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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump disgusts the Republican…
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    Catscatscats on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
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Here’s the plan, Nancy

Did you see Nancy Pelosi’s press conference the other day? She put the current situation in as stark terms as possible with her poster:

The Democrats have already chopped a trillion off the bill they passed in the House three months ago. The White House is holding things up so it can eviscerate the postal service and Senate Republicans can’t agree on how stingy to be to the former consumers that they mined for profits last year.

I have no reason to doubt her. The Republicans decided to leave town until 9/17. Isn’t that nice? Well, technically all of Congress is on break but only the Republican Senators have decided to screw the unemployed.

Take a look at that chart. The GOP was willing to contribute $250,000 to anti-hunger initiatives. That’s less than Seth Myers has raised for City Harvest. It’s not an appropriation. It’s a collection plate.

One journalist asked if there was a way for Democrats to meet Republicans in the middle and compromise. Nancy did a variation of “bless your heart (you silly bint)”. Didn’t she see the differences on the chart? What is division by zero, darling? You are mistaking them for people who actually give a damn.

Ok, so this isn’t going to get solved until after Labor Day, at which point, the Republicans will start playing games with funding the rest of the government. Yes, it’s going to be nonstop chaos and cruelty for the next 80 days.

So what can we do?

Let’s start with the revelations in Michael Cohen’s book. Trump is up to his eyeballs in corruption. He has a very good reason to fear what will happen to him when he leaves office. There will be prison. Oh, no doubt about it. He’s a bad man, or hombre malo as we who took four years of Spanish say. Once he is indictable, he will be indicted. He knows it. We know it.

He’s going to pull out all of the stops to make sure he stays in power. Maybe the true definition of an authoritarian is someone who wields power for purely self interested reasons.

Now we come to the cost/benefit analysis. If we proceed with the election on the grounds that there will be corruption and chaos that will further destabilize the country and cost us trillions more to address, would it be better to cut a deal with Trump to make him go away?

Yep. I’m suggesting the crazy idea of paying him a couple billion and giving him immunity from prosecution in exchange for him declaring that his medical condition will prevent him from serving a second term. There will be conditions. He has to exile to some remote location, stop the endless interviews and television appearances and any lingering influence he might have. In other words, no one is to hear from him again except through his annual Christmas Card. Any violation of these conditions including committing any new crimes like money laundering and fraud, will result in prosecution. Take it or leave it.

He could live out the rest of his miserable life in luxury, shuffling around a golf course, and pretending he’s some kind of magically talented real estate tycoon.

If he goes on with the election and he loses and refuses to accept the results, all utilities will be cut off to the White House the minute Biden is sworn in. No electricity, water, WiFi, cell signals. All communication will be blocked. The airspace over the White House will be blocked. No Berlin style airlifts. In short, Trump and his army will be under siege in the White House while Joe and Kamala relocate according to pre-existing contingencies and life proceeds as normal with Trump and his retainers getting all grizzled and hungry. The rest of us will get on with our lives.

One other thing, if the outcome of the election is still in dispute by Inauguration Day, Trump’s term comes to an end anyway. Trigger Operation Starve the Bastard Out steps above. In such a case, the presidency falls to the speaker of the house until the election results are resolved.

Nancy can be merciful but I don’t think she’s going to tolerate a grown up toddler with oppositional defiance disorder one second longer than she has to.

Cut the deal, Democrats. Give annoying orange money to just go away. Maybe Jeff Bezos can fork over some petty cash for the cause.

It will save the country a lot of pain and money in the end.


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15 Responses

  1. RD, I was thinking of something like this, this morning, as the only way out to salvage some of our democracy. However, who makes this deal? Pelosi? She does not have the power to do it or enforce it. The House (the Republican Senate would never vote for it) just appropriates the two billion, and Trump agrees to do all the rest of it, like go to some remote island and stay off TV? Who enforces this agreement if he does not?

    Well, putting that aside, as Kathleen outlined below Trump has probably been assured by Putin that they can hack the voting systems, so Trump”s only fear is the mail-in balloting, which they are doing everything they can to compromise. Right now, given that, what are the odds of him winning? 50-50? No one knows for sure, with these aspects. Polls will not tell us.

