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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump disgusts the Republican…
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    Catscatscats on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
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It’s vile. Don’t ignore it.

Liz Cheney wrote this today:

That made me throw up a little. Maybe it’s the antibiotics. I dunno.

No I take that back. It’s hard to get even more enraged than we are now but this tweet really is the lowest of the low.

Some states have been fully mail-in for years. I think Oregon is one of them. Others have allowed absentee balloting for various reasons. But the only known prosecutable instances of cheating and ballot harvesting have involved Republicans. So maybe this is projection here. They know what THEY will do and they assume that we will do that too. The thing is, polls are running so strongly on our side that cheating is absolutely unnecessary.

On the other hand, if we’re game theorying this out, does an indication that the other side is about to cheat mean that both sides must cheat to achieve parity? It’s unacceptable if the end goal is to have a result that is trustworthy. So, there is no incentive for Democrats to cheat.

(Never studied game theory so I’m open to correction)

Anyway, I’ve noticed before that Republicans have this notion that they are entitled to win. Indeed, it is unacceptable for them to lose under any circumstances. Therefore, they will not allow anyone to vote them out. This would be in line with the donors who run their party who think that elections and democracy are hugely inconvenient and give the lowlifes the idea that they can influence the outcomes and opportunities of their miserable little lives.

That’s the steam that’s coming off Liz Cheney’s pile above. And it’s meant to reinforce the sense of learned helplessness.

You want mail in? We’ll slow down the mail.

You want a free and clear election? We’ll muddy it in advance so no one will know who won.

You want to protest the way we treat you? We’ll use facial recognition software and our own private army to hunt you down and shut you up.

Step out of line, we will crush you.

They’re behind. They know that if the elections are fair they are going to lose. But you don’t find any of them going before the country decrying and condemning Trump’s notion that he can change the election date. So far, they are skittering away from the light like roaches, trying to laugh it off. That’s because they think they have done enough to make sure the election is a disaster and even if Trump loses, they will somehow pull off a win or at least sow enough chaos and confusion that no one will know what’s going on. Instability is a terrible thing. We’ve given in before to avoid it.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are fleeing DC just as employment bennies are expiring and millions of children may be left stressed by evictions and hungry from lack of food.

They really are vile. Now is the time to hold them accountable. They need to be brought up by their short hairs before the election.

Don’t wait. Tear their house down now.


By the way, I registered for a mail in ballot for the general election. But if I have to stand in line instead to use a voting machine that now has a paper trail, unlike 2016, I will. I’ll stand there days in advance, put up a tent, walk over hot coals, crawl through broken glass, whatever it takes to vote Orange out and every member of his party that can no longer be trusted. So, either way, Republicans are not going to be able to monkey with Pennsylvania again.

15 Responses

  1. Change election day, just another dishonest grifter con from the Republican party….

    Off topic:

    The continued media narrative that Biden’s VP choice doesn’t really matter and won’t affect his and the Party’s future is extremely wrongheaded. Again they, wrongly, take for granted that we women, the largest force in our electorate, are somehow not seriously invested in who that women might be. Biden hopefully doesn’t make that mistake, but are we women being to silent on this topic??? Kind of like expecting we will be of course be rewarded with a raise because we have worked the hardest.

    • I’ll vote for the ticket regardless of the woman in VP slot. Even the ones that’s aren’t my favorites would look like Einstein’s and Churchill’s next to Trump and Pence.
      That being said, if he picks anyone other than Warren, Biden will be sending a signal to the powers that be that he intends to return as swiftly as possible to the status quo.
      I’m no Bernie bro, I’m not a purist. But this admin and the pandemic has exposed huge structural problems in our country that aren’t going to be addressed it Biden appoints someone other than the one person who has had her finger on the root cause of all the pain the middle and working classes have been feeling for decades.
      It drives me crazy when I hear it absolutely. must. be. a. black. woman from people who seem to be oblivious to the fact that we will see what’s left in the treasury in January 2021 and it’s going to be so ugly that BLM will become a dim echo of a happier time.
      That’s what keeps me up at night.

