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    riverdaughter on Here’s the plan, Nancy
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Supreme Court Watch -Tax Return Edition

There are still two more rulings pending from the Supreme Court I think. They are whether Trump has to turn over his tax returns. One case was filed by the House against Mazars, the accounting firm that has the tax returns in conjunction with Deusche Bank. The other was filed by the state of NY pertaining to an investigation involving Trump.

They waited until the very last day, didn’t they? Is that so they could beat a hasty retreat afterwards?

Roberts hands the decision to his clerk. “We’re out of here. Wait 45 minutes before you give it to the press. It’s been nice knowing you. Good luck with the rest of your career”.

No matter what the answer is, someone isn’t going to like it.

The article linked above says the state of NY case is more likely to prevail. If it does, the grand jury will finally be able to see the returns. The concern is that there may be leaks about the contents but that is unlikely to happen.

If there’s something very damaging to Trump in returns and the USSC says turn them over anyway, the reaction from the White House will tell us how bad it is. Stay tuned for a mega tweet storm to break all previous records.

Or a primal scream from the Oval Office.


Does anyone else get the feeling that something big is about to happen? Like the GOP is finally beginning to realize that Trump isn’t going to moderate his tone or get a feel for this whole presidenting thing and something has to be done about it in the next couple of weeks.

I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. It’s just that this time feels… different.

Am I imagining that?

9 Responses

  1. Huh? What happened to the “Mutants” post?

    Did the Sentinels get it? 😉


    As for Benedict Donald refusing to seek a second term, or the Treason Party (fka GOP) abandoning him, there is talk of that. This article on the Washington Monthly website addresses that–but fair warning, the WM lately sometimes features a deluge of ads between the post and the comment thread, so you may want to read the post only if you go there.


    • I forgot to close the boldface, and TurdPress won’t let me go back and change it.

      TurdPress sucks goat mucus. 😡

    • YOU told me that no one understood the mutants post. So I took my pixels and went home.

      • Oh for Haruhi’s sake, I didn’t mean you shouldn’t post about scientifically sophisticated matters.

        I just meant that you shouldn’t be surprised when we non-scientists just read politely and hold our tongues because, unlike wingnuts, we realize we don’t know more about science than scientists do.

        • I just figured you guys were fast studies. But nevermind, it’s not the first time. I can just go hang out somewhere else for my geek fix.

  2. First, I want to express my happiness that Amy McGrath, defeated Michael Booker in Kentucky. I will give credit to Ga6thDem, who was more optimistic than I was after the early returns; as I put them together with a poll right before the election, which showed Booker winning by eight points, and figured that he had all the momentum. I don’t know how long Kentuckians had been voting, but for at least a month; and it seems that McGrath banked a lot of early votes before the racial issues started to predominate, and Booker was surging. Whew. McGrath is a longshot in the general, as this is Kentucky, but she has a chance, and Booker had none. He supported the Green New Deal, plus M4A. There are not many states where you can win a senatorial race with those positions, and Kentucky surely is not one of them. Sanders, Warren, AOC all endorsed him. I thought the idea was to take over the Senate, not spin a wheel of fortune at a rigged casino because it’s fun.

    Now, as to the Supreme Court, I actually think that this highly politicized (by Republicans) Court, is going to give us decisions that we do not like in 90% of cases. The other 10% are either so obvious, or just intended to make the Court look fair. I don’t have one bit of confidence in the four who are not Roberts, they are rabid Right-Wingers. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh actually opined that the Establishment Clause would allow a state to establish its own state religion. This is how far we have fallen as a constitutional democracy. I await every one of their decisions with dread, and am occasionally surprised, but it is always at the margins, based on procedure or standing, or “fix this a bit, and then come back.” Also, I think that they are trying to help Trump and the Republicans by not appearing so one-sided that the Democrats will use it as an issue, plus suggest ways to expand the Court. I think that these are bad people, not just wrong on the issues. Roberts may have some decency, but he stands for the principles of the awful Citizens United case, plus he essentially got rid of the Voting Rights Act, and also said that the Court should not address partisan gerrymandering. So any of the very few good decisions we might possibly get from them are not for good reasons, but are tactical in some way. That is my opinion, at least.

    Finally, as to something big happening, we know that the Republicans are completely political, their only goal is to win and keep power. They will NEVER get rid of Trump on moral or ethical grounds–UNLESS they are pretty sure that they can win with Pence. That would be like firing a coach not because he is incompetent or a jerk, but because you think that you might somehow still win the big game by putting someone new in there. Republicans also desperately want to keep the Senate, and so they will do what is necessary to save it. If that involves trying to separate as much as possible from Trump, they will. Their donors are multbillionaires, they might offer Trump 10 billion, plus a complete pardon on everything, to leave. This would not be for our benefit, or the country’s benefit, it would be intended to be for their benefit. Save the Senate, try to sell Pence as a more decent person, who will never abuse women, and who knows but that the Never Trumpers and the media might try to convince themselves that this is better than Biden. In line with my paragraph about the Court, I think that anything that is done will be a stratagem to save their party from being defeated. That is what Republicans are, there are virtually no decent ones at all, and they want their massive tax breaks to continue, and all the pillaging of the natural resources, which will indeed continue under Pence or Haley, or whomever else they stick in there. Their goal would be to try to cut their losses, change the narrative, make themselves look honorable, when they are not at all.

  3. I’d like to think I learned something from the mutant post. And it was better written and more understandable than a couple others I’ve seen (also written by scientists, thank goodness).

    More, please!

    FWIW my go to source on science news is Science Daily, website with all the latest good poop from govt, university (and a few corporate) scientists. From all over the world, in every field from biology to climate to astrophysics. And yes, lots of it is comprehensible to the lay reader!!

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