    And there is the frightening thought as to what Trump would do if it looked like he lost.. Blow up everybody? Threaten to? He will never accept being removed from office to be indicted and jailed. Maybe, as much as he deserves it, these threatened indictments were not a good idea. But of course that would set a precedent. There may not be anyone as bad as Trump,, but there are some who are very close, and they could get elected some day,, and do the same thing and get away with it.

    The holes in our democracy have been exposed. Maybe it is the holes in any democracy, which depends on goodwill and people following the laws. And they also depend on the populace at least never electing a tyrant. Every day I think about the media figures who made Hillary vs. Trump sound like a interesting battle, an intellectual exercise, who would be fun to take a shot with? And so many people wanted to tell us that they just couldn’t vote for Hillary, because Sanders deserved it, because she said a term “superpredators,” because she didn’t smile enough; because she wasn’t Obama, because they believed ludicrous Russian propaganda; and because they thought Trump might be fun to try out. And they got a madman, a psychopath, who has no regard for law or decency. And yet still 40% of them think he is doing a great job. So I guess that human progress as extolled by optimistic liberal writers of movies and television in the ”50’s and ‘ ’60’s, was a dream; Too many humans, at least Americans, are incapable of valuing or understanding freedom and democracy. If they were, we would not be in this situation now. Of course, our educational system was better then, people actually learned things and understood many of them. Poorly staffed and underfunded schools, and right-wing religious textbooks, have done inestimable damage. BTW, I took four years of Spanish, too! Buena suerte para todos nosotros.

    • The house has the power of the purse. Maybe they can put it in as a fund for building the wall and award the contract to one of Trump’s shell companies.
      They’d have to wordsmith it right so he can’t wriggle out of it.

  2. Handing Trump money isn’t gonna do anything. He already gets all he wants from grifting the treasury. And we would have to list the crimes we were going to keep him from being indicted for in an agreement. In the end none of it matters unless the GOP would go along. The GOP could get rid of Trump right now if they wanted to. They could dump it at the convention but they won’t. This is all on them.

    • I agree. They have the power to remove him. I’m just thinking of alternatives. Just let him retire to an island without charges. A very remote island. Like in the marianas or the bikinis.

      • Like Nazi war criminals in Argentina? Yeah, I have thought of these options as well. Perhaps a complex series of promised pardons by Biden and Cuomo. What a horrible precedent, though! All of this would need to be coupled with a censure and some communication to the populace that this was the most prudent way to go to avoid further genocide.

        • The sad thing is it wouldn’t stop the genocide because getting rid of Trump would leave Pence in charge. Do you think he’s any more capable of handling a pandemic than Trump? He doesn’t even believe in science and Indiana had an AIDS epidemic when he was governor.

          • I meant to get rid of the current administration, which is not a sure thing even with the polls. If trump could be parlayed out in such a way, knowing his repercussions would be minimal, he may just allow an early segue into a Biden administration, as he would be a true lame duck. I don’t see Pence as getting in the way.

  3. Off topic: Since I forgot this yesterday, Happy Out Of Touch Thursday Friday!

  4. I fear we are going to have to grit our teeth and GOTV and do what we can to get through until November 3rd and beyond.

    Vote Him Away 2.0

  5. Off topic; the weekly reminder:

    8 PM – 9 PM (Central) Friday nights: “The Magical Mystery Tour” spends an hour exploring one or another aspect of the Beatles. Tom Wood is the regular host, but I hear he’s sick this week, and so there will probably be a substitute (unless they don’t have a show at all; I am not sure).

    9 PM – 12 AM (Central) Friday nights: The legendary “Beaker Street” has returned. Iconic host Clyde Clifford is undergoing medical treatment now, but he hopes to return to the show August 28.
    Meanwhile, Arkansas radio veteran Mark Wallace will host the show this week.

    Both can be found at http://arkansasrocks.com/

    If you can’t catch Beaker Street live, past shows are available at
    https://beakerstreetsetlists.com/ . I would expect that tonight’s show would become available some time tomorrow.

  6. 😈

  7. Sure, make the deal with Trump. Then do what he would do – renege.

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