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He’s not demented. He’s just not very smart.

Trump is like a shark. Single minded. Driven to consume and rip to shreds for his own survival.

But you don’t need to be smart to do that. I don’t mean that you need a degree to be smart. I have met plenty of people with degrees that aren’t very smart. Everyone has deficits. I suck at math. It’s always been a struggle for me. I can’t leave home without my calculator.

No, the degree thing is not the problem. After all, Trump has a degree. Anyone can get one provided someone is willing to pay for it for you. Look at Lori Laughlin’s daughters. One of them didn’t even want to go to college and yet her parents lied her way into USC. A little palm greasing got her there. Same with Trump.

But I’m guessing that if Laughlin’s daughters were interested in college, they would have been able to get into one without much trouble. They didn’t have to go to USC.

The thing about Trump is he’s dangerously not smart. We’ve all watched him in the last three years. At first, his policies were just thuggish and mean, while the economy hummed along without much help. We didn’t see how unsmart he really was.

But little by little, his unsmartness has been exposed. All it took was a time and Trump’s inability to refrain from emoting all the time.

He doesn’t seem to know how unsmart he is. If he knew, he might have stepped aside whenever the science of coronavirus came up. He could have said… nothing. That would have been better. Nothing would have been refreshing. A slightly smarter guy would have said, “this is not my lane so I’m going to let my experts craft the proper strategy and I’ll do everything I can to implement their recommendations. Don’t worry. Our best and brightest will lead.” Why didn’t one of his advisors tell him to do that?? Probably because he is not bright enough to appoint the right advisors.

It’s gotten worse. His shark like behavior is getting in the way of making good decisions.

Virginia Heffernan wrote a review of Mary Trump’s book in the LA Times yesterday and pulled out these quotes that explain the phenomenon of Donald Trump:

He’s not demented. He’s not crazy. He’s just had someone pay his way and cover his mental deficiencies. I’m not sure what that deficiency is but it’s staring us in the face.

He’s not going to get smarter. It’s incredible that we, the greatest nation in the world, have managed to install a man so wholly unfit to lead or even think his way through this. Every move he makes is intended for short term fluffing of Donald Trump to the long term detriment of Donald Trump. He’s not even smart enough to save himself.

6 Responses

  1. Once again I will point to the media, combined with a quality of anti-intellectualism which has been present during most of American history. Surely the people who covered Trump via written or broadcast media, must have known that he did not understand a thing about policy,
    history, governing, anything but perhaps how to wiggle out of paying people for services done for him. He is an abysmally stupid person except for the art of conning people, which many besides him engage in.

    He ran against one of the brightest and knowledgeable people to ever run for President. And the media not only let it go, but even sided with him, perhaps due to their own frat boys and mean girls attitude. “Hey, that Hillary might be book smart, she might be able to talk about policies, but we and the rest of America don’t really care about that. Trump is fun, he’s interesting, some women find him sexy. Let’s give him every break, Hillary doesn’t need any.” So they interviewed her and kept pounding on about emails, the thing they considered her Achilles heel, but when they interviewed Trump, they gave him softballs, never pressed him or followed up. And then they acted like they were being very fair, that the two candidates were equal in ability in intelligence. And the end result was that the voters picked the absolute wrong one, goaded along by the media.

    I was a really good student. I used to raise my hand to answer the questions in elementary school, not in an obnoxious manner, but just because I knew the answers, and I did like showing off a little. Some teachers loved me. Others did not. I remember one teacher who would never call on me. Finally she said, “Bill, I know YOU know it.” Meaning, I suppose, that i should not raise my hand to answer because I knew the answer. There was another teacher, unless it was the same one, whom I only induced to call on me one time, by deliberately looking very perplexed and shaking my head as if this were a very hard question. She immediately called on me then, and I answered it correctly, of course. Ha Ha. But she never called on me again. Why wouldn’t she just let me read a book in class, or go outside and shoot baskets, rather than have to sit through ten classmates in a row answering the question wrongly? And still she kept asking, “Can anyone think of the right answer?”