      • in general, I am really tired of the negative appellations applied to anyone who criticizes any VP possibility. It has to be a woman, it has to be a Black woman, it has to be this particular Black woman. I have no problem whatsoever with picking a woman, I just do not like the pressure that one must be picked. Then the pressure that it has to be a Black woman. Personally, my favorite would be Gretchen Whitmer, but she cant be picked because she is White. Second favorite would be Tammy Duckworth, but perhaps same problem, not being Black. This is picking hopefully the next VP, and very possibly the next Democratic candidate for President, so it should not be constrained by being limited by gender or race. And then today I saw an article indicating that some of the attacks on Harris as VP are sexist. If all the candidates must be women, then some will be questioned, and that doesn’t automatically make it sexist, unless the goal is to simply make any criticism disallowed, which ultimately puts us in the same place as Republicans, just different areas of restriction. I personally do not favor Harris, and she should not be insulated from criticism.

      • RD,

        I agree with you 100% on who the VP pick should be.

        Let’s not forget that Biden stated that the most important thing in choosing a running mate, “is that it has to be someone who, the day after they’re picked, is prepared to be president of the United States of America if something happened.”

        While the women being vetted each have their own strengths, Biden’s test of being “prepared” to be president on day one—not regional, racial or generational balance—suggests a clear favorite: Senator Elizabeth Warren. Based on her performance on the national stage as a presidential candidate, Warren is singularly ready to be a historic president if the situation arises because she’s a once-in-a-generation public talent with exactly the temperament and relevant economic, health, and anti-corruption policy experience to help Biden win and govern.

        Here are some reasons why I believe she is the best choice:

        1. She is a policy nerd;
        2. She has always been a visionary and a leader;
        3. She is a self-made success;
        4. She’s personable with her proclivity for hugs for everyone, yet also grounded, compassionate, honest, and humble. Plus, she’s funny;
        5. She would be an effective “attack dog” in the fall if needed (and she is fearless when speaking truth to power);
        6. She works well with her peers, shares the credit and listens to those who have different opinions;
        7.She has a gift for explaining the role of affirmative government and can show that the federal government exists to do what individuals, companies and states often cannot do, i.e., advance public health, security, and prosperity. She has often said that “I believe in markets, but markets without rules is theft,” That’s probably the primary reason Bloomberg and his Wall Street buddies hate Warren and have tried every which way to discredit her. Anyone who isn’t a billionaire and who is waiting for the GOP to stop bickering over $600 a week unemployment extension as paying them to stay home should have no problem getting behind Warren.

        She has far too many gifts to be undermined as biden’s VP choice simply because of the usual crap we hear from the media and conservatives spewing AGAIN that this particular woman is not “electable.” That’s code for threatening the “status quo” which favors the rich and powerful

        This is serious and we desperately need someone who actually has the ability, the smarts and the know-how to do the work necessary to save our country, not someone who is a symbol for certain groups. Symbols, no matter how well intentioned, cannot fix the mess trump will be leaving.

        • There’s one other thing that many of the candidates aren’t:
          She’s a mom.
          Covid has opened up a chasm below working mother’s’ feet. You have to be a mom to understand what the GOP is allowing to happen to your life.

          • Absolutely!

            The coronavirus crisis has amplified the need to create more pathways for women to elected office, higher-wage jobs, reduce the stress and cost of the childcare burden, and provide more opportunities to lift women out of poverty.

            We need to recognize that women in this country are the tip of the spear. As we fight this pandemic, they are saving lives in hospitals, serving others in kitchens, and providing essential services. When this country helps women get ahead, we all get ahead. Women are fighting for us. We must fight for them. Imagine how much worse this pandemic would be if women did not rise to the occasion and be on the forefront fighting the virus as they have.

