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The GOP thinks we are helpless to fight China kryptonite

{{insert corny image of Superman struggling to overcome the kryptonite field}}

Are Republicans serious?? They want to continue blaming China for this fiasco of their own making?

China didn’t tell us what was going on.

China wasn’t honest about how bad it was.

China is stealing trade secrets (thank you Dr. Fauci for straightening out her ass on that one, not that it will matter to her Fox drunk constituents)

Here’s the god honest truth. News about Covid hit my radar sometime late in 2019. I got distracted by the impeachment stuff but clearly remember returning home from Ontario Canada on MLK Jr.s holiday Monday January 20 and checking the John Hopkins University Covid tracker a day or two later. That was notable to me because Toronto was already reporting 2 cases. (I wasn’t in Toronto but I saw it from my car).

By that time, I knew that China had closed a whole city of 11 million people.

Look, you don’t have to be a rocket surgeon or even particularly bright to figure out that if a city of 11 million people needs to go on enforced lockdown, the virus is pretty f{}%*ng serious. Maybe not Walking Dead serious but pretty damn close.

If some politician is trying to convince you that they had NO IDEA that coronavirus was serious after they heard about Hubei shutting down in January, then they probably also think you’ll buy any stupid ass shit they want to throw at you to deflect blame from themselves for the criminal inaction and politicizing.

But it’s worse than that.

Because they are getting all whiny that those mean Chinese didn’t like us and were all mean and made us completely defenseless to their insidious and evil scheme to take over the world.

Did the Chinese have to disclose everything to scare the bejesus out of Republicans? Must they be spoon fed everything? Talk real slow to these representatives so they understand that shutting down a city of 11 million people means we have a SHTF scenario?

And if we’re so great, why weren’t we able to cleverly out think them? Make our own PPE? Figure out a response that suited our country instead of waiting for instructions from Beijing? What ever happened to American exceptionalism? We’re the richest, smartest, baddest ass country on the whole planet- ever. Why are the Republican representatives saying we couldn’t stand up to the Chinese?

Are Republicans really trying to make the argument that after 4 years of them having a vice grip on the country in the Senate, Courts and White House, we were not able to defend ourselves against the megalomania machinations of the Chinese??

Us? THE GREATEST COUNTRY in the WORLD cringes and cries helplessly at the feet of China as it stomps all over us??

THAT’S a winning message??

Omg, please be serious. 🙄

I am really irritated today. Maybe it’s the antibiotics. Or maybe the stupidity is reaching catastrophic orders of magnitude.

Some observations on the Vaccine hearings.

  1. There are a number of vaccines in clinical trials at the present time. They use various technologies. You can get relatively easy to understand reviews of the companies, the technologies and response by checking out Derek Lowe’s In the Pipeline blog.
  2. Fauci says that there are several vaccine candidates that have produced a strong response and that the development has happened rapidly. This is very believable. However, they are still working their way through the trial phases. AND TRIALS MUST NOT BE SKIPPED. There is no shortcut here.
  3. It is unlikely that the vaccine will be ready before the election. Sorry, Donald.
  4. Fauci says the FDA commissioner, Dr. Stephen Hahn will carefully review the clinical trials before the vaccine is approved. Fauci seems to be saying that Hahn intends to resist political pressure on this. And we’ve seen how that has worked in the past.
  5. Maxine Waters says she has heard that hospitals that refuse to comply with Trump’s new reporting standards will not be receiving Remdesivir for patients with Covid. The guy she is questioning is squirming but he hasn’t denied this accusation. He’s just saying that every effort will be made to make sure hospitals comply. As Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer would say, “THERE’S your story. Write that down!”
  6. Another republican rep (female) didn’t get her name, went on and on about China and Russia stealing proprietary info from pharma companies and she’s agin’ it! Golly, lady, this kind of IP theft has been going on for YEARS. It even happened at the last company I worked for. I blame the MBA’s who think that scientists aren’t as crafty as they are and so make it easy to download s#%{ to a flash drive. In this case, it’s a fricking pandemic. There are billions of people involved. Give them the data for Pete’s sakes. Let them make their own vaccines. It’s a global emergency.
  7. Fauci is reviewing antibody response vs T cell response. I think you want both. But antibody titres diminish over time which is why you sometimes need booster shots. From the brief glance at Derek’s posts it looks like T cell response may not be robust. Fauci just said that some of us who have never been exposed to Covid-19 nevertheless have T cells to other corona viruses, possibly from past colds. Unknown if these are protective but may be.

