it. Zip it good.

See what I mean? Wait for Biden’s FDA.

Astra Zeneca is slowing down its race for the Covid cure vaccine iron man triathlon. It turns out, well, there could be, maybe, an adverse reaction to the shot. It’s an “unexplained illness” early on in the Bloomberg article but it’s the kind that causes, um, paralysis. A dozen paragraphs down we find that it’s Transverse myelitis.

Derek Lowe says it’s *not* that previously unknown. It’s actually pretty well known that transverse myelitis, an autoimmune response, can be triggered by a vaccine.

Oh, you mean like an autoimmune response to the adenovirus vector? Some other viral infection? That would seem to be problematic.

Well, that is yet to be determined but that would be a problem. I mean, to me, that would be a problem.

Update: Derek Lowe has posted about the transverse myelitis case on his blog In The Pipeline. Even if you’re not in research, this post is pretty readable so check it out. Note: adenovirus is a virus that we use to vaccinate. There is some genetic engineering going on but it’s a pretty common technique to use adenovirus to deliver the genetic goods to the cells. Most of us have been exposed to adenovirus in our lives. It causes colds.

Does that mean all Covid vaccines will experience the same problem? Not necessarily. The vaccines that are currently in the pipeline use a wide variety of technologies so what might trigger transverse myelitis with one vaccine might not with a different one. That’s why we have phase 3 trials with large cohorts and we take the time to look at the data and all of the adverse events and who might be most susceptible to a serious adverse event. Fast, good and cheap: pick 2.

So, if Trump was banking on the Astra Zeneca vaccine for his October surprise, well, he might want to rethink … what am I saying? It’s only one person to him. Think of all the lives he’ll save! So what if some people end up in wheelchairs for an indefinite period of time, think of the economy! Think of the children!

{{rolling eyes}}

Ain’t nobody going to give me a vaccine until the Biden administration’s FDA approves one. Until then, I’m masking up.


And now to my representative, Conor Lamb, who is running as a Democrat Independent:

Biden is leading PA by 9 points in the latest NBC poll and here is my representative, flirting with Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney disciples, ready to take a walk on the wild side to work across the aisle. 🙄

We know that NEVER works with this prechosen form of the Republican Party. It’s the Republican Party that needs to work across the aisle, Conor.

Don’t be a Democrat in hiding. We HATE that. Pound on social security and Medicare and make the other side defend itself. This isn’t rocket surgery.


How did the boat parade onLake Austin turn into a mini disaster? See this post on ftalphaville for the lite physics of fishing boat hulls, planing, and constructive wave amplification.

Bottom line: they all should have known better.