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The best reason to not for Trump

Now that the reality distortion field of the RNC convention is over, let’s put together a list of the best reasons to not vote for Trump.

My best reason is all about the pandemic. Coronavirus has confirmed what many of us suspected about Donald. He’s not capable of assessing a serious problem like this because he doesn’t know enough science and he doesn’t trust the experts. Many Americans also don’t know enough science and don’t trust the experts but most people are not president. The job of the president is to understand and to lead.

I could go on for days on his his massive screw up of the pandemic has affected everyone’s lives. I’ve been WFH since March and consider myself lucky. I know people who have been laid off and whose businesses have been damaged. The economy is not that healthy. The STOCK MARKET looks healthy but it’s most likely being propped up my the billions Steve Mnuchin grabbed from the stimulus bill. That will give people the illusion of safety but it can’t last because when your economy is this damaged and people stop spending money, as they soon will, the market is going to feel it.

As a former researcher with more than the average bear’s knowledge of the immune system, the way this administration has handled infection control should be considered a crime against humanity. The way he treated the first infected blue states was unconscionable. How he failed to see that the virus couldn’t be confined to Acelaland, Cascadia and Michigan defies comprehension. It speaks volumes about how the White House is run. No one dares to tell him straight to his face that he’s wrong or not thinking things through.

His interference with the CDC and now the FDA is alarming. I have decided not to get a vaccine until the Biden administration’s FDA approves one. That’s not because I’m anti-vaccine. It’s that I don’t trust Trump to not rush something to approval before it’s completely ready. It’s really important that we test it as thorough you as possible even if that means taking a little extra time.

He’s not leading by example. Last night, he had 1500 people crowded onto the WH lawn for his Nuremberg speech. They were not tested and even though this was an open air venue, they were sitting too close for too long a time for safety. His recklessness is going to encourage others to let down their guard as well. And here I am in the third day of my IV antibiotics and the third day I’ve been wearing a mask 24/7. I figure if the staff is wearing their masks, I’m going to wear mine.

But it’s really difficult for me to reason with people who see a president and his droogies going to campaign events without their masks. There will be cases in their wake. Lots of illnesses that didn’t have to happen.

I’m lucky to live in a state where the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and Health Commissioner have kept the infection rates on a downward swing. It hasn’t been easy. In July, Allegheny county got a spike that took over a month to bend the curve back down to less than 20 cases per day. This is a swing state with two major metropolitan centers on our “coasts” and a whole swath of belligerent lunkheads in between.

I have no patience with people who say, “It’s all so confusing”, “People aren’t really getting that sick”, “not all of those deaths are from Covid, they died because they were already sick” or the ubiquitous “I don’t know who to believe. All the media say different things”. That last one is utter bullshit. Fox News was out of the gate spreading misinformation that seemed to stick. But the rest of the media was remarkably consistent. It is a new virus so our understanding is evolving. But the information from everywhere except Fox, Limbaugh, OAN, has converged on a unified field theory of infection control. Not only that but it is consistent with international reporting.

Here’s the bottom line: this pandemic is out of control. The access to deaths and other data reporting has been high jacked by the administration. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not out there and as time goes on, more and more of us will know people who were very sick or died from this virus. We have millions of people out of work, millions of children learning from home or from a parking lot with access to a WiFi, millions of people on the brink of losing their housing, the prospect of more crime caused by desperate people and a Congress that is not working to resolve this problem because Mitch McConnell is tied at the hip to Donald Trump. I suspect they will put the country in a thumbscrew until they get what they want. I think that thing is your social security and Medicare.

I’d love to be wrong but I’ve learned by now to never underestimate the incompetence, ruthlessness, callousness and duplicity of this administration and its Republican enablers. How ANY Republican base voter can still vote for these people is complete mystery to me. There has been a lot of emphasis in the past 4 days at the RMC about safety and security. That’s for the suburban security moms. Pretty ballsy to try to blame your opponent for something that happened on your watch but that’s a different reason to not vote for Donald.

When it comes right down to it, Trump’s mishandling of the virus, getting us banned from Europe and having others are ping the world watching in with horror, and putting our livelihoods at risk are is the best reasons I can think of to get Trump out. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. Almost anyone could do a better job