One last thing: if you get a vaccine by the end of the year or early next year, thank the scientists. No one else should get credit for it.

Nope, don’t even. No victory laps for anyone but the lab rats.


Crash course on T cells. See the video below on how the immune system works with respect to T cells. T cells are not antibodies. I’ll see if I can find a video for that separately. This one is pretty visual which makes it easy to follow without a lot of jargon.

Basically, the virus invaded the cell. The cell chops up the virus proteins and send them to the surface of the infected cell to sit on your unique HLA. The circulating T cell receptors find the viral protein and start making copies of killer T cells and memory T cells.

It’s vile. Don’t ignore it.

Liz Cheney wrote this today:

That made me throw up a little. Maybe it’s the antibiotics. I dunno.

No I take that back. It’s hard to get even more enraged than we are now but this tweet really is the lowest of the low.

Some states have been fully mail-in for years. I think Oregon is one of them. Others have allowed absentee balloting for various reasons. But the only known prosecutable instances of cheating and ballot harvesting have involved Republicans. So maybe this is projection here. They know what THEY will do and they assume that we will do that too. The thing is, polls are running so strongly on our side that cheating is absolutely unnecessary.

On the other hand, if we’re game theorying this out, does an indication that the other side is about to cheat mean that both sides must cheat to achieve parity? It’s unacceptable if the end goal is to have a result that is trustworthy. So, there is no incentive for Democrats to cheat.

(Never studied game theory so I’m open to correction)

Anyway, I’ve noticed before that Republicans have this notion that they are entitled to win. Indeed, it is unacceptable for them to lose under any circumstances. Therefore, they will not allow anyone to vote them out. This would be in line with the donors who run their party who think that elections and democracy are hugely inconvenient and give the lowlifes the idea that they can influence the outcomes and opportunities of their miserable little lives.

That’s the steam that’s coming off Liz Cheney’s pile above. And it’s meant to reinforce the sense of learned helplessness.

You want mail in? We’ll slow down the mail.

You want a free and clear election? We’ll muddy it in advance so no one will know who won.

You want to protest the way we treat you? We’ll use facial recognition software and our own private army to hunt you down and shut you up.

Step out of line, we will crush you.

They’re behind. They know that if the elections are fair they are going to lose. But you don’t find any of them going before the country decrying and condemning Trump’s notion that he can change the election date. So far, they are skittering away from the light like roaches, trying to laugh it off. That’s because they think they have done enough to make sure the election is a disaster and even if Trump loses, they will somehow pull off a win or at least sow enough chaos and confusion that no one will know what’s going on. Instability is a terrible thing. We’ve given in before to avoid it.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are fleeing DC just as employment bennies are expiring and millions of children may be left stressed by evictions and hungry from lack of food.

They really are vile. Now is the time to hold them accountable. They need to be brought up by their short hairs before the election.

Don’t wait. Tear their house down now.


By the way, I registered for a mail in ballot for the general election. But if I have to stand in line instead to use a voting machine that now has a paper trail, unlike 2016, I will. I’ll stand there days in advance, put up a tent, walk over hot coals, crawl through broken glass, whatever it takes to vote Orange out and every member of his party that can no longer be trusted. So, either way, Republicans are not going to be able to monkey with Pennsylvania again.