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    riverdaughter on PSA: Last Day in PA
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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    riverdaughter on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
    riverdaughter on Blitzkrieg or Sitzkrieg?
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      Living here in Georgia, I get to witness some of this unhinged conspiracy thought from those one the Right. With the possibility of a Trump loss, I can only expect many on the Right will even fall even further down the rabbit hole…
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Beautiful Things: Gilding the Lily

The news never lets up. Today, we mark the passing of Representative John Lewis who was one of the speakers at the March on Washington.

There are uninvited DHS police in Portland, Oregon, harrassing protestors, against the protests of the governor. She says the unrest was getting under control without the help of DHS, now go away. But DHS says they ain’t budging. Funny how Trump picked a state run by a female governor to dominate.

I’ve seen videos of local, and I mean VERY local protests, where half the protestors are not wearing masks. This is no time to let your guard down, people.

I have to put it aside for a few moments, people. I’ve been lucky enough to watch some spectacular youtube broadcasts from the Royal Ballet. (Donations requested but not required in the youtube broadcast). And in general, I’ve been looking for how to make my surroundings comfortable on a limited budget because I’m stuck in my house all the time it seems. This weekend, I’m planning on stringing some pretty new lights around the slate patio right outside my kitchen in the back of my house.

Every once in awhile, some eye candy will show up in my youtube home page suggestions that mesmerize me. While haute couture stands at the pinnacle of our pyramid of needs during the best of times, it’s especially lovely now, even for those of us who will never be able to afford more than Banana Republic on a good day.

This one is from Dior for their autumn- winter 2020-2021 line. It opens on the Dior workshop with fabric artists creating miniature versions of the Dior collection in delicate fortuny pleated silks and layered black ruffles. Then it shifts to a mythical setting. The puritans among us will lecture about frivolity and frugality and the immorality of greed. But I appreciate the vision, artistry and attention to detail of these beautiful creations even if I never see one in person. The video itself is stunning. The scene of a nymph running through a forest like a black moth with her black ruffles rippling around her is breathtaking.

We need art. It’s good for our souls.

Here’s the video: