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    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump disgusts the Republican…
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    Catscatscats on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
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Throw it against the wall, see what sticks.

Barr is pushing all the buttons with his latest attacks on the left and Black Lives Matter.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: groups like Black Lives Matter and the Women’s’ March etc, DO want to change the system. But that doesn’t mean that the changes will be bad. It’s a very strange concept that any change whatsoever must be scary and bad for some people.

Think of it this way. Once everyone has a chance to live their best lives without prejudgment based on some physical characteristic they can’t change, the rest of us will benefit from their contributions.

But the way Barr is talking, you’d think that the current system that he seems to love so much is dependent on a permanent underclass. There have to be losers in Barr’s world and if it’s not black people, women, gay people, whatever, then it’s going to be working class, non college educated people.

Are you guys going to take that?? Because that sounds pretty short sighted. Barr is willing to take all future nice things to give you the illusion that you’re not on the lowest rung of the ladder.

But wait! There’s more.

He’s throwing words around that don’t make any sense in the sentences he is making with his mouth noises.

For example, BLM are revolutionaries that are fascistic. And they want communism and socialism too. OoooOooo! Are you skerred yet?

Barr knows these are trigger words for Americans of a certain age. Commies, baaaad. Socialism, baaaaad. Fascists, baaaad. The problem is, it’s very rare to find them all combined. Fascists aren’t usually commies. If you recall, Germany and Russia fought each other during WWII. Yes, the Nazis were national socialists – to begin with. But Nazis didn’t really like labor movements. That ceded too much power from the state.

Anyway, the bottom line is it’s really difficult to be a socialist/communist and a fascist at the same time. Barr knows this but he’s hoping you don’t. Because if he throws enough spaghetti at his perceived enemies, some of it is bound to stick.

Fascistic. Communist. Socialist. Lather, rinse, repeat.


The other possibility that we need to think about is that we just don’t like Trump and Barr. They don’t wield power like any other administration that came before them. They only thrive when they cause division. And under their watch, we have a raging pandemic that didn’t need to explode coupled with massive unemployment.

But Barr knows that negative advertising works and if he keeps linking these unlinkable words together, they’ll get lodged in his bases’ collective unconscious. The “Biden hates God” thing is equally ridiculous. Biden is Catholic and actually does that Mass thing. Sure, there are plenty more unaffiliated Americans on the Dem side but when have we ever been able to get inside another person’s head and know what they’re really thinking about God? Something tells me that if we were able to do that with some Republicans, we’d be surprised at what we’d find. I imagine there’s a vast wasteland with rolling tumbleweed and nothing as far as the eye can see, God having left in disgust.

So, Barr, the big lazy toad is just spewing nonsense. He knows it’s nonsense. But he thinks you don’t know he knows it’s nonsense.

Now you know.


Almost forgot: Barr says BLM has been collaborating with Antifa. Talk about strange bedfellows. Now you’ve got a commie, socialist fascist (oxymoronic) working with a strange anarchic non-organisation whose name literally stands for Anti-fascist.

At least Newt Gingrich made the lunacy sound plausible. Barr has no such standards.

8 Responses

  1. The fascists are Trump and Barr. The Communists are few and far between in this country, and have always been, Red Scare or not. But it is the classic fascist play to scare everyone that unless they keep the fascist leaders in power, they will be overrun by hordes of people, some from across the border (remember the caravan in 2018 which suddenly disappeared after the election?), some from within. People who hate you and do not look like you, and who demonstrate and burn flags if it is the ’60’s, or listen to suggestive music, if it is the ’50’s, or are Bolshie labor agitators, if it is the 1920’s. We think we have gotten past that, but it comes back. It is like Trump read Hitler’s book; well, yes, he has said that it was his favorite book, and now he gets to test it out again, in a land which always was supposed to stand for freedom of speech and the press.

    I will just add, though it will be to no effect, that the most immediate way to defuse most of it, is tor Biden to pick Whitmer or Duckworth for VP. Duckworth is a noble war hero, try to attack her for not loving the country. Whitmer is a Midwesterner who stood up to Trump and the Nazis who tried to intimidate her into opening up the state and killing thousands more people. Pick Rice, and the next two months are going to be all about unmasking, and deep state, and Benghazi. We do not need this now, not with the entire future of the country at stake. i’d rather have Harris than Rice, she was a state Attorney General. It is terribly unfair to have to pick this way, but all the Republicans are doing, as they have done in elections from the 1880’s on, is to try to scare enough people into voting for them, and then it is too late to stop them.

    In Trump and Barr’s case, they will institute their fascist state as soon as they get re-elected, if the do. But we know that even the most totalitarian regimes are constantly propagandizing their populace, warning them that their enemies are everywhere: in the press, the entertainment realm, the streetcorners, just waiting to take away whatever it is they are brainwashed into thinking that they have. Pomp and parades, planes flying overhead, all those beautiful monuments. Don’t say the pledge of allegiance loud enough, and they will throw you into an internment camp, they are just helping you after all. And get your kids back into school, and get back to work. Work will set you free. It’s too bad that so many people didn’t pay attention in history classes.

    • Oh, they won’t be afraid of being accused of unpatriotism if they attack Duckworth. Remember how they lied about Kerry in 2004?

      I’d still be happy with her as the running mate, but our enemies have no shame.

  2. I absolutely agree with the two women you mentioned above. Everyday I’m more inclined that it would be very politically savvy to pick Whitmer to halt down the attacks and scrutiny of the diverse -very qualified, women.

  3. “It’s Official: The Election Is Russia vs. China”


    One sign that you’re no longer a Great Power is that actual Great Powers interfere in your elections, while leaving you nominal independence for the sake of appearances.

    Well, fuck. We really are becoming a Third World shithole country. Thanks a fucking heap, Plutocrats, Bigots, and Purity Ponies. 😡

  4. Do you ever get the feeling that Rachel Maddow reads your blog?

  5. Off topic: I found a site called atom-dot-smasher-dot-org where you can make goofy signs and error messages and such. 😛

  6. The first test, of course, is that the No. 2 candidate must appear capable of stepping into the presidency if needed — “ready on Day One,” as Biden often says.

    That’s a cliche every campaign utters, but in this case — with a presidential candidate who is 77 years old — it’s more concrete than usual. He needs to pick someone who can credibly step up.

    That’s not the only message Biden’s choice will send. His vice presidential pick is an opportunity to reinforce the core themes of his campaign: competence and steadiness after four years of chaos, plus a promise to heal the nation’s divisions.

    If the message he wants to emphasize is racial reconciliation, that will send him toward one of the Black candidates, such as Harris or Demings. If it’s economic populism and party unity, he might lean toward Warren, who’s popular among progressives. Biden often talks about a running mate who will be a loyal partner in the White House to help his administration succeed. We all know whomever that person is, trump will be in his element as a misogynist in his attacks against her. After all, it’s hard to effectively attack an old, white male, when you are an old white male yourself!

    The most important test is whether Biden can combine substance and symbolism, and find a running mate with whom he is compatible in a way that appears obvious when the two appear together on a stage. Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room…the problems a Biden administration will be complex and he will need someone who can realistically and effectively help him fix those problems. That’s why I hope he’s leaning more toward “substance” rather than “symbolism” in his choice because our country is going over the cliff and we can’t wait for a second term to fix it.

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