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He did this to himself

Let’s get one thing clear about the left supposedly hatin’ on Donald:

There are many, many reasons why Donald should never have been approved by the Electoral College, inaugurated, occupied the Oval Office. Legitimate reasons. His actions and behavior since taking office are exactly what Hillary Clinton predicted during the campaign and have violated every norm and sense of decency that Americans used to value. His devaluation of the Department of Justice is alarming and horrific. It’s typical of how dictators take control of their countries. And once an autocrat gets control of the judges and prosecutors, it is extremely difficult to either hold him accountable or prevent him from abusing his office in the worst ways possible.

But with all that, if Donald had done one thing, ONE THING, right with respect to the Covid 19 pandemic and effectively managed the federal response, I believe that no matter how awful he is with respect to everything else, he would have been re-elected.

What is happening to him now was completely self-inflicted. He didn’t have to politicize the blue state responses. He didn’t have to profiteer the personal protection equipment. He didn’t have to act like wearing a mask was an infringement on our constitutional freedoms. He didn’t have to hold rallies in Tulsa and Phoenix where his advance team made sure that no one had to social distance. He didn’t have to shove school reopenings down everyone’s throats.

All he had to do was delegate his authority to his federal departments and test, test, test.

He didn’t do this.

We know why he didn’t do this. It’s not a secret. Nevertheless, he screwed up and now the pandemic is taking over in the red states where the governors followed his lead, mocked the rest of the country and inexplicably denied that the virus could ever impact THEM the way it impacted NYC or Detroit. It’s hard to find politicians that are this stupid but by golly, residents in Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia have managed to do it and signed their own death certificates in the process.

Saying, “we told you so” is not helpful at this point. Because when we said in the beginning that “we are all in this together”, well, that wasn’t just a slogan. It was recognition that nature will do what nature does. Nature doesn’t care whether you’re a democrat or republican. It doesn’t care if you live in Pennsylvania or Florida. It doesn’t care if you’re an American or a New Zealander. Viruses go EVERYWHERE and no one was immune to this one. Any politician who thought that the outbreak could be used to make his opponents look bad is criminally stupid. We all rise and fall together with this pandemic and the innocent and responsible are just as likely to suffer as the maliciously divisive.

I’m not going to apologize for calling Trump criminally stupid and I’m not going to put up with anyone telling me this is due to Trump derangement syndrome, especially not people who think the Clintons were responsible for the deaths of dozens of people and were involved in a child sex ring headquartered in a pizza parlor.

None of us should take the blame for Trump’s incredible irresponsibility and incompetence. He acted badly even when he didn’t have to.

It’s his fault.

Let him eat it.

By the way, it looks like the party has pulled Donald up by the short hairs and made him slap on a mask and read from a teleprompter that everyone should be wearing one because it’s patriotic. It’s not going to change the outcome, which is taking on a life of its own. But it is extremely gratifying to watch this “strongman” crumple when the party tells him that if he doesn’t, his show will be cancelled.

Makes him look soft as well as criminally stupid.


In Portland, the Moms have been joined by the Dads with leaf blowers and hockey sticks. The hockey sticks are used to send the tear gas canisters back at the stormtroopers while the leaf blowers are used to blow the tear gas away from the moms.

It’s becoming irritating to the DHS secret police. Butcha know:

Said one dad:

“Honestly, I think you’d need scores of leaf blowers with a phalanx of dads holding their ground under pretty perfect conditions to use them effectively in the dispersal of chemical agents,” he said. “But they are an iconic symbol of a tool dads use to clean up messes.”

Who wants to bet there will be a back order on leaf blowers in the next couple of days.

13 Responses

  1. The Electoral College was *probably* bribed to elect him . Nobody else wanted him there .

    • James,

      I agree with your theory. The electoral college was bought off and sold the American people down the river by choosing trump over Hillary. No one in their right mind could find trump qualified for the presidency. They have too much power and we know very little in how these people are chosen and given such power. They have abused that power and we are paying a huge price because of it.

      • Bought off and/or blackmailed.

        Remember, Putin’s gremlins hacked into the computers of BOTH major USAmerican political parties back in 2016, but only released (or fabricated?) data from the Democratic computers. We don’t know what juicy kompromat they might have found on the Republican computers, or how they might have used it, and still be using it, to blackmail the GOP into becoming the Treason Party.

        Of course, the Purity Pony Left is fine with that, since [snark] the USA is the ONLY nation on the planet which does evil in the world. [/snark]

        • Ivory Bill,

          The only way to confirm whether they were blackmailed or not is to find out how each one voted and then review the voting machine results. I am confident that putin’s hackers could have penetrated the security systems set up in these machines, which are riddled with holes BTW, and could have altered the votes in those 3 states. This can be done easily and without detection, especially considering the small margin of victory of 77,000 spread over 3 states.

          Unfortunately, America is not ready yet to accept that the very systems they are voting on can be hacked into and their votes changed. But then they also believed that trump would rise to the role of being president, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. It’s time for America to wake up and face reality and stop watching reality shows which are anything but real life.

    • How misinformed can you be? The “Electoral College” is comprised of delegates who are merely certifying the election vote. When a state is shown as having X number of “EC” votes as part of the number needed to secure the election, that’s what it means. The respective voters of a given state or commonwealth gave the electoral college votes to the candidate who won the state. That’s the system. Y’all got started as Hillary supporters outraged by the way Obama gamed that system by commandeering red state caucuses. When Election Night coverage announces it is declaring a state for one or another of the candidates, they are counting the Electoral College delegates earned by winning that state.

      • Check the electoral votes cast in Washington in 2016, a state which Hillary won easily.. Three electoral votes did not go to her. Some Sanders supporters sued to contend that an Elector does not have to vote for the candidate who won his/her state. The Supreme Court ruled against them, although I have not read the decision. “Faithless Electors” have existed. it was possible, though virtually inconceivable, that enough Electors would have decided that Trump was a danger to the Republic, and won because of Russian interference, and thus would have cast their votes for someone else. It was much more conceivable that Electors would be bribed or threatened into voting for Trump.

      • Hey, you know that the Supreme Court recently ruled on this don’t you? Yep, Colorado can now require their EC delegates to vote for the national popular vote winner.

  2. RD,

    Hillary warned us and now Mary Trump is warning us. Donald Trump is unredeemable and will never change, no matter how many scrips he reads verbatim from the podium which make him sound sane. You know the saying “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me…” I pray that the American cannot be fooled again no matter what trump says or does to give the impression he is not a very mentally ill man.

    Donald Trump, she suggests, is not a riddle to be answered or a mystery to be solved; he is what he is, full stop. He is a tautology wrapped in a spray tan. And he has been what he is now, really, all along. Mary Trump, chastened by her own, earlier silence about her uncle’s unfitness for office, is sounding a belated alarm. She has written in her book that people have suffered because her uncle is incapable of understanding other people’s suffering. People have died because her uncle cares more about the illusion of competence than its realization. “His ability to control unfavorable situations by lying, spinning, and obfuscating,” she writes—a power he has relied on throughout his life—“has diminished to the point of impotence in the midst of the tragedies we are currently facing.”

    Trump is a mental ill person who the electoral college should never have unleashed upon the American people. You’ve got to question what kind of mental shortcomings those in the electoral college have to not have seen the man for what he is. It was not difficult to recognize something was very wrong with trump when he came down the escalator and declared Mexicans “rapists and murders”.

    I find it frightening that the media still makes suggestions on how he can “help himself” if he would just do this or that! Why would they want to offer any helpful suggestions to trump in any way that could help him get re-elected? What’s that all about? Guilt, because they were one of the primary reasons he is president now or are they just as delusional as trump?

    However, the most frightening thing you stated in your post is that had trump handled the pandemic right, he would have been re-elected. If after all of the horror we have witnessed and endured under the trump presidency for the last 4 years is not evidence enough that we have a sick man in the WH and there is literally NOTHING he could do now that could lead people to believe he deserves a second term, then the American Experiment is already dead..

  3. You have got to love the leaf blowers… but in a saner world no one would have had to come up with that idea.

  4. Well, if this is true, and it very well may be, that if it had not been for the botched response to the virus, Trump would have won, then we are in worse shape as a country than even a pessimistic person might think. He is stupid, he is anti-science, he does nothing about climate change and gun violence, he lies at every turn, he locks up kids in cages, he has a DOJ which now resembles that of a totalitarian state, he packs the courts with people with the worst an skimpiest of legal backgrounds; and yet he would get re-elected? Then we are saying that only this event of the virus; and not only the event, but the awful handling of it, might get him defeated?

    That would also imply that if he manages to pretend to be doing better, if he does more of these “briefings,’ he could still win. What does that tell us about the collective wisdom of our populace, combined with the failure of our media? What would that presage for the next election, when they could put up someone less vulgar and bellicose than Trump, someone like GW Bush was, when he was saying he was a “compassionate conservative,’ but his administration turned out to be filled with people who reduced the wealth of everyone who was not in the 1%, lied us into a dreadful war, gutted FEMA, tried to cut Social Security, did nothing at all about the environment? is that our default baseline in American governance?

    Somehow, some way, the Democrats have to educate enough people as to what the entire Republican Party stands for, and why the Democratic Party is always better, despite any flaws or overstatements. Otherwise, we will maybe get Biden, and then we will get Rick Scott or Nikki Haley, or Mike Pompeo, or any right-wing Republican who is an iota less awful than Trump. We elected Obama twice, but we lost the House in two years, then the Senate, lost most of the governorships and state legislatures, and then we elected Trump. This is not winning, or even improving things. We need a vast overhaul of our systems, complete purging of Trump allies in the federal government; and a new and more powerful framing of issues and contrasts, something which would allow us to win elections more often than when the Republicans virtually destroy the country. Otherwise, the cycle is, far Right rule; then a swing back to a moderate Democrat but with the right-wing using wedges to block improvements; then a reverse to more right-wing government, and a Supreme Court and now District Courts which never have a liberal majority. We need to win five national elections in a row.

    • FWIW, I think it’s too late for him to fix his response to Covid 19. Even he acknowledges that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And with the unemployment benefits running out this month, plus evictions unleashed, there are going to be a lot of desperate, unhappy and angry people on the news all the time until the election. It will be 24/7. Everyone will know someone affected either through a lay-off or a foreclosure or illness or food insecurity. We’re not even talking about the crime that’s sure to follow as the whole country turns into some real life version of Les Miz.
      It will be hard for people to ignore and we have the red state governors, all of the Karen’s and Kevin’s and trump himself making the whole situation so much worse, all caught on video.
      Plus, we’re stuck here. Yep, we can’t leave the country any more than a Russian could during the soviet era. That’s because to the rest of the world, we are now a shithole country.
      I’d be real surprised if he can figure out a way to dig himself out if the hole he’s in. But yeah, if he had done a Jacinda Ahern, he would have been golden. He would have passed the test for meeting a mortal threat with leadership and good judgement.
      Ehhhhh…. this is Donald we’re talking about. That wasn’t going to happen.

  5. All hail the anonymous “Naked Athena!”

    This dancer/ yoga student turned back the storm troopers in Portland early last Saturday morning. She walked out in front of the federal officers wearing only a face mask and stocking cap. She then did a 10 minute, silent ballet/ yoga routine. The officers fired pepper balls at her feet. At the end of 10 minutes the officers gave it up and retreated. They just didn’t know what to do with her. Even the sadists who had no problem with gassing expectant mothers.

    What courage. Of course the “non lethal” ammo could have hurt terribly on unprotected skin. FYI public nudity is legal in Oregon unless it is intended to arouse, so, her state of undress was no ground for arrest.

    https://www.oregonlive.com/…/the-story-behind-the-surreal-photos-of- portland-protester-naked-athena.html

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