    • I couldn’t agree more…I would love, love, love to see Elizabeth as the VP. I wish she could have been President, but I’ll take VP. So smart, so compassionate, so nerdy and organized.

      Also, I’ve been voting by mail for years here in Oregon, and we haven’t had any of the problems the GOP likes to fearmonger about. It’s great and so convenient. The only problem for the GOP is that it makes it easier for more people to vote….

  2. Latest 4 polls have Biden up 9 points on Benedict Donald in PA, ahead 388-150 overall.

    The Treason Party’s misbehavior is scary, but–in an odd way–also reassuring.

    They wouldn’t bother with their tricks if they thought they could win fair elections. 😛

    So, of course, we must vote in such overwhelming numbers that they can’t cheat in a way which will convince anyone beyond their base of authoritarian followers.


  3. A very accurate analysis of what the Republicans have become. They are so drunk with power and the trillions of dollars that they grift, that they simply will not accept losing. So they have removed all of the guardrails on behavior. Meanwhile,, Democrats always want to be fair and gracious. Gore was so concerned about this that he actually conceded in 2000 before a mandated recount, which of course made it look like Bush had won, and he was the sore loser who unconceded. Hillary conceded the day after the election, even with all the stories of things going on in WI MI and PA. On the other side, Trump contested the election even before it was held.

    I have said several times that Republicans were prepared to march on Washington in a very serious way, had Gore been given the victory We know about the so-called “Brooks Brothers Riot” in Florida. Republicans are like cheating kids who keep changing the rules, simply will not let anyone else win. But you can stop playing with such kids, you cannot escape the political system. The Republicans get worse each time. Now they contest all mail-i n ballots (while urging their supporters to vote by mail), they talk abut “harvesting ballots,” which is an utter lie.They apparently have gotten a Postmaster General who will delay the mail, so that the votes will arrive “too late.”

    They will not accept the election results if they lose They have gotten to this point, as they have gotten away with it step by step, until they are basically either going to run a dictatorship where they hold power forever, or they will start a violent civil war. We could see this unfolding, going back to Watergate, making a deal with iran not to release the hostages before the election, iran-Contra, Citizens United, gutting the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court refusing to rule on gerrymandering, closing polling places all over, purging voter rolls. It is a fascist coup which was plotted decades ago,and has now reached the last stages–unless we somehow can stop it, by voting, and getting our votes to count, and then throwing out everyone or at least everyone in the Executive Branch, who is part of this fascist cabal, and then trying to rebuild the safeguards, so it will not just return four years or even two years later.

    • I agree that the safeguards need to be restored and strengthened, but I think the reason they are getting so blatant about it is desperation; the smarter ones know that the demographics are running against them, and will run against them for the foreseeable future–so once they lose power, they won’t get it back in their lifetimes, and even their successors may never get it back.

  4. Just in case you are not aware of it, you can check your PA status for mail in at: https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/Pages/BallotTracking.aspx

    • Yep. I’m in.

    • Wolf announced today that he’s going to use some Covid emergency money to make sure postage is paid on all the mailed ballots.

      • The fact that all three states where Hillary very narrowly lost, though cheating or otherwise,now have Democratic governors, can be crucial. Reversing the course of the country starts from the inside out, and taking over statehouses protects the voting system. Most of the other battleground states are run by Republicans, which make the election riskier than it should be at this point. I think it is virtually certain that Blackwell, the Republican Secretary of State in Ohio,got Bush the victory there; in 2008, and we all remember Katherine Harris in Florida.in 2000.

      • Good idea… I’ve voted by mail in AZ and WA. The postage for most ballots was more than a singe first class stamp, so postage paid will alleviate the ability to throw out ballots without the proper postage. WA also had ballot drops where you needed NO postage. I hope PA goes that route, I would use the ballot drop box and save the postage for the governors other needs.

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