    Trump knows nothing. I am sure Mary is right that he was so indulged that he not only did not think he was stupid, but thought that he knew more about anything than the generals, the doctors, the scientists. And now we are paying the price for the media coddling him, eager to punish the smart girl and reward the “fun” bad boy. To this day, they will not admit it to themselves. It would be equivalent to a coach putting in the worst players and keeping the best ones on the bench. Coaches are fired for this, but the media just keeps earning paychecks and going along to their cocktail parties. We could also blame the rest of the Republicans, but the members of this party are also very stupid, just look at their inane arguments in favor of not needing to wear masks, or contending that the earth’s temperature is not rising. The average Republican officeholder is not just wrong on the issues, he/she is actually stupid. Consider Marco Rubio, Kelly Loeffler, Marsha Blackburn, Matt Gaetz, Ron DeSantis. Stupidity and ignorance abound. I vastly prefer intelligence, as long as it is accompanied by a reasonable degree of human empathy. Far too many Americans do not value intelligence very much. Yes, one can have degrees and be obtuse or evil. But there is a much better chance that the person with intelligence, and knowledge of human history,, and how things work, will be the one to figure out how to deal with difficult and threatening situations. Trump is like a machine with only one setting. Now he is threatening to defund universities, because “they indoctrinate people.” He is the ultimate revenge mechanism of the ignorant, anti-learning, anti-knowledge,anti-science strain of Americanism,, which now threatens to send us back to a much hotter version of the Dark Ages, plagues included.

    • If I’m not mistaken Mary Trump implies that Trump has an intellectual deficiency. Maybe it’s a learning disability, maybe it’s a low IQ (they are not the same)
      If it’s adhd, there are meds for that. You might need an IEP to catch up but it’s doable. If it’s dyslexia, again, that can be helped but Trump doesn’t seem to have any problem with reading from a teleprompter. Maybe he suffered brain damage at some point when he was younger. I’ve heard he was a handful when he was a kid. Maybe there’s something wrong with his executive function and his pre-frontal cortex. IDK. He’s really not smart. Like I said, you don’t need to be degreed to be smart. But his problem is so obvious because he is totally unsuited for the job. I just wish I knew what it was. And since it’s been with him all his life, I don’t think we can say it is dementia.

      • During the 2016 campaign, I read that a teacher of his, maybe undergraduate, said that he was one of the dumbest students he had ever seen. That sounds mean, but maybe voters should have listened to him. There is certainly something wrong with him. There are a few pictures from his 20-30 years, in which he actually looks depraved, like some Late Roman emperor. His eyes did not focus normally, and he has had this strange, almost infant-like way of sing-song delivery. I read somewhere that as a child, he would throw rocks at babies. I never saw “The Bad Seed,” but I guess there are some children like that, who are just warped, cannot be fixed. Or one could be less dramatic, and maybe he is just a spoiled person who got away with all sorts of cheating and bad behavior, and never progressed past that, because he always got bought out of any difficulty. And I guess that Mary said that his father only saw the world in terms of winners and losers, so Trump would do anything to be a winner. It is possible that the only book he ever read, certainly his favorite one, was Hitler’s autobiography. And his mentor Roy Cohn, was a truly awful human being. It is pretty obvious that he has been bad and depraved all his life, and I agree that it is beyond appalling that he got within a thousand miles of the Presidency, much less elected to it. But of course we might have had Ted Cruz instead, so he is not that far off the Republican grid.

  2. What’s worse, is that his intellectual deficiency – obvious to NY-ers for decades, is now being modeled by sycophantic republicans – be they Governors or Senators or wannabe candidates. They all tweet like him and act brazenly irresponsible like him – see De Santis. Some get away with it.

  3. Hey! Remember when Obama hacked your site?

    • Obama hacked my site? My site is hosted by WordPress. As far as I know, Obama never hacked my site.
      I’ve had annoying political operatives here from both parties and I’ve had stupid harassment trolls here who think that posting irritating comments every 30 seconds was entertaining for them. But I think they misunderestimated my ability to block them.
      I am not and was not an Obama fan for reasons that are entirely related to the way he took over the party with the help of the investment finance industry and the way the ACA was written to put all of the burden on the policy holder without cost controls.
      Otherwise, he was a competent president who would have been a much better leader through this Coronavirus crisis than Trump ever was. Well, that’s a pretty low bar but I still think he would have exceeded our expectations there because Obama believed in science. But I have no reason to suspect that Obama hacked my site.
      Regardless, anyone is free to hack my site provided they can get past WordPress. But why bother? The world has already read everything on